We Got a Vintage MTD Mini Bike (for FREE!) Can We make it Run + Ride?
We picked up this old MTD mini bike for free from Go Power Sports! In today's episode, we get this vintage mini bike's 3.5 horsepower Tecumseh flathead engine running, unstick and install a few new parts, and take it for a ride out at the Pate Swap meet. This rusty mini bike has been sitting for years with flat tires, old fuel in the tank, and a janky dual muffler exhaust. We find out: will it run?

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    Christopher Lachcik

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    Randall James

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    Martin Cloutman

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    The Mad Smith

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    Jon Barghout

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    Aisa Faucher

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  • Tyler Vojvodich
    Tyler Vojvodich

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  • Motor Madness
    Motor Madness

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  • draggonhedd

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  • Hugh Stephenson
    Hugh Stephenson

    I watched a video of some guys in East LA Calif that collect and ride them mini bikes. Sold two of them I bought at auction a few years ago

  • Dennis Petersen
    Dennis Petersen

    You guys have all of the FUN! LOLS.

  • Dennis Petersen
    Dennis Petersen

    You have a problem with the CVT Belt, too worn. I guess just get it running to see if it even moves!

  • Dennis Petersen
    Dennis Petersen

    Problem I see in putting a fuel line a filter and shutoff valve. Put the fuel line filter ahead of the valve these valves can get clogged and won't work if junk gets into them. These current fuel shut-off units are JUNK. The filter will show what's in the fuel supply as long as it's a clear plastic filter. Another problem, some of the fuel valves are mounted on the tank which has a screen inside the tank. Guess what happens if that screen gets clogged? I remove those junk plastic screens and fuel valves. Use a tapered tap to turn threads into the tanks' outlet, insert a brass fitting into the tank outlet to accept a flanged brass nipple. The fuel will pass through the filter filter then the shutoff valve. Those Chinese fuel valves are JUNK and throw them in the trash! I've been there and seen how they are built by tearing them apart, total junk! Make sure the fuel cap is vented otherwise, a short run will be available. :)

  • Lynn Overlin
    Lynn Overlin

    Totally enjoyed this video. I have the twin to this bike and it's #3 in the project line. It isn't a barn find since it spent a good deal of the last several decades in an old henhouse.

  • Dennis Petersen
    Dennis Petersen

    MTB Yuck, no suspension it'll give you hemorrhoids! That's a not friendly ride it's meant for your kids! Or, for smooth roads.

  • The Black Rider
    The Black Rider

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  • The Black Rider
    The Black Rider

    looks so funney i was watching the brockin fule gage just a spinning and spinning the hole danm time lol you gies are so so asome

  • The Black Rider
    The Black Rider

    that bike is extreamily rare and verry valuable and was verry expincive back in its time when it was sold sears or etins in the mid 60s

  • a guy on the interwebs
    a guy on the interwebs

    Gary is a stoic legend

  • Michael -
    Michael -

    Did anyone else see them scratch there head at the same time about 15:10 😂

  • Liam Barton
    Liam Barton

    Does anyone know what that tiny chain is? I snapped my kart chain and I bought a 219 which turned out to be WAY bigger than the existing, other wise, where can I get a 219 sprocket in the uk to bolt onto my live axle?

  • Jipple Japple
    Jipple Japple

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  • Ari L
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    Imnothere Igettogo

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    John Hill

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    neutral battle with shannon

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    Rich Morgenstein

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    miguel Rosario

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    Domenyk Wilkes

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  • James Fordham
    James Fordham

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  • Dustin Stokes
    Dustin Stokes

    Go power sports has not returned my email about a missing part too resolve this issue I can go on about it though I rather it be fixed

  • john kindon
    john kindon

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  • tatwood93

    Y'all have the WRONG CARB on this unit! Not necessarily hating on the primer, but these old motors come with an adjustable main jet. Maybe consider swapping in the pre-emissions jet to the snowblower carb that's on the bike. The timing is also adjustable on these engines, via the oval bolts on the condenser housing. It's likely to be out of spec if anyone has messed with the points before. Good possibilities for free performance, I bet this little flatty has more in 'er

  • Kaden Brown
    Kaden Brown

    Why fucking put “can we make it run and ride” in the title, and then the first thing you see in the video is it running and riding. Ive watched you for years, stop spoiling these things

  • Derek Claycomb
    Derek Claycomb

    I really like that the old school fuel gauge was explained by Isaac. I remember those and how they were. They were pretty awesome when they didn't get stuck! 😁 I noticed that at around 14:55 both of you guys were scratching your head on the same side at the same time.

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    Trevn TheTractorGuy

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    david tappe

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    Boss Man

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    George Griffin

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    sean vogelaar

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    Erric D Johnson 74

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  • Vladimir Nefyodov
    Vladimir Nefyodov

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    Andrew Lofthouse

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    The Indecisive Hobbyist

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    JJ Carlisle

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    • CarsandCameras

      Glad you enjoy it!

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    grant gerrard

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    Busted Knuckles Builds

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    Michael Patrick

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  • Toby Dyes
    Toby Dyes

    Not going to idle because of head gasket

  • Gavin Robins
    Gavin Robins

    I had been building a mini bike for the past few months and I was just riding at my grandparents house when it started acting funny o stoped and checked the oil it was full so I kept riding next thing I know it started to bog down so I held it at full throttle but it didn't make a difference in the rpm then it threw the rod the good thing about it is I already have a engine waiting for it. But I loved that predetor but that's th risk of having fun.

  • Blake Brock
    Blake Brock

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    Red S0vietArtilery

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    CH PLAYS The gamer Boy

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    Donald Franklin jr

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    Eric Andersen

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    bob Manzi77

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    Trevor Miller

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    • Jätski.fi

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