We Bought 6 Vintage Mini Bikes for CHEAP! | Will They Run & Ride??
Ike bought six vintage mini bikes! Two Honda Z50Rs, one hardtail Honda Z50 (an early model, around 1970-1971), one Scat Cat mini bike, and two unknown vintage mini bikes- one chopper, and one bobber. All six of these mini bikes (plus other parts) cost us $1,000. Not a bad deal! Of course all of these old mini motos need work. In today's episode, we work on getting the two Honda Z50Rs running, and we take one of them for a lap around the CarsandCameras Grand Prix!

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Mini bike handlebars (mega moto): bit.ly/30vFQ6K
Foot peg covers: bit.ly/30xOC4i
Go Power Sports: goo.gl/c2Tz6o

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  • 3V0

    I know this is supposed to be family friendly and no swearing but hot dang that bleep was funny.

  • Bill Wagoner
    Bill Wagoner

    Yeah I go get some baby wipes or something it looks like you did a a doo doo in your panties yeah that look like you you've been eating some sauerkraut or something or pickles the whole jar

  • Nathan Bopp
    Nathan Bopp

    Tank came with a bike and five of his buddies 😂

  • Mathew Thomas
    Mathew Thomas

    Now that streak is what I call hon-dookie

  • dustin emrick
    dustin emrick

    The mini u have with the rusty five star wheels is a bird Thunderbird I have one like it n would like to get in touch with you directly for help and information on rebuilding it

  • nofucksgavin

    Who's e39 is that?! Great color!

  • charlie 0
    charlie 0

    I’m sorry but stroke up a deal?... Sounds gay

  • Eli Gonzalez
    Eli Gonzalez

    why did john not do a lap?

  • Randy Martin
    Randy Martin

    I would be interested in seeing y'all go with 72v3kw on that blue bonanza. Bring us in to the new with an old-school frame.

  • ahbenshaut

    mini bikes are difficult to find in Alaska. Dont suppose you have a decent one to sale?

  • Grant Koeller
    Grant Koeller

    Those mini bikes are trick!!!! What a honey hole!!!!!

  • Grant Koeller
    Grant Koeller

    Running it with dry rusty chain, and exhaust sticking out is foolish. Use wire brush for chain, soaking in kerosene.

  • Grant Koeller
    Grant Koeller

    The exhaust could break off!! Bolt that exhaust. Stroke up a deal,ha ha !!!!!

  • mhercaps caps
    mhercaps caps

    wish i had the frame and wheels for free..

  • Balin Weatherhead
    Balin Weatherhead

    This is probably a weird question but but did bikes of this size and from this time period come with titles?

  • G R Dray
    G R Dray

    Great video, awesome find. I couldn't believe that one started. I hope no one grabs a Gatorade bottle thinking its lemon lime, lol. Thanks for showing guys.

  • Dale Templin
    Dale Templin

    at 6:45 that is a bird thunderbird mini bike i have one

  • Daniel Isaacs
    Daniel Isaacs

    Scat cat

  • Mike Velasquez
    Mike Velasquez

    I have a question the bike that was runing what is the name of the motor and how much dose it cost because i want to put on on my go kart and thank you.

  • kmart014

    What state yall in? They dont have finds like this in California

  • Ken Harty
    Ken Harty

    If you restore bikes like that theyre worth decent money

  • Scott Redeen
    Scott Redeen

    Good score on the bikes! I hope you can save all of them.

  • Wendy ‘s
    Wendy ‘s

    Boi got doo doo stains

  • paige smith
    paige smith

    What do yall do with all of those toys ? Do you like have a garage packed with all of them ? If you still have them why dont you show them all ..I've been watching you guys for a while ..there are a lot

  • Cruzerlou Outdoors
    Cruzerlou Outdoors


  • Brad Huey
    Brad Huey

    Everytime I go on there website most of the stuff is out of stock.

  • King Ave Garage
    King Ave Garage

    Build Break Repeat did a build "cafe racer" on an old school 5 spoke, that John likes. Turned out pretty good.

  • Phroden Dekia
    Phroden Dekia

    I had a chinese rotovator with that same style of switch and was backwards as well.

  • Donald Romero
    Donald Romero

    I hate Ike's beard... he looks much better without it...

  • Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider

    Old school gasket. Do it all the time. I use cereal boxes

  • Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider

    The orange bike carb is a pz22. Love them put them on all my Chinese ATVs 50-125cc. It's the pz19 you don't want, the round bowl one's

  • Jeff on Quest
    Jeff on Quest

    You just solved all of my problems

  • James Armstrong
    James Armstrong

    That carb looks the same as the one on my Honda XR80. So that carb is probably off an 80cc

  • Lon

    The Z50 with the side exhaust would be a great start for the makings of a "Sidehack" monkey bike!

  • Tru North Rough Necks
    Tru North Rough Necks

    Watching you inspires me to start my own channel

  • Goozer

    That 50R 🤤

  • Colten Chambers
    Colten Chambers

    The mini bike with the cool wheels is called a thunderbird Phoenix.

  • Nolan Mans
    Nolan Mans

    Barstool Racer

  • john beach
    john beach

    The exhaust on the orange bike makes it look like it needs a side car. Wanna build a mini side car annnnnnd maybe add another engine for the cart?

  • john beach
    john beach


  • Lee Lane
    Lee Lane

    The five spoke is a Bird Engineering bike probably a Thunder Bird cool bike a little small.

  • Bradley Arnold
    Bradley Arnold

    The one with holes in the wheels you can I’m pretty sure you can buy them at Gault Powersports

  • Titus Wilson
    Titus Wilson

    I cant wait either to see all these running

  • News Now Permian Basin
    News Now Permian Basin

    I had a Scattcat AYT660 as a kid. That one is a 1976 model. The best motor to put on it is a Briggs and Stratton 5hp edger motor with a centrifugal clutch. You cannot put a foot starter on it. It will not clear the frame. You're going to need to use a pull starter like the one that comes with the Briggs and Stratton.

  • A Resident
    A Resident

    where can i get the glasses you're wearing

  • James David
    James David

    I could watch these like episodes on netflix

  • minnesota rippers
    minnesota rippers

    I have an orange one

  • minnesota rippers
    minnesota rippers

    The blue one is a huskee hill klimber

  • Hobby Junkies
    Hobby Junkies

    Hey I'm a subscriber and I have 2 indian mopeds from 1980 and I would love to here from u I'm not trying to make a fortune I just want something I can ride as a daily rider back n forth to work or whatever and something my 4 kids can have fun on like I did when I was a kid times have changed and it's nothing like when I was a kid and I don't want my kiddoes missing out on life so of u r interested please message me or we n I will send u my number

  • Technician 122
    Technician 122

    If I'm not mistaken the blue mini bike is a Thunderbird, possibly pre-Manco

  • bbaaspencer1

    Anyone seen Castaway?

  • Mark Alsendi
    Mark Alsendi

    Put a turbo on a go kart please

  • Kale G.
    Kale G.

    That carb looks like an xr75 honda carb. i believe its a 19mm.

  • Sir LurksaLot
    Sir LurksaLot

    Seems like you guy's track is always muddy

  • Brett Craig
    Brett Craig

    The carb on the 125 is a copy of the carbs that came on the early 70's Hondas. I have a '72 Sl125 that is the same design.

  • Brennan Hancock
    Brennan Hancock

    That blue bike is a rare Grand Prix Deckson mini bike, made in Australia, my brother has one, from🇨🇦

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv

    Y'all ever see any Skin Walkers when doing them hot laps? Them things are scary sum britches.

  • Keith Helms
    Keith Helms

    I have that exact same mini bike as the rusty $40 one that has the bad rims!!!

  • Bonneville Garage
    Bonneville Garage

    You should build one of these.... A cyclekart: svname.info/nick/video/nGxvjLeoho6-2pU

  • MrDoggss1969

    Heli-coil style thread repair kits are awesome. I just keep a couple of the popular sizes on hand.

  • Wade Wright
    Wade Wright

    Ike, I've done a 180 with my mini bike going way to fast on wet grass. It will get your attention for sure. It's cool you got that on camera.

  • jessie brown
    jessie brown

    Ike... killer freaking beard!

  • Peter Carl Böer
    Peter Carl Böer

    Your channel's new name: IsaacBeerds garage (spelt that way on purpose)

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson

    SSScat is definitely the gem in there...any artic cat minibike is hard to come by. Good luck finding the missing parts. I have a ramrod and SSScat myself

  • aka sniperboii123
    aka sniperboii123


  • Aleksandra Safonova
    Aleksandra Safonova

    The rural acoustic cytogenetically skip because degree immunohistologically chase as a old-fashioned delivery. abundant, ad fly

  • vettepicking

    Lets talk about the new steel building going up??......

  • Dale

    You are waiting for better weather for faster laps I'm waiting to ride my Harley to work every day

  • ssplintergirl

    Isaac with the sun glasses is getting the Billy Gibbons look. Always happy for these new episodes.

  • game every day gamer
    game every day gamer

    The first z 50 has a honda s 90 carborator on it

  • Ognyan Dachev
    Ognyan Dachev

    Wow please fix the side exit exhaust.

  • Shone Z
    Shone Z

    Where do you find mini bike frames no ones posts anything like that near me

  • crs2275

    That blue mini is screaming chopper trike

  • Fast Turtle
    Fast Turtle

    Just a tip for removing old decals ,use wd-40 and a rag and it's amazing how easy the sticker glue comes off

  • James Wood
    James Wood

    The one is a Thunderbird by bird engineering

  • Martin Taylor
    Martin Taylor

    Ikes haircut and beard don’t match😂😂😂

  • Benny T
    Benny T

    Stop stroking up your deal, Ike.

  • Michael Whaley
    Michael Whaley

    Nice mudding, looks like a dog print. Note, look out for poop with hair in it to know if you have coyotes. Probably do.

  • Dylan Paulsen
    Dylan Paulsen

    Hey you guys interested in a Kt100 race cart?

  • handyhippie65

    ike, you're looking more like grizzly addams every day. it won't be long before there's a bear following you around like a puppy.

  • Tshepo Msomi
    Tshepo Msomi

    Santa clause issac😹❤️

  • Hurricane Hayden
    Hurricane Hayden

    This 30 minute long videos are awesome yes they are the best what is the question you guys have the money why don’t you go all stage three stage two on the all wheel drive go kart you guys see stock was insane world stage three stage two won all those engines will just be in sane try it out if you guys have the money because that’s a Lotta money in parts all right bye

  • Trenton Carey
    Trenton Carey

    Gosh darn man, that beard is killer. I cant grow like that but want to

  • Aiden White
    Aiden White

    lots of problems are good it helps you learn

  • Jim Grauman
    Jim Grauman

    We were out last weekend in Michigan. Slingin slime and spidin

    • Jim Grauman
      Jim Grauman

      Sorry slidin. Good times

  • Jim Grauman
    Jim Grauman

    Looks like a bad night in Tijuana Ike

  • Robert Garlick
    Robert Garlick

    Loving the longer videos, I think the 5 spoke bike and the scat pack bike would be cool rebuilds

  • Roy Bynum
    Roy Bynum

    @CarsandCameras that first z50r is my old bike I can prove it

  • SRCmini 618
    SRCmini 618

    I got a 71 yard man sno cub mini snowmobile I'd love to see you guys build

  • Austin Krieg
    Austin Krieg

    me and my dad are going to the speedway and yall are gonna be ther im sooo exited ive watched yall for soooooooo long

  • Jason Matters
    Jason Matters

    Y’all love some Gatorade

  • Dennis Coughlin
    Dennis Coughlin

    The reverse on off switch must have been an anti-theft feature LOL

  • Marvin Wilbur
    Marvin Wilbur

    need to sap the mufflers ...

  • Marvin Wilbur
    Marvin Wilbur

    why didn't you adj. the valves while you were doing a tune up.....and adj your idle...

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor

    The beard is back in full swing there for Issac😂

  • James Wagner
    James Wagner

    Do you do for fun or for SVname?

  • The Everything channe l
    The Everything channe l

    Oops inspired

  • The Everything channe l
    The Everything channe l

    The other one I would want I am a kid that is expired

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    You tube is just totally littered with commercial trash now, can't watch anymore after 15 min.. to much bs

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores

    That's a carb off amazon lol