We Broke our 1000cc Mini Trophy Truck! (But We're Not Sure How)
We started the day by backing the trophy kart out of it's parking space under my car port, thinking that we'd be installing a 5 point harness and some new rear shocks to help with jumping, but the trophy kart had other plans! It appeared that the transmission was broken- when you put it in gear and let out on the clutch, the engine would stall, and the mini trophy truck wouldn't even try to move. Turns out we had a broken piece in the transmission!

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  • Robert Schemonia
    Robert Schemonia

    Dude. The comment about never having enough tools, or never having the right tools, try working on modern cars or heavy equipment for a living. Had I invested the money I have spent on tools in a house or my own shop or motorcycles, I'd have a huge house, an air conditioned and heated 6 bay shop with an overhead crane, or about 10 brand new Honda motorcycles and dirtbikes. I feels ya on that one guys.

  • Toast

    yooooo 5 speed drag rail????

  • Greg Nelson
    Greg Nelson

    Ike. Seems to me while watching, that you are passing on knowledge to a capable journeyman. Love watching you guys interact and adventure. Actively looking for a c70. ;) Keep up the good work. Both of y'all. Greg from MN

  • Cody

    if thats a clutch i woul replace it while the gearbox is out.

  • Darren Rasmussen
    Darren Rasmussen

    Make sure yaz put oil in the new transmission

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    So ya wanna own a beamer off road ? 😅


    Put a Honda VFR800 from a 98-00 engine in the CROSSKART. It's a gear driven timing V-4 and it's fuel injected. CHEAP and it sounds like a STOCKCAR. 120hp. Google vfr800 straightpipe

  • Deegan Dow
    Deegan Dow

    yall should make a sheetmetal trophy truck body for it, if ya wanted to anyways i would do it for you im pretty good with shaping metal but im still in high school lol

  • thundertc88

    A 5 point harness with that seat is useless or even worse dangerous!! When you are building these larger projects you need a REAL seat!! Not go kart seats!! Don’t cheap out on safety!

  • Michael Neff
    Michael Neff

    I would love to see the two of you fix that trophy cart and take it to another place with more space to go FULL SEND!!!

  • john beach
    john beach


  • Tru North Rough Necks
    Tru North Rough Necks

    I think I will build a few go karts. After watching these guys for a long time I feel inspired.

  • William Gabriel
    William Gabriel

    Wind screen, windshield wiper, sprayer and reservoir. Some body panels and enclosed cockpit would be great to see you build. Would like to see a run what you bring rally race. With pitting and refueling. Some type what winners circle etc. A 5000k prize for winner.

  • funnystuff 101
    funnystuff 101

    “We’ve got to start removering” 16:33

  • Budd Midkiff
    Budd Midkiff

    Çontinue:: the idle circuit provides the majority of fuel thru about 1/8- 1/4 throttle.

  • Budd Midkiff
    Budd Midkiff

    Hey guys. Love your show. I couldn't find the comment selection on your ct90 feed. You should clean the carb again. Pay close attention to the idle circuit.,.that's your main issue.. ie won't run w out choke on.runs better w wide open throttle...

  • BigD1395

    Man you guys tear up more shit than a 4 year old toddler with a chainsaw.

  • Chris Bruce
    Chris Bruce

    Charles! SMH 🤦‍♂️ 😂🤷‍♂️

  • Chris Denton
    Chris Denton

    we all know jon broke it...lol

  • Backyard Restorations
    Backyard Restorations

    LS swap it!

  • Lou Gogliettino
    Lou Gogliettino

    You guys should build a second kart for hard-core offloading. Use a s10 2.2 with the auto trans.

  • Richard Klein
    Richard Klein

    Do K-bikes need a cush drive?

  • Duke A Man
    Duke A Man

    Will a 5.5" wide tire fit on a 4.5" wide rim? I'm restoring a go kart that has a hex live axle. Could not find a 8" hex rim so had to buy a 6" and I'm trying to run largest tire possible so the kart will stand correctly.

  • marollet

    Hi Guys, why not just replace the broken parts?

  • Carl's Computer Hardware
    Carl's Computer Hardware

    what is that gearbox out of since you think it will work with a predator 212

  • Christian Antonio
    Christian Antonio

    Can you give me a free go cart I always wanted one by they are expensive

  • Asher’s Acres
    Asher’s Acres

    How did you get sponsored by go power sports? Could other people get sponsored by them if they have a channel like I have?

  • SirDrakeNewcanon

    You are sitting above a driveshaft? I wish a very-very long life fot this driveshaft (and for you of course)! At 10:50 I recognised that the driveshaft is runing in a pipe! I feel me much better! I have not to worry about loosing one of my favorite entertainers!

  • Philip Cockram
    Philip Cockram

    Gas bottle

  • Cliff Glines
    Cliff Glines

    What you let us see, it looks like part of a shift fork. I'm not surprised the way you thrash shit.

  • Cliff Glines
    Cliff Glines

    Shift forks loose and it got stuck between gears. Just needs some new trans bearings

  • Thomas LeMay
    Thomas LeMay

    That's the dirtiest BMW K100 transition i've ever seen. I have seen lots of those transactions go 300,000 miles so you're mileage is not good. It is completely rebuild able. However all the dogs need to have well defined edges. I believe the warn dogs are the reason you're having shifting problems.

  • Josh Woodruff
    Josh Woodruff

    I wonder what Ike's tool truck purchasing history looks like... Asking for a friend.

  • Cale_awsome

    That metal must be hell on those blades

  • Wesley Ammon
    Wesley Ammon

    Don't you guys have a parts bike that you can use the transmission from, was re-watching the build series and on pt 12 they were using a parts bike for the wiring.

  • Hal

    Needs a Dana 44

  • Jarred Segal
    Jarred Segal

    Hey you guys should rebuild your starter bendix while you have the engine and gear box split It’s the only way you can access it to do maintenance

  • Jarred Segal
    Jarred Segal

    Lmfao he and I buy our runners from the same place I haven’t worn a pair of non steel toed shoe in decades

  • Josh Dudley
    Josh Dudley

    Had a 88 turbo ranger back in the day. I was heading to work one morning went for 3rf gear she locked up tight smashed my knees into the steel dash left me stuck 8n the middle of the road. Great start to the week.

    • Richard Klein
      Richard Klein

      I had a couple Merkurs with that Turbo 2.3

  • Chase Simino
    Chase Simino

    Got to make a go kart out of a shopping cart

  • lewis stevens
    lewis stevens

    I had a pit bike do this with me. Was sat idling at the top of a trail and sounded like it just stalled while I was stood away from it. Went to kick it over, wouldn’t budge. The downside was it also locked up the back wheel even if the clutch was open. Had to skid it about a mile and a half down the hill. Turned out the gearbox had silently shat itself

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson

    That shift lever bounces around when you hit big bumps. I think you need to isolate it some more.

  • Case 275
    Case 275

    You need to have some type of damper in the driveline to absorb to torque from wide open to letting off the gas. The reverse torque is braking the gearbox due to the extra weight of the kart.

  • Limp Rooster
    Limp Rooster

    Please put this transmission on the drag rail... i want to see that thing run 8s and I don't think you'll ever get there with the TAV... You'll never get the correct stall speed. Plus, the trophy truck transmission will be so much more efficient at putting power to the ground.

  • Oldiron

    Bringing a vehicle into the shop without pressure washing off all the garbage first. Oh that’s backyard mechanics right there. Love it 😍

  • TNG Tactical Miata
    TNG Tactical Miata

    Bent shift fork

    • TNG Tactical Miata
      TNG Tactical Miata

      So... I was wrong..... Mark that one down and don't tell my wife!!! A broken dog..... Who woulda thunk-it?

  • Randall Settles
    Randall Settles

    You guys need to move the shifter closer and make it shorter that away your shifts can be a lot faster and you have less throw on the shifter cuz when you think about it that transmission and that motor being in a motorcycle your throw is literally only a couple inches you know Movement by your foot so I think if y'all get a used transmission that's good and put it in there you need to shorten the shifter and move back closer to you so you can shift quicker and firmer

    • Randall Settles
      Randall Settles

      Not only that when Isaac was grabbing it and trying to move it it seems really heavy he'll just the weight of that shifter alone whenever y'all are jumping it and riding it around could move back and forth and try to engage it

  • Brett Stanton
    Brett Stanton

    So i have a 1980s tri moto 125 that runs in neutral but loses power in like 2nd gear past quarter throttle and has no power at all in 3rd? It ran good untill i blew out the carbs out, n now idk how to fix it


    sounds like it might have been like that before you got it??? since the horrible pre-ownership? sludge let go and piece just happened to jam it up? you are shaking that motor and combo and jostling it way more that any street bike would ever think of.... so could have been chillin in bottom for who knows how long.... whatcha think?? thats my theory....

  • Jason Schneeweiss
    Jason Schneeweiss

    You have a plasma table. Make your Jack stands.

  • caleb carinci
    caleb carinci

    That suck

  • thatguybandit 104
    thatguybandit 104

    Ik on my yamaha moto 4 it won't start if it's in gear. Maybe the transmission is not engaging?

  • Barry Schot
    Barry Schot

    Maybe buy something to clean it

  • Jon

    Use the cnc machine to make jack stands!

  • Daniel


  • watahyahknow

    I agree that its probably stuck in two gears , my guess is that one of the shifting forks is busted

  • michael chatham
    michael chatham

    Make the jackstands with the C&C machine it should be that hard but I don't know what goes into setting the C&C up

  • Javier Cortez
    Javier Cortez

    Guys I have a brand new predator 212 it has governor removed , pz27 and 22lb valves springs, after going for a top speed run the igniting coil blew off the head and made a hole , does anyone know why or what to do to prevent the next predator coming soon

  • cody

    Your shift lever length might be too long . it probably bounced between gears hitting bumps and cracked the dogs and they finally just decided to break the rest of the way off when you went to move it.

  • Ross Dubcak
    Ross Dubcak

    I love the look on your face when nothing happened.

  • Ben Terry
    Ben Terry

    Supercharged 5sp rat rod wagon sounds pretty good to me

  • jlucasound

    The answer to your question Ike, is, it is a BMW.

  • Korey Williams
    Korey Williams

    What engine and transmission is that?

  • Jason Kimble
    Jason Kimble

    18:41 "Who let the dogs out" 🤣

  • Luke Moon
    Luke Moon

    “Two dudes in a dark, damp shed...”. 😬🤣

  • Racer X
    Racer X

    Nothing like some male to female action, they let the dogs out by not paying attention!

  • Jesus Pliego
    Jesus Pliego

    But safety tools are first, always. The rest comes as it goes or can be built. Jack stands are important

  • Joshua callis
    Joshua callis

    I swear the thumbnail makes it look like something is on fire.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    Think the shifter needs refined, seems too heavy a load on the gearbox and at speed and bouncing around, may have contributed to the issue, sayin that I've wrecked a gearbox with a clumsy shift as well but I don't think the shifter is helping.

  • Rovid Bouski
    Rovid Bouski

    Bad shift fork?

  • Rovid Bouski
    Rovid Bouski

    Its a BMW, that means Bring Mechanic With. Secondly its designed for a bike 1/2 the weight, 1/4 the traction

  • Dillon Keast
    Dillon Keast

    Cant you use the plasma table to make a new dog for the transmission?

  • Kenneth Dispain
    Kenneth Dispain

    Dang it bobby

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    Broke sitting still? Sounds like a BMW! 😂

    • Kris Koehnke
      Kris Koehnke

      Hey look a fiero

  • Andrew Eisan
    Andrew Eisan

    use the cnc and make jack stands

  • matthew ulrich
    matthew ulrich

    why don't you take kobata to the forestry area and flatten it out so there's water or mud there?

  • Arthur Beelaert
    Arthur Beelaert

    Can you pls do a honda pa50?

  • rjc862003

    Your right on your floppy shifter setup was bouncing around on change up and beating the hell out of the tranny slamming the sliders and the dogs is what crushed that

  • Chevy Guy 55
    Chevy Guy 55

    Oh a 4-wheeled 670 build with a proper transmission would be so epic

  • MrGixxer1300r

    Glad to see you are adding safety equipment to some of your faster toys. This has been long over due. Some of your stuff is getting scary fast

  • Rider

    It's a damn gearbox boys! Look at "Honda Motorcycle Parts Direct" for hard to find parts. :) Live Long and Prosper!


    First things first... #jetwash

  • Josh Aubrey
    Josh Aubrey

    Yall do some of the dumbest shit!!!! Thats why I'm here tho!! Keep up the half ass work!!!!

  • Jon Lasaga
    Jon Lasaga

    On a car transmission I would say the dog broke because of bad clutching because of the setup but with a bike clutching isn't necessary besides starting. Maybe it was broken just by poor rev matching in the past and eventually it got sat in a spot where gravity could pull it out. Very strange though.

  • Big Edd
    Big Edd

    Haynow... when i called Go Power Sports last week I dropped your shows name & right away a grumpy ol'man said " No discounts right now"? p.s. I didn't ask for 1. I was just telling him how I heard of there business. are ya still sending out a random part with each merch order?

  • Frankies Aoto and more
    Frankies Aoto and more

    Its a bmw

  • Built for Jeepin’
    Built for Jeepin’

    That was a lot of work just to remove the driveshaft. Why don’t you guys cut a channel in the bottom of the tube to drop the driveshaft without having to remove the entire rear axle. It would make your lives so much easier without a whole lot of initial headache.

  • jackfrosty79ify

    Put 900 in it .

  • dreytonmarks

    what i learned from this video: last resort, blame Charles

  • Jarek Mace
    Jarek Mace

    On the other hand, with this painful of a disassembly, you can rebuild with bolt tabs for ease of maintenance.

  • Sidecar Hero
    Sidecar Hero

    How's that seatbelt going? lol

  • Brandon Engelman
    Brandon Engelman

    Dig the mini mayhem shirt!

  • Cleason Leasure
    Cleason Leasure

    Been buying tools since I was 17, 50 years. Building a 88 fox body on my channel ( my channel sucks).

  • handyhippie65

    you need to get some muffin tins from a garage sale, or the dollar store to keep all of those small parts separated when you pull stuff like this apart. you can glue some small magnets to the bottoms with rtv so they stay put.

  • Hebu The Lone Wolf
    Hebu The Lone Wolf

    the transmission issue seemed bit familiar to me. i had 250cc 4 stroke chinese MX bike and after it sat some time the clutch got sticky and after a while the clutch got stuck. but after kicking the bike on gear it let go and started to work again. and some times when i was ripping on long straightaway the gears got stuck at times and it took few seconds to down shift. but now that i think back it might be because i just used normal 4 stroke oil and not something that was meant for wet clutch so i might be the reason why the clutch got sticky

  • Michael Munday
    Michael Munday

    It was Charles, lol.

  • Brad Taylor
    Brad Taylor

    You have a wanky shifting apparatus.

  • DeWitt Bros.
    DeWitt Bros.

    I have a question. I already deleted my governor, and put a lightweight balanced flywheel with an 8 degree timing advance on my ct100u with a 212 predator. Will I blow anything up if I install a performance cam with the stock rod?

  • Robert Sz
    Robert Sz

    Gents, can You maybe try to use 2 brake cables to make gearbox linkage? One will be for pulling original leaver in one direction second one for another.

  • Marc Wolfe
    Marc Wolfe

    How few motorcycles have both a large air cooled engine and a removable transmission case that doesn't also house the crank? They seem few and far between.