Reviving our 900cc Ducati Go Kart, the DUCARTI
We built a 100 mph go kart a few years ago with a 1996 Ducati 900 Monster Super Sport engine. This 900cc go kart propelled Ike to 102 mph in less than a quarter mile at the drag strip. We put the Ducarti up against our 750cc cross kart at an ATV park and fried the clutch because we didn't have a clutch cover. Since then, the Ducati go kart has sat in a spidery shed for nearly two years. Today, it's time to bring it back with a major service (timing belts, head removal to fix an oil leak, and clutch job, and valve adjustment) so we can return it to our running fleet!

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  • PoopTroopeR14

    Been here for 4 years and the content is still banger. Keep up the good job guys

  • 246 Car Review
    246 Car Review

    I love your kart builds 👍👍 Question tho Can you build a drift trike from a 26"frame

  • Robert Rose
    Robert Rose

    Guy's!! That kart is so inspiring that it really had me glued to the screen.. I'm in NEW ZEALAND 👍 and I dayly watch cars and cameras as well as it'll be fine...🙄 I honestly wish to express my sincere feelings of this connection I feel with you both.... . I realize this sounds strange and unkooth.... Cheezy or may well make me seem like a prime weardo 🤔.. but seeing Isaac place his hand on his heart made me realize how much he loves doing this ... And your both just great people whom I feel really close to ... Your changing lives .. inspiring , teaching and being good people... I really love you guys.... I know I'm not the only one .... 😋

  • Math

    Still waitin on that valve adjustment video haha

  • Smitty

    Didn't the frame get bent? Has it been fixed?

  • L S
    L S

    What is the tire and wheel combination on that kart? Would love to set that up on my kart!

  • Hacked Robot
    Hacked Robot

    Another trick for stuck bolts is to use a weak impact gun to hammer and turn at the same time and throw a little forward and backward action at it.

  • brandon a
    brandon a

    So awesome to see this one again!!! This is one of my favorites!

  • jason birch
    jason birch

    You are an idiot. An "UGA duga" is an impact tool, or really the sound it makes, air or electric. Which also is the correct tool to remove stuck bolts, not just cranking on it with a breaker bar.

  • Tucker B
    Tucker B

    *cough* buy Ike's old workplace as a shop one day *cough*

  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips

    Raffle it off

  • Colby Lewis
    Colby Lewis

    For the head I'd just use a thin coat of a gasket sealant and the o rings

  • Cayden Prescott
    Cayden Prescott

    Take it to the drag strip!!😁😁

  • rc life 972
    rc life 972

    I can't believe I just stumbled the plastic channel I am so sorry I am subscribing and following now I've been watching your videos the last couple of days and I there's one person that I know that can drive your go-kart is my cousin Bobby and he is the only one that I know and he ran a 8 flat On a 3 up one down set up passing the 1/4 at 140mph


    Kroil oil on that bolt and some low heat

  • Michael McCormick
    Michael McCormick

    Take it to the Dragstrip when you finish the project that would be a great finish.

  • LaLa's Krazy Cupcakes
    LaLa's Krazy Cupcakes

    What you guys should do, is bless me with that 670 cc go-kart!!!!!!!!! 😂😂🤤


    Once y’all done with it y’all should give it to me🥺😂

  • Jeffrey Le Fevre
    Jeffrey Le Fevre

    HEAT ALWAYS WORKS!! Crazy that u wouldnt try heat first

  • ozzy kimble
    ozzy kimble

    real dirt tires and send it on the new track. nobbies are a must for traction

  • Louis Johnson Jr.
    Louis Johnson Jr.

    Might should have tried some heat anyway. Wouldn't have anything to loose anyway of it did break off and hey it might have even worked . 🤷‍♂️

  • Bj Ardis
    Bj Ardis

    Thank you for bringing back the Ducarti its my favorite build next to cross kart... please do more on this kart please cheers and thankyou from Australia.

  • Vitalis Anastasiadis
    Vitalis Anastasiadis

    It think you should repaint it if you can and race it in races,about the tuning i think you should put a mini turbo like on the drift trike

  • Nathan Hardin
    Nathan Hardin

    Run the grand pre with the ducarti

  • Edgar Ehu
    Edgar Ehu

    Sell It someone would have a blast with it bad ass🤓

  • Kurt Messer
    Kurt Messer

    I live in tarboro nc and I cant find any good go kart frames for a reasonable price does anyone have one for 150 dollars that live less than an hour away from there

  • Max McCollum
    Max McCollum

    Does anybody else wanna know what show these guys did for velocity ? I’d love to watch

  • James Collumbell
    James Collumbell

    But it doesn’t smoke so that might just be carbon cus you running no back box

  • James Collumbell
    James Collumbell

    Blow by oil past the rings

  • Jared Emanouil
    Jared Emanouil

    If you guys can ever find one, y’all should do an episode or or an upgrade video on a Wolfpack pro kids snowmobile that uses a Briggs style engine set up

  • stolen account
    stolen account

    Blazing Saddles the Sheriff is a Mason..!

  • حسين الصبيحى
    حسين الصبيحى

    These are excellent creations that are very genius, something very smart new, my friend, I'm learning from you

  • Meifesto

    Take it to a track :)

  • Street Life
    Street Life

    Put it on the track to see what times you get

  • Double 0
    Double 0

    You guys should do a super cheap build using a $50 50cc 2 stroke off of Amazon... has the clutch and Sprocket built in

  • Will Tucker
    Will Tucker

    I watch all your videos

  • Nathan Gill
    Nathan Gill

    Always resort to heat, best way to remove stuck bolts. Saves time and money every time

  • Javier Quintero
    Javier Quintero

    We need a race between the little tikes 550 vs the Ducati cart pls that would be awesome 👏

  • Well Cabledriller
    Well Cabledriller

    You can always go slow!

  • adam brown
    adam brown

    I wanna drive the ducarti...1/8 mile,1/4 mile,1/2 mile...that thing looks fun

  • Tmanpuncher27

    I remember when you crashed black widow into a tree...

  • Soupy Fn
    Soupy Fn

    im just trying to figure out that favor

  • Hunter Bryan
    Hunter Bryan

    The new York accent on "the hard way"

  • Chuckuns

    Need a cover on that chain.

  • jerome coakley
    jerome coakley

    How can I can contact u

  • Duner250R

    Ike is acting so different in this episode. Something is up with him

  • Haroldsguac

    I’m considering removing the governor, have you had any bad experiences with the engine due to removing the governor??

  • Mish Will Race
    Mish Will Race

    I swear this kart gets revived every year.

  • Matt Maly
    Matt Maly

    How much longer til the kart is Running. .been a while guys!

  • Skibidoop

    How many times have you two “revived” this kart now?

  • Throttle Addiction
    Throttle Addiction

    Put an exhaust on the poor thing. It'll run much better.

  • Ben Mxrfin
    Ben Mxrfin

    You have to do more projects similar to this go kart this made me start watching your channel from the beginning I’ve missed this beast and I’m so happy to see it’s back on the channel this brings a smile to my face :)

  • Seth Gale
    Seth Gale

    Definitely but all that power on 4wd off-road buggy

  • Jay Mckenna
    Jay Mckenna


  • Jack Loring
    Jack Loring

    you should slap a damn roll cage or something on that thing! But seriously, give it away!

  • rednecks do it better
    rednecks do it better

    Take the motor off and put it on the trophy kart

  • Andrew Zobava
    Andrew Zobava

    Clean that ducarti up after you get all the maintenance done.

  • jason birch
    jason birch

    What's the name of the shop? If you worked there for 20 years I'd like to make sure no one ever takes thier car there. Your lack of comprehension of the most simple things is legendary. How do you figure two stroke oil is going to affect anything that is designed to live in a gasoline environment. They are both petroleum hydro carbon based fluids. Seals have issues with dissimilar fluids. Brake fluid;silicon based. Solvents in some trans fluid can harden seals too.

  • I Dig Daytona
    I Dig Daytona

    All it needs is a side car body !

  • MrE. Lewis
    MrE. Lewis

    Would this be something for sale? If not can you guys build me one?

  • Jeff Wain
    Jeff Wain

    I don't drill studs anymore. I weld to the broken bolt and the heat on the bolt releases it.

  • junkinstein

    You guys need to call out rather be welding for a drag race slash apex track ducardi vs. His 3cyl snowmobile cart

  • Kevin Heiden
    Kevin Heiden

    Race the bombardier.. have to

  • mcglgs420

    Yard kart!

  • Kirk Johnson
    Kirk Johnson

    Well it's simple what You should do with the Ducartti ! Take it to the Nurumberg Ring and set the new Track Record of course !! Duh !! LoL 😎👍👍👍👍

  • Thomas Beckmann
    Thomas Beckmann

    Love your guys channel. Ike and John are funny as hell. I’m working on a mini bike myself but my engine for it isn’t working right. I have a Bird Engineering 729105 mini bike with an tecumseh hs40 engine. Love it it one of you two could give me some pointers

  • Carl Hopkins
    Carl Hopkins

    Am i the only one that wants to see that motor in the drag rail?

  • Lance holdyniggicifccuuccxux
    Lance holdyniggicifccuuccxux

    would you guys take 500 for it

  • Theodore. Jr Hepburn
    Theodore. Jr Hepburn

    Why can’t a devil go to a shoe store? Bc they will steal all the souls

  • rustin smith
    rustin smith

    Grace you should do a drag race between the Ducarti and the two-stroke bombardier go kart

  • Wilmer Kluever
    Wilmer Kluever

    WHERE did you get that old oil can??? Im searching for them everywhere!!

  • Jade Johnson
    Jade Johnson

    If you have a problem with a bolt getting stuck in motor again, weld the end of it and unscrew it out !

  • Steven Crabtree
    Steven Crabtree

    I love seeing that Fiat every time.

  • JonBoy Bear
    JonBoy Bear

    I want to see a top speed run till it red lines.

  • Bristol Rc
    Bristol Rc

    Rip headphone users

  • James Carpenter
    James Carpenter

    Yal need some wd40

  • Electric motor burnouts
    Electric motor burnouts

    I have when it's and running I have a idea take it for a spin on the cars and cameras grand pre course

  • Jared Budzinski
    Jared Budzinski

    I think yall should grate up your mud field and make a small dirt track. See if you can get it to slough the water off some too so that it stays drier longer. This way you could have something to drive the yard karts on properly

  • P. Letchik
    P. Letchik

    Is that a lada?

  • Bob Adam
    Bob Adam

    Love the Issac happy face. I'd like to see a donut competition where you see who can do roundyrounds until someone gets sick, or you run out of gopowersports tires.

  • Taylor Made
    Taylor Made

    Super lucky pushing that broken bolt out with the tap. As a machinist, that sit usually doesn't go that well lol

  • Broo_sh

    about valve lash


    did ya lap the valves boys?

  • sean hinze
    sean hinze

    You could send it to me when you are done, i would have tons of fun.

  • John Woods
    John Woods

    Head to head road race Rotax vs Ducati.... preferably on a track with banked turns... and long straight seats.... maybe a NASCAR track for some testing...??

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    Open and close shims should be a fun job😖 MAKE SURE you snap/flick the spring onto the close-valve shim a cpuple times to seat it before you check the clearance.

    • Creator 262
      Creator 262

      Ive adjusted many Panigales. Fun fun...

  • Nathanial Hulsey
    Nathanial Hulsey

    Hey I'm building a go kart like yalls 50 dollar go kart video you posted about 4 years ago and was wondering what inch did you get for your axle and which mounting brackets you got.

  • Darth Phaser
    Darth Phaser

    When I see the word "Ducarti" , I click immediately. It'll be fine

  • Igor Kaftanatiy
    Igor Kaftanatiy

    What is that green car in the background is that Russian Жигули?

  • Nopi7.62x39

    Paddles and dunes!!!!

  • Steve Manske
    Steve Manske

    What to do with it? Send it!,

  • Turbo_Richie

    To try everything other than heat Is pretty stupid... heat is the one thing they would do the job

  • Major Melon
    Major Melon

    man everybody says they're scared of it but dude I'll take that thing and run the s*** out of it cuz I fear no death because if I die I die be lying if I said if that thing didn't put a little bit of fear in me. it reminds me of my old 350 warrior with the Big Bore Kit

  • Mark

    sell it to me!!!! take my money,,, cash!!!

  • CriticoolHit

    If one of you die on this it wouldn't be the worst way to go. Holy shit tho guys.

  • Sum Nig
    Sum Nig

    I love how to this day John still has no idea what the hell he is talking about lol. Just hold the camera bud

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man

    what to do with it - jack up the suspension, and put some mud tires on it. full send in the back forty

  • Tim Tuttle
    Tim Tuttle

    Freedom Factory with Cleetus, need a go cart race with other youtubers boostedboiz has shopping go cart with turbo, also could dyno the ducarti

  • matthias van roey
    matthias van roey

    Hello carsandcameras, i am currently building a project with a friend we want to start with building some cool stuff like you guys we are on a really low budget and i was wondering if you would have a engine laying around it doesn’t have to be the best bc we just want to ride and get into building some cool thing even if it has some work to do we would take the challenge bc who doesn’t love a challenge so yhe if you would want to help us out it would be amazing

  • Sharky's Garage - RC and More
    Sharky's Garage - RC and More

    Dragstrip, the ducartii vs the snowmobile build.