We SENT The Honduki! 750cc Swapped Suzuki QuadSport Performance Tuning + Thrash Test!

  • Script

    Can’t watch this without know what is to come

  • Deven Spurlock
    Deven Spurlock

    john looks like he’s never seen sunlight, he’s white as a ghost

  • Rpm Auto
    Rpm Auto

    I don't like how low the handle bars are. But I love the wheeler. It sounds mean

  • Paul Deck
    Paul Deck

    "Foot peg" sounds like an obscure fetish

  • Willy Ck
    Willy Ck

    wouldn't the belt cover just get covered in belt dust on the inside🤔

  • Mike Yurchison
    Mike Yurchison

    2:10 : Stupid guy grabs hub and wiggles to show slop in wheel bearing. Says: "we need to inspect this"

  • Colin Gladfelter
    Colin Gladfelter

    Man I would love to spend a day turnin wrenches with you guys

  • Donald Shetter
    Donald Shetter

    Where can I get one of them vps fuel containers? I'd love that as a garage piece 🙂

  • Faith Elizabeth
    Faith Elizabeth

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  • covers

    by rotational do you mean directional?

  • Josh Galli
    Josh Galli

    Please buy a new helmet. Why wear a open facer

  • Clayton Trussell
    Clayton Trussell

    I'm not surprised that this video went bad because it is 20.20 long

  • Jason Goreham
    Jason Goreham

    Those Handel bars are gay as fuck

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    Those old 750 K engines were torque monsters even on a proper motorcycle frame! I can't even imagine what it would be like on a relatively small 4 wheeler.😮 ..and from what I've seen in the comments here, Ike found out the hard way the next day. I haven't seen the other video yet, that's next on the list.😬

  • Blocher films
    Blocher films

    No wonder someone got hurt bro y’all gotta be out your mind to put a motor like that in a pos bike from back to the future those bikes are dangerous with the stock motor in it let alone a street bike engine like joe Biden come on man!!!

  • cxcre

    Thing needs some bar risers that’s why it feels so sketchy

  • Crazypjk 1973
    Crazypjk 1973

    so you guys went from 40 mph go carts to.... I need to meet god vehicles ?

  • frogg lidd
    frogg lidd

    Is 6 accidents.pugly .yer dog.miny bike in TX lown Mike. Pet bike .750 Honda or 5

  • HondaManCam

    You should take your three wheeler and make a fat bike out of it

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown

    My brute 750 vs your Honduki…?

  • SuperCraig69

    needs flatter wider tires in rear 20x11x9 or 8


    John I'm from fiji 🇫🇯 I need help 😫 I need engine for my atv

  • Throttle  God
    Throttle God

    Any 450 would smack that

  • Monster energy guy
    Monster energy guy

    Y'all should hill climb on it


    And FFS guys, put a jacket and some gloves on when you take that ‘death-trap’ for a ride. That helmet and t-shirt ain’t gunna do jack if you get ‘spat off’ ! When can I have a go on it?


    9:20 Those inlet manifolds will make the two inside cylinders run richer than the two outside cylinders. Also, Id widen the track to make it more stable and less prone to want to roll over.

  • Alec McAlister
    Alec McAlister

    JUst a couple cents for ya, Hammering bearings in works. Pressing them in is better. Syringe and a hose push brake fluid up from the calipar = perfect bleed.

  • Craig Wiess
    Craig Wiess

    If there is room try pairing the 1 and 4 exhaust together and the 2-3. Better exhaust scavenging. Matches up the cylinders since its a wasted spark setup.

  • Nick Peluso
    Nick Peluso

    Put it in a ltr frame

  • RC Codes
    RC Codes

    probably shouldve just left those shitty tires on the front... rest up~!

  • Walter Morgenroth
    Walter Morgenroth

    It's stick some DWT's on the back with some 18" wheels. Love the quad!

  • Charlie Posey
    Charlie Posey

    Honduki needs to be longer, lower and wider, with a lower profile rear tire. It would make it faster, more stable and safer, not to mention make it more effective at the Busco dragstrip.

  • Barefoots Backyardbuilds
    Barefoots Backyardbuilds

    Oh come on drama queens it's not that fast yal just ain't used to something that has power

  • The1civilman

    How have these guys not reached 1 million yet I’ve been with them since the beginning

  • One Slow S13
    One Slow S13

    I’d really like to see this run beside a raptor 700r

  • Saddletramp1200

    So I'm not the only crazy guy on earth with unholy thoughts! I have a 212cc 4 stroke on the rear of a Schwinn Trike. :)

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Love the content! Thank you!

  • Alistair Balistair
    Alistair Balistair

    I'm fairly certain hub bearings have a torque setting not "they need some free play"

  • PLAT515

    Yall need to stop sacrificing safety, get the brakes working good before actually ripping it

  • Ramsay

    Part of the reason why rear washed out so bad and Ike crashed is because you had new tires on the front and worn out rear tires. IMO them rear tires should have been replaced as well.

  • Rich Fletcher
    Rich Fletcher

    Glad Ike is ok. I have to ask... Did you wear the helmet to the er? After all, rules are rules.

  • Joshua's Stuff!
    Joshua's Stuff!

    If I made one of these, I would name it "Poor man's Banshee" 😂

  • Viper Platinum
    Viper Platinum


  • Curtis Zawaski
    Curtis Zawaski

    I've watched your channel for a long time now and never made a comment before but figured I'd start, great content guys love it . I'm from new Brunswick Canada you guys ever think about crossing the border for a race ? Also maybe even a Northern Cars and cameras base property is extremely cheap here in NB Canada lol 😋

  • handyhippie65

    well, you didn't die. wound up in so much pain you kinda wanted to though i'll bet. mine is sketchy enough with the 230 that's on it. putting a 750 on it is a bit excessive.

  • husky poop
    husky poop

    hey all just found you a honda 750 . 4 engine in a quad LMFAO you guys where neighbours of mine you would be sick of sight of me loooooool

  • steven burk
    steven burk

    Extend the swing arm please hill shooter at its finest

  • Toms Tech
    Toms Tech

    John: Ikes down for the count for now but don't worry we got a spare.

  • tothepoint

    I would love to see a pro racer do the course on your stuff, and a race quad or bike.

  • TBNRZIMY Maclean
    TBNRZIMY Maclean

    When's the ducarti killer coming back

  • matt 2525
    matt 2525

    When you think a piece of crap 70s CB750 is fast it shows that you have never been on or in anything that is actually fast lol. I have a banshee with a fuel injected gsxr 1000 and a 50 wet shot on q16, plus 6 swing arm and lots of other goodies and I'm usually not the fasted thing at comp hill at Dumont. Build something decent that's actually kinda fast, cause this thing and your cross kart are absolute junk.

  • Dan M
    Dan M

    Did anyone catch the fast and furious quote

  • Andrew Halliday Music
    Andrew Halliday Music

    needs thumb throttle

  • Toby Dyes
    Toby Dyes


  • Ken

    It only goes as fast as you let it. Extend the rear end. Make it longer.I can see potential in that baby.

  • demonic477

    there are only 2 things to say for a project like this with stupid amounts of power extra long rear swing arm and paddle tires . you have bought a quad that could win any hill climb or sand drags hands down

  • Bergs Bergs
    Bergs Bergs

    The handle bars are a piece of pipe 🤣

  • James Dufresne
    James Dufresne

    Just an idea for the next time you change tires if you can't get the beads to pop use that front bucket on a Kubota works every time for me ✌️

  • swampie s
    swampie s

    Should extend the rear swing arm and a long travel suspension

  • Iacopo Tuttino
    Iacopo Tuttino

    Now you can put a turbo

  • J0rdanRaY 508
    J0rdanRaY 508



    You guys have enough talent to convert it into a buggy~ I do believe that it can be done by you-


    Turn it into a buggu- as a quad it has too high center of gravity...

  • Eddie Money
    Eddie Money

    Get well Isaac 😎

  • Jack Chomel
    Jack Chomel

    that can probable do 250 km

  • TheTruthBeTold

    Gotta upgrade to a thumb throttle, those twisty one's are dangerous.

  • Rhys Haanappel
    Rhys Haanappel

    How dig is the shed goning to bee

  • Gamecock Mike
    Gamecock Mike

    I'd have to put wider wheels on it and also put the biggest spacers you can find on it. It really needs a wider wheel base. That thing is to fast and to top heavy for that. Definitely wider rims with larger tires and spacers or there maybe someone getting hurt even worse on that thing

  • TuxedoRooster

    Extend the swingarm and a arms then lower it and make it wide

  • Braaap Boys
    Braaap Boys

    I think it needs taller bars

  • M M
    M M

    That engine would probably be better on a quad racer or trx 250r frame. Lower center of gravity. My quadsport felt much higher and cramped than my trx250r.

  • DawsonEdiger

    I mean rear breaks are by far the biggest thing when going fast off road. Atleast on a motorcycle. I imagine it’s similar

  • Jrides 922
    Jrides 922

    Charles has a lot of potential seems like he learns real quick

  • john beach
    john beach


  • Chase Bridges
    Chase Bridges

    Dude those clear parts are sexy as hell

  • Chase Bridges
    Chase Bridges

    Just saying the new guy is totally awesome I love you guises videos please keep making more of it whatever you want because every bit of contact you put out there is fantastic one of your biggest fans Chase I am wish I could go out and do some of yourraces and the gambler things and stuff like that

  • eh TV
    eh TV

    Honda + Suzuki = Can-Am? Hahaha. Great build boys, death defying.

  • Sean Polom
    Sean Polom

    Need a stretched swingarm

  • Kenny Richard
    Kenny Richard

    Oh could I have some fun with that don’t think I would have troubles grabbing a hand Full of throttle I think it would be a blast on the ice if you put Canadian ice screws in the tires

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    some foot rest / nerf bar things would be great. . on something that squirrely, your feet are probably going to fall off the little rests

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    @14:53 & @19:41----> foreshadowing "the trophy kart has nothing on this" "the cross kart has nothing on this" "that's alot of beans" ******edit***** quick question. is that the OG engine? . . i forget . .thanks

  • Tech Café
    Tech Café

    I'm thinking, extended swing arm. Lower the suspension and lengthen it. Turn it into a sand drag. :)

  • iVtec4fun

    Put a Full Face helmet on please TY guys!

  • John Connolly
    John Connolly

    I always thought that style wheel was so that you could basically just beat it back out and that's what I've always done with good luck within reason obviously

  • chad Whitney
    chad Whitney

    I would serrious consider a long arm setup in the front long swing arm as well

  • Calamity Cycles
    Calamity Cycles

    Thumb throttle boys. Way safer.

  • Marc Poindexter
    Marc Poindexter

    Waist of time p.o.s

  • beta5450X *
    beta5450X *

    Make a tank

  • Holden Bostocky
    Holden Bostocky

    I’m trying to imagine how ridiculous this thing is. The fastest quad I’ve ridden was a FI raptor 700 and that was scary. Plus the old suspension on that frame I bet it’s real scary.

  • Xander Blade
    Xander Blade

    Needs a wheelie bar with a pneumatic tire or two.

  • david hamilton
    david hamilton

    Yall washed some of the duki off

  • Joey Bryant
    Joey Bryant

    That thing is a man killer

  • la_Plata

    heck anything built in our county that doesnt have people sleeping in it we dont need any inspections

  • martin m
    martin m

    Wheel spacers and an extended swingarm.....then it might be a bit safer

  • sportster davidson
    sportster davidson

    Man i dont think im going to watch ike get hurt , been there done that and i feel for ya ike hope you have a speedy recovery brother .....best wishes

  • Tim Johnston
    Tim Johnston

    I built a Yamahondokie 20 years ago 👍

  • Just_Voices_Asmr

    I’m honestly surprised no one has asked about the street legal golf cart y’all made a few years ago

  • charlie gangler
    charlie gangler

    OMG, that exhaust system

  • MK2 Scirocco 2.0 16V
    MK2 Scirocco 2.0 16V

    Extend the swingarm for sure! Love it!

  • Mark Abercrombie
    Mark Abercrombie

    Go power sports shipping and processing sucks. E C carburators is better. 7 to 10 days processing before shipment at go power sports and customer service people are very rude and not helpful.