We Held the First Ever DUST BOWL 500! | GRUELING 7 Way Circle Track Collab!

  • Why Knot
    Why Knot

    Should have a race where its the last engine standing, keep going until everyone else drops out.

  • Krossbonzz

    Flagger needed more Beers so he can count lol

  • Nic takahashi
    Nic takahashi

    Have everyone build a kart for it next year I’d love everyone’s content

  • Crazy JinX
    Crazy JinX

    the dirty bubble

  • John Roach
    John Roach

    Bigger flags. Maybe livestream final race on YT.

  • Little Aussie Rockets
    Little Aussie Rockets

    This is one of my favourite episodes 👌👍👊

  • John Connell
    John Connell

    Awesome 👍 Race as always!!!!!!!😎

  • Zeidos

    this looks like live action mario kart lol

  • Colin Gladfelter
    Colin Gladfelter

    This was absolutely incredible! You guys really got me into building my own carts and I wish someday I can make it down south to meet and ride with you guys! I’m trying to imagine if Grind Hard Plumbing came with their drone for some epic chase shots!

  • Welsh Dragon
    Welsh Dragon

    Those flags were ordered from wish...

  • kay bar
    kay bar

    I am getting together a ride to support Veterans Suicide Prevention, come join me. The course is simple, ride a mini bike from NY to SF. I have some sponsors but could use more. You'll experience the heartlands of America like never before. Out running hungry bears, cruising the endless open plains, roughing the Rockies, a quick reprieve while visiting Vegas, then onto the finishing line to beautiful San Francisco and camp with all the homeless people. Think of all the media exposure for your business, think of all the hungry children in Ethiopia, do it for all the abused animals, do it for poor little Johnny who has no home. But mostly for the Veterans who give there all everyday, let's see if you're man or woman enough to give yours. I'll be using a Coleman BT200, stock baby!! What's in your wallet? Contact semperfi0106@yahoo... Thanks

  • Bad Company
    Bad Company

    That was a kick, more of this!

  • Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider

    Mario kart in real life... Loved this guy's

  • Keaton Katzer
    Keaton Katzer

    I love the vids. I bet my little Colman ck100 kart with a predator and cvt would do good on your guys track.

  • W B
    W B

    Needs more grind hard plumbing co

  • Reji Savoie
    Reji Savoie

    Loved this. You should start a series of dirt kart racing 👍

  • Brad Huey
    Brad Huey

    Freaking awesome!!! 👍👍👍

  • James McGee
    James McGee

    I love it guys! John with the treaded tires.... it'll be fine! Ike with the flag comment, "they're to scale!" Hilarious! Gotta get Ike into next year's events. Y'all need to make your track a bit longer and the lane like five feet wider. Looking forward to next year's races.

  • Isapongo ?
    Isapongo ?

    You guys should make a sprayer attachment for your tractor

  • jeff ganoe
    jeff ganoe

    thanks for the video footage . I know how much fun this is. I'm lucky enough to have my own track in my back yard . It doesn't matter who wins , because it's about having FUN !

  • Dave Kauffman
    Dave Kauffman

    Kevin of JYD is a good man, or he suspected that the engine might have issues 😉 Looked like a fun day, though I only have subscriptions here and with Kevin's channel. You guys rock!

  • That guy
    That guy

    should all run the same engine and tires

  • Archie's Garage
    Archie's Garage

    Well done on this guys. Keep them races regular, will attract more people. We do similar races in UK, we have multiple classes, starting from C70 (Honda C70 engine), and ending with 250cc 2 stroke (motocross engine). You need to set up basic safety rules, like fully covered footwear (feet are exposed, can loose a few toes), basic bumper at front and back, motocross goggles, and whatever you think should be a MUST. Our smallest class - C70 reaches about 45mph, C90 reaches 50mph with ease on our dust track, not even talking about 250-2T, so our rules are a bit more strict. Also need to mark the inner corners with some "safe to punch" material like plastic jerry cans. Otherwise your track becomes shorter with every race meeting. Tyres are not recommended as they are tended to get under your kart and kick you up. Traffic cones are okay, but still sometimes launches too if you drive straight on it.. Make it viral! Well done! Leaving a link to one of our race meetings (if allowed).. svname.info/nick/video/l42vbKdreGy528w

  • Meener

    I've got a dingo with a stock 212 hits 30mph!!!

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith

    Yall need some umax phantom charger premier ur in go kart country

  • DAO Democracy
    DAO Democracy

    next video? take a few hundrew 18650 cells and washingmachine motor to make "ELECTRIC BEAST MAMAJAMMA"

  • Kelly Lloyd
    Kelly Lloyd

    I love your track guys to bad you couldn't rase the corners for better traction👍👍👍👍😎

  • Christian V
    Christian V

    You guys should bring back the rat rod wagon 🙂

  • Don Perry
    Don Perry

    High bank turns and jumps

  • Scott Hogan
    Scott Hogan

    You have 38 haters so far, means you guys are doing pretty work. FullSend!

  • dave madvig
    dave madvig

    You need to put in a grand stand so my wife and i can come down and tail gate! Whoo if your not first your last! Good job fellas. Love the chanel.

  • B.- Rax
    B.- Rax

    Charles is a comedic genius 1:15 "The kart handle real good. It turn left."

  • Bill and Heather thompson
    Bill and Heather thompson

    What can be done? Higher banks on the corners overall that was awesome every event! You should make a big track for your bigger carts keep it safe just do fastest time wins

  • Ryan Belaus
    Ryan Belaus

    The track sucks and so do the karts😂

  • Dillon Keast
    Dillon Keast

    I want to see a bigger track race between you all next year! Longer and wider! I loved watching the competition. You should set up a drag strip!

  • Irish Rose Gaming
    Irish Rose Gaming

    Bigger flags and maybe a lap counter per person

  • Shahar sde Chen
    Shahar sde Chen

    great stuff as always! love your builds! i have a question: how many go karts you guys brought??

  • KingCarpio

    Bring out the rat rod wagon

  • Aussie Hardwood
    Aussie Hardwood

    Oil is important. Good episode folks!

  • Robert T
    Robert T

    The more I see these videos of that circle track. The more I would like to come there with my son and the 49cc go kart I built him from an old toy's r us super tech go kart. Pretty sure he could give y'all a good run! Lol

  • OB Obeezy
    OB Obeezy

    You guys should make a go kart with a hotrod body like with the bronco, that would be sweet

  • Nick Davis
    Nick Davis

    is it the dust bowl 500 or the backyard 500??

  • Jason Hershock
    Jason Hershock

    Ben Hurr with go carts.

  • neo 71665
    neo 71665

    Want me to sew ya'll some larger (maybe 1 foot x 1 foot) flags up for next year? I can ship them and ya'll can staple them on some wooden dowels, be cheaper shipping than me shipping in an extra large box with the handles.

  • Santana Dadon
    Santana Dadon

    Yea I’m ready to get my land ready for this, great run guys

  • Pizza Pizza
    Pizza Pizza

    my one request would be have a spotter for each cart so you know who is a lap down and what position they hold and maybe make everyone run the same engine and mods so its more competitive

  • Doobie_D

    You know how to dirt race. Drifting corners on dirt is way faster

  • Derek Hutchings
    Derek Hutchings

    Is there a way to request different kinds of merch?

  • Crazypjk 1973
    Crazypjk 1973

    next try this..... svname.info/nick/video/imWQoKmcaqHa3JU

  • James Armstrong
    James Armstrong

    You guys better do one of these each year because the racing is so good love the channel been here since the electric RC cart👍

  • Carlton Griffin
    Carlton Griffin

    Hey guys. We stay not to far from yall just between Wilson and Greenville NC. Hey I have a question.. me and my son have a yeff dog and a HF 420 13hp and a nice 1" cvt. Also a 110 old quad is there anyway we can adopt the rear axle from the 110 and install on our kart? This is going to be our father and sonS project... loved the dust bowl 500.

  • Chris Tanner
    Chris Tanner

    Will the next races also have 500?

  • sportster davidson
    sportster davidson

    I think an improvement would be to invite all of us toooooo .....man that looked fun 👍

  • john fasano II
    john fasano II

    instead of bowl round oval track you should add to it, make it road course like

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    This is Mario Kart lol.

  • The List
    The List

    You guys gotta find a local ice skating rink and see if they’ll let you do an ice race

  • CrazyStupidMonkey96

    Great video!! I always look forward to all you guys getting together!!!!

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    Boys that just looks like so much fun way to be a good sportsman

  • Garrett Dykstra
    Garrett Dykstra

    Well done sirs!!

  • Jon Baggarly
    Jon Baggarly

    lets bring back kart racin theres a couple good tracks here in ky both dirt one is a legit kart track other is abandoned dirt track ppl used to run there caprices and crown vics

  • Col-Psycho

    Great video. I think the only room for improvement: - perhaps a (slightly) wider track? - wet the track more - better adherence to the rules, lol. Maybe add in a proper endurance race with pit stops & driver swaps and so on, that could be really entertaining! (though perhaps you want to use the full course for something like that.)

  • john beach
    john beach

    Wow, your family's getting bigger! What happened to Ike's right arm?

  • john beach
    john beach


  • william windex
    william windex

    you really out drove them , drone footage was awesome

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    THAT WAS FUN TO WATCH! Blessings James P.S. - Bigger Track?

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    I thought Red Beard was going to run the Dirt Bowl 🤔🙄

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    Braxton almost sealed the deal for John when he spun out and blocked John Better be glad he had a good lead on Lonny Fun racing guys That looked fun as hell Definitely makes me want to build one and come show y'all how it's done lol Awesome racing guys Congratulations Lonny 🔥👍✌️ John cheated 🤪👎 lol

  • John Hill
    John Hill

    Another great video guys 👍🏼. 2am and the Old Man enjoying with my coffee ☕. Always looking forward to your videos. 🛵😎💝💝

  • Mac Carlson
    Mac Carlson

    Next year I'd throw some taller burms in the corners

  • Fezzler61

    Too much fun!

  • Levi Trautwein
    Levi Trautwein

    Things so narrow

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee

    Man of man that looks like fun! Thanks for posting!

  • BryDuhBikeGuy

    Next year: Same carts race Forwards 5 laps,then you have a second sprocket and motor mount for the Same cart to run in Reverse !

  • theodore Dow-man
    theodore Dow-man

    11:37 Is totally epic!!

  • TheBaconBrotato

    What if y'all came up with blueprints for a cart frame that everyone has to use to make a cart. They could use whatever engine and gearing they wanted, but the chassis had to be off of the schematics.

  • Daniel Gurule
    Daniel Gurule

    Next time follow your own rules on slick tires and check your engine oil as well 😉

  • Bernie Lomax
    Bernie Lomax

    Just started following the channel a couple weeks ago. So much fun, loving it so far. Are you guys doing anything special for 100k subs??

  • Yesenia Resendiz
    Yesenia Resendiz

    Let some fans in next race one to be exact from each youtuber to make it interesting 👍 you can raffle the entry

  • Robert Chicas
    Robert Chicas

    Next year you should do Engine build offs or engine speed builds

  • Bob Haze
    Bob Haze

    Good (dirty) clean fun!🏁

  • Jerry Tuley
    Jerry Tuley

    Should have run the mini bikes

  • Jerry Tuley
    Jerry Tuley

    Like how you talked about yourself in third person

  • Tessa cleveland
    Tessa cleveland

    It's a really great event you guys put on been watching for years that was really cool. Ike the "Biscayne" needs to go, v8 rwd Or nothing

  • The Lowkey Tip
    The Lowkey Tip

    Pave it and make it bigger or longer straight aways

  • Glenn Caughey
    Glenn Caughey

    Bleachers and tickets for charity 😎👍

  • Markus

    oil that track! old school

  • James Blackwell
    James Blackwell

    Do you make everyone sign a waiver?


    Damn that looks like fun !! Long ago we had a track smaller than that one and we raced our stripped down riding lawn mowers . LOL Good times guys and thanks to everyone that was there for the great action !!

  • Matthew Garven
    Matthew Garven

    In the second heat the c&c kart is one that I race but with a body at ransomvill ny

  • john bero
    john bero

    Unless you guys just like the dust and dirt...Hire a contractor and haul in some caly...lay a smooth coat down...Pack it in...The water wagon will have a much better time of it as well as the racers and spectators. Engines may last a little longer also.

  • Exentrikk

    Get Carsandcameras to 1 mil. I've watched since you guys were at 10k subs. you got this

  • Bryan

    Fun stuff. Maybe next time check the oil, chain tension(er), rip chord, etc. to keep more carts competitive? But seriously, it might be cool to standardize some specs, in addition to the engine size. Wheel / tire size seems like it would make a big difference.

  • Jared Budzinski
    Jared Budzinski

    Vasaline builds 😂

  • rogerr30

    Was a great event guys wouldn't change anything other than I would add we're like you can have a contest where the winner one of us that watches can maybe come down and participate just food for thought I don't know what you guys would think but love you guys's Channel and content

  • Music Athority
    Music Athority

    I would so much love to be there with my kart. but I have some bad news my kart would smoke all those karts. no doubt it would be a blast. you guys do need to get some full size flags. well the dust bowl 500 is in the books, congratulations to everyone involved for making it such an AWESOME event.

  • Jeff Barker
    Jeff Barker

    Can't wait till next years race.

  • tiobolha

    Amazing! Just amazing!

  • Happy Torrentt
    Happy Torrentt

    "Why are your flags so small?" Missed opportunity to say "I WAS IN THE POOL!" 😆

    • Jonas Keunecke
      Jonas Keunecke

      "They're to scale" and "It's cold outside" was pretty damn funny too though :)

  • Jerry Dempsey
    Jerry Dempsey

    Bigger wider track next time. Lots of fun guys.

  • Dakotah Neal
    Dakotah Neal

    Peyton and Charles are great additions to the crew. C&C just keeps getting better