We Built a $2,000 Show Mini Bike (and Raffled it Off for Charity!)
We build and raffle off a Rascal mini bike for charity with Go Power Sports! The Rascal mini bike is the newest cruiser mini bike on the market, built similarly to the Lil Rascal, but with stretched proportions to fit an adult rider supremely comfortably. The placement of the handlebars, seat position, and foot pegs are near perfect for any adult- making this mini bike kit my go-to cruiser from now on. The guys at Go Power Sports powder coated the frame in candy apple red with black accents, and had the handlebars and exhaust chromed. This was the cleanest mini bike we've ever built, and Go Power Sports raffled it off at the Pate Swap Meet to one lucky winner!

Thanks for Watching!

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Rascal mini bike kit: Call for availability, goes live 5/12/21
Tillotson 212 heavy duty blower housing: bit.ly/2REYdVN
Tillotson 212 stage 1 engine: bit.ly/3o2Wzt7
Go Power Sports: goo.gl/c2Tz6o

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  • Al Stone
    Al Stone

    Man I work on motorcycles and this mini bike makes me want to build one . I love it!!

  • D Mobile
    D Mobile


  • zorvlatch

    My kitty likes it!

  • Nick Davis
    Nick Davis

    Does GPS sell that space for the brake

  • Tyranis Customs
    Tyranis Customs

    Anybody know if they chromed the handle bars?...

  • Zak M
    Zak M

    Looks super clean good job on finishing up and I liked the cars and camera finishing touch with the splatter. Only change I would do is black out the rear sprocket and possibly splatter that also. But great job guys looks amazing and sounds great.

  • Steven Mays
    Steven Mays

    Congratulations on being right there at 1 million guys . I been therr from the beginning even though John got on my last nerve , and I'm sure off camera ike let him have it .I

  • Steven Mays
    Steven Mays

    Congratulations on being right there at 1 million guys . I been therr from the beginning even though John got on my last nerve , and I'm sure off camera ike let him have it .I

  • Richard Wicker
    Richard Wicker

    I have a Coleman ct200u ex with the factory drum brakes on the rear, i need to get time to convert it to disc brakes. They are so much better.

  • AOKirk *
    AOKirk *

    Tip for splatter paint application. Use an acid brush to flick the paint on.

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez

    Wow all those mini bikes ❤️ Wish they weren’t so expensive so I could buy one

  • Andrew

    Great job guys, beautiful little bike

  • Grandmaster Hobbyist
    Grandmaster Hobbyist

    So i just was given a baja 97cc for free it supposedly ran but has sat in a garage for a couple years...finding this channel is great

  • TechHead97

    Yeah $895 for just a cheap metal frame and once you supply it with a 212 you need to instantly upgrade it to a Stage 1 because it won’t fit stock, Highway robbery much.

  • Nitewatch 1967
    Nitewatch 1967

    Like too see one of these with front suspension

  • Niels de Bakker
    Niels de Bakker

    Isaac and John must be groomed as hell, all those manscaped commercials.

  • Tim Brindley
    Tim Brindley

    it needs a bigger tank

  • Dave Kauffman
    Dave Kauffman

    I love you guys, you two go to great lengths to make sure things are done correctly, but a mini-bike is not worth putting more than $50 into, I paid less than $2,000 for the first 4 vehicles that I owned. That little thing isn't road-legal either. I like watching you build things though :-)

  • Elijah Keeper
    Elijah Keeper

    U know what's messed up is that a week ago I was going to order some of this stuff and it was out of stock I think I will just find somewhere else to order part and motors for now on

  • George Swift
    George Swift

    Spray the sides of the wheels white. Or get mini white walls. Would look sweet.

  • King Ave Garage
    King Ave Garage

    Could open up the raffle to online as well. Just have to figure out logistics on delivery

  • Mr Boyle
    Mr Boyle

    hey guys check out the Eastwood Co. they have powser coat guns under 200 bucks and for small parts you could use a old electric stove for a heating oven.

  • Ronnie Creason
    Ronnie Creason

    Nice video question you guys don’t thread lock nothing

  • Go Power Sports
    Go Power Sports

    Great job on the build guys! That color scheme came out beautiful and you guys are great.

  • michael chatham
    michael chatham

    Why would you have the engine bolts going in from the bottom you should go from the top because if the nut comes lose and falls off the bolt won't fall out

  • Bolden Motorsports
    Bolden Motorsports

    How much is the rascal bike stand

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies

    Why is mixing paint brands a no-no? I do it all the time. I don't think I've ever bought the same brand clear and colour and primer.

  • Becky McDaniel
    Becky McDaniel

    Yall should have done splatter on the chain guard also.

  • NickClashez

    Parts number for exhaust

  • Wood shop 88
    Wood shop 88

    Can you tell me where you got the gas tank from?

  • john beach
    john beach


  • crabkllr

    All it needs now is a gas tank... just sayin'


    I can help you out on the local POWDERCOATING..... I'm probably an hour or so from you guys in nc.

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller

    "A $2000 show mini bike" Whoo, someone is kidding someone!

  • Glenn Bell DC1
    Glenn Bell DC1

    check out "retrorestore on u tube" he powder coats his projects in the U K . he has a home built bake oven video series playlist and powder coat series playlist. it would be perfect for you guys .

  • coingecko CRO
    coingecko CRO

    Have you ever featured Rupp mini bike

  • Nick Gustafson
    Nick Gustafson

    svname.info/nick/video/dqFue5ihZH-9mtQ ~11:15 Isaac was spotted! Guy didn't know what to think.

  • Bob G
    Bob G

    Not a drop of loctite to be found.

  • Deegan Dow
    Deegan Dow

    i hate clear coat now because i had a legit general lee model kit from the 90s and i spend forever tryna not mess anything up on it, when i finished it looked AMAZING but the decals kept moving and wouldnt stick so i clearcoated it... and well yeah, the entire dang car got "texture" and looked like a car in winter covered in ice. i layed in my room depressed for the next month

  • Mark Haugaard
    Mark Haugaard


  • Tom Maxey
    Tom Maxey

    At minute 20:16, I see a Benelli Buzzer frame in the background....What's the history and future of it?

  • Paul Harkey
    Paul Harkey

    Worth a look... facebook.com/marketplace/item/2975484419349307/

  • ashley richards
    ashley richards

    Should do a rascal with a rear axle so it's a trike

  • BoysNTheirToys

    You soo made this cars and cameras style that's for sure

  • Steven Burton
    Steven Burton

    Awesome bike. Great to hear it's for charity.


    Such a nice build glad they choose you guys to do the build for them 👌

  • gert frobe
    gert frobe

    My Dirt Bug is smaller than that.

  • Nick 04
    Nick 04

    Thoughts on a V-Twin minibike? Might be a bit overkill but man it'll be baad


      I'm doin one, only a few frames you can use that have the room, otherwise you have to mod or build one from scratch. almost all the modded frames I have seen look like trash. Only decent one I have seen that looks "right" is a doodlebug v twin bike, look it up on here.

  • Patrick Moore
    Patrick Moore

    2000 Dollar Minibike, in your Wildest Dreams....

  • TechHead97

    I will never understand the hype of these small cheaply made frames, Some people don’t get that you can get so much better of a bike for a $1000 less than what this small bike is worth for example a Trailmaster MB-200 that comes with both front and back suspension. You pay all this money for the bike and before you can put a 212 motor on it you have to upgrade it to a Stage 1 kit which will cost more than a new predator. It’s all junk

  • Michael Mcclure
    Michael Mcclure

    Almost to a millie!!🔥🤙

  • Garrett Moore
    Garrett Moore

    I would've done the splatter paint on the chain guard as well

  • Will E. M
    Will E. M

    That's what I'm sayin spread the love fellas

  • Chris Cooney
    Chris Cooney

    That was awesome helping the people

  • Keith Kamps
    Keith Kamps

    great video with a better cause!!!!!! Next time put some front brakes on the thing.

  • Tolner Racing
    Tolner Racing

    White walls whoold look very clean

  • chilly cheeze#2
    chilly cheeze#2

    Random but does anyone have an 88 yz125 head theyd sell? Thanks been looking all over the web🤷‍♂️

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith

    Y'all make the greatest videos and y'all do great things keep up the good work guys cars and cameras rules

  • T. L. Parker
    T. L. Parker

    Hey guys. I watch you guys religiously. I work at a motorsports shop in N.S. Canada. Was just thinking, if you want nice, even splatter effect, next time try using a tooth brush and your thunb.

  • kmart014

    Yall inspire me to keep my gokart and get a coleman ct200u. I now want a rascal with a 225 tillotson

  • Thicc Ricc
    Thicc Ricc

    Sweet bike guys! When are they gonna get tires for the public though?

  • kmart014

    What engine is that?

  • Mad-Duk Machine Werkes
    Mad-Duk Machine Werkes

    the ARC of the fenders is way too different than the size of the tires, looks like crap-

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    walmart has large complete coleman mini bikes for $599.00... engine included!

  • Mike Fn Garage
    Mike Fn Garage


  • William Mayes lll
    William Mayes lll

    Sick unit

  • Lee Lane
    Lee Lane

    An idea for clean builds Put a piece of clear plastic (computer screen protecter) on engine plate to help protect the paint before installing new engine.

  • Nick Rudd
    Nick Rudd

    I love candys.

  • Frank Geimer
    Frank Geimer

    Good Show Guys!! The mini bike turned out great!

  • Kende Simon
    Kende Simon

    SEEEEEEEESH , now that is really cool !

  • Sharky's Garage - RC and More
    Sharky's Garage - RC and More

    Go power sports needs to offer Chromed handlebars as an option...

  • Mr. Gold
    Mr. Gold

    Stop showing the punch at the beginning please!

  • Michael Hoffman
    Michael Hoffman

    Have you ever done a chopper Captain America 🇺🇸 style? If so what episode. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Partap Sidhu
    Partap Sidhu

    We love the mini bike video !!! We need more Ike and John

  • Jako8557

    You guys can do your own powder coating at home. Just get an old second hand oven, and buy a (cheap ??) powder coating gun. The powder you buy will have guidelines for the baking time and temperature. Once you have done it a few times, you will be good to go.

  • spotopolis

    Wait! Does the kit come with everything I need?

  • jackpotvmc

    Great job

  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop

    please build one of these Rosati Loris Ape Proto 600 - Allenamento con Martina Biagiotti

  • jackpotvmc

    That seems really high when you have to put a motor in it and paint it.

  • Rougaroux

    I am now more proud to be a subscriber of this channel. To see John and IKE raise money for charity means a lot to me. Thank you for all you guys do. I would like to have y’all build a custom Yamaha street legal mini bike. I am not a fan of Honda by any means. I know you all are and it’s not your fault. 😜. Keep up the great work and I cannot wait to see what comes next as always.

  • Jeff Ackley
    Jeff Ackley

    How about a three wheeled version of the Rascal? I don't think it would be too difficult to do.


      could simply be a axle kit they could offer.

  • Acura RL
    Acura RL

    Test drive a bike at minimum aggressiveness and come to conclusion of all these stats is just amazing

  • Acura RL
    Acura RL

    That’s One way to assure you’ll vapor lock that engine with putting fuel lines on engine. Made that mistake myself for neatness and had issues

  • Acura RL
    Acura RL

    Awesome lil build guys. Header exhaust gasket?

  • Busted Knuckles Builds
    Busted Knuckles Builds

    Great job , sweet bike

  • ncwarrior62

    Fantastic video guys! We always learn so much from you guys!! Thanks

  • Topher Nuttle
    Topher Nuttle

    Also,1991 called,they want that splatter paint back....lol....done...❤

  • Tasha Teeling
    Tasha Teeling

    How many hammers do I need to gather along with my $2k in order to assemble this beauty. I'm a showpiece and it's only fitting I have an easy to assemble show stopper to match. Can I save a few bucks by getting bearings instead of the high quality bushings? I have a friend whose trained to hammer those in properly

  • Topher Nuttle
    Topher Nuttle

    I'm curious as to why Yawl don't have some CnC custom builds for the public Yourselves guys?? I know regular jobs are an issue but I'd gladly get on a payment plan and pay it down for about anything decent Yawl built... Not because I'm lazy,but because I'm just not able anymore... Can't wait for the ah it'll be fine stage 3 420 fat boy gets down the road with a quickness bike kit!!

  • bradley berdahl
    bradley berdahl

    im digging my old scooter out...just started watching ,and love the show!!! got an old coleman....it runs great ,i use it to fish with as i have back issues. now im gonna have to work on it a little its been sitting for 2 winters now.....anyway great job on the show ,I love it!

  • Old Skool Only
    Old Skool Only

    If only they were available to us Aussies. Great looking kit

  • Uncle Rico
    Uncle Rico

    You guys should paint the rear sprocket black with matching splatter paint

  • FJ80Coop

    Maybe I've gotten older but I don't see 2 large in that little bike unless the powder coater and chromer both made a serious killing or Ike charged his perfesshunal shop rates for paint and assembly...

  • Nut Twg
    Nut Twg

    Build a long drag trike out of a mini bike with a Harley motor a small one

  • Robert G
    Robert G

    $900 and you still need paint and an engine? No thanks.

  • islandnite77

    Putting red splatter paint will just hide your own bleeding when you wipe out badly...lol

  • scottcol23

    $849 with no engine? Anyway... Love the content guys! keep up the great work.

  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker

    I need coupon code for go powersports

  • FJ80Coop

    Contact the Eastwood company and buy a powder coating machine and all the colors and finishes you want(not very expensive) and pick up a used electric stove for cheap,enlarge the oven itself by adding sheet metal and a bigger door and voila powder coating on the down lo cost... Under 500 bux total and you're in bidness to pc any part for any mini bike or kart except for exhaust pipes or mufflers..

  • Review Account
    Review Account

    I liked this channel for years, when it was a kart channel. If you can be entertained by this mini bike content, I am happy for you and C&C, but I hope they get back to more substantial builds soon.