Reviving a MANGLED $40 Doodlebug Mini Bike | Will it Run and Race?

  • Mike Oxbig
    Mike Oxbig

    Where do they find these bike for these prices? Full of shit I say!

  • DogCreek - Customs
    DogCreek - Customs

    Well, I learned a thing or two in this video, Baja is or was or is like Warrior. I have 2 Baja mini bikes with 5hp on both of them. 2nd is in some situations fixing things no need to mention if it's better like the forks pulling to the right did it fix them when you guys put them in the press break?

    • DogCreek - Customs
      DogCreek - Customs

      Decent video thumbz up.

  • Troy Anderson
    Troy Anderson

    I had 1 of these 97 cc engines on my mini bike and with some mods to it I was doing 65kms 50 kms on snow and ice and only had a centrifugal clutch

  • stupidmemerman6979

    is it a 3 stroke or 4 stroke? cause it sounds like a 4 stroke to me

  • Moto Yoda
    Moto Yoda

    *John:* "Ike always messes up this corner" *Also John:* "But he's always faster" 🤔

  • Logan Rodgers
    Logan Rodgers

    i had a doodle bug mini bike but i sold that and got a dirt bike

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown

    Charles crashed and didn't wear his helmet the rest of the day? What happened to that rule?

  • t mod
    t mod

    man i wish they sold that stuff that cheap by me, that's a minimum of $200

  • randall palmisano
    randall palmisano

    I was hoping John fell and his pit vipers broke.

  • Deegrol

    I have a question - If a bike runs fine when you rev it (high rpms), but dies when idling for a while (low rpms) is that caused by a fuel issue or an electrical issue?

  • li Jackboyy
    li Jackboyy

    Get them to a million

  • Landon Smith
    Landon Smith

    love to see y’all getting that minibike started

  • Teammizera

    Keep the hat lose the bun!!

  • Scott Tuttle
    Scott Tuttle

    has a plasma cnc but no ultrasonic cleaner. still. come on!!!

  • Guy Outdoors
    Guy Outdoors

    Is it possible to build a zero turn four wheeler? Like a zero turn lawn mower, but as a 4 wheeler

  • Kenneth

    Just something I’ve tried that has worked for me. When working with a old rusty gas tank, after tumbling like you currently do. Buy some cheap lysol lime and rust toilet bowl cleaner, fill the gas tank to the top and let it sit it’ll shine like new.

  • Kyle Mitchell
    Kyle Mitchell

    John/Ike what are your thoughts on using golf cart wheels and tires for a beginner go cart build? Thanks

  • John Stancato
    John Stancato

    Isaac do you have a garden tractor you want to sell for cheap my six-year-old wants to get into junior tractor pulls and I can't find one I watch a lot of your guys's videos and love what you're doing I live in Ohio and I'll consider Drive in there to pick it up if you have one

  • Noe Arroyo
    Noe Arroyo

    I need some advice on my 212 predator!! So I just put a new 212 cc on the kart I broke it in as it’s supposed to be added oil all nine yards. My issue is when I press the gas it’s forcing to much and vibrates like crazy! What’s the problem!! It used to have a smaller engine and it would rip

  • Marilyn Monbro
    Marilyn Monbro

    Just bought the cousin to this bike. a coleman c100u. Cant wait to start modding it.

  • Michael Staples III
    Michael Staples III

    Payton looks like Thomas Jacob “jack black”🤣

  • Hockey Sockeys
    Hockey Sockeys

    I have a new project I am going to work on which is to fabricate a manual go kart gearbox with 4 speeds and reverse with a case either made of cast aluminum or steel with metal gears and hooks up to any go kart horizontal shaft motor and possibly a differential this might sound to ambitious but I feel that I can do but I do want to make it available to people who want one if I do get a working prototype would you guys want to test it.

  • kenneth bell
    kenneth bell

    i usually wash the clutch out with some simple green or purple power the lots of water and a little lube bring them right around

  • John Knupp
    John Knupp

    Ultrasonic cleaner from harbor freight with just water and dawn dish soap works wonders for quick carb cleans👍

  • Holden Bostocky
    Holden Bostocky

    When are y’all gonna do something with true dirt bikes? Even pit bikes! I think it would be hilarious to se y’all rip some 110s around

  • Everything exclusive100
    Everything exclusive100

    do another build battle on a budget the real ogs will remember


    I got the only V-twin go kart

  • Bob Adam
    Bob Adam

    Owen Wilson's stuntman everybody.

  • Brandon Pruitt
    Brandon Pruitt

    I would like to see you guys install a go kart engine in a small dirtbike frame like a old xr/xl 75 frame. This would help me get my project started :)

  • Charlie King
    Charlie King

    Why don't yall plz build a Honda GX390 it's the same as a 420 predator I wanna see a Honda on here

  • Sentenced To Be Me
    Sentenced To Be Me

    New subscriber! I have been watching a few of your guy’s videos, and now I have added a new hobby to the list! Looking to get a C200u, any advice would be great. I’m picking this model because I rather have the rack in the front and back, don’t really care for the headlight. Believe it comes with the 212cc and I already plan on doing stage 3 or 4 kit.

    • Tyler Albright
      Tyler Albright

      It comes with a 196cc but a 212 predator is like 100 bucks another good alternative is the tilitson 212

  • Funner Than Before
    Funner Than Before

    Nitrous... Enough said...

  • Jack Loring
    Jack Loring

    Hey CarsandCameras, I have a question about my bike. Any way you could help a guy out?

  • Kenneth Schaller
    Kenneth Schaller

    Yo put a 660 raptor engine on a go-kart

    • Kenneth Schaller
      Kenneth Schaller

      Lol world record for fastest go-kart or put it in the rail

  • Uni-Byte

    You guys need a benchmark for the GP circuit. Get a KTM 450 and go balls to the wall around there and set that as the benchmark. Yeah.

  • John Riggs
    John Riggs

    Help on a 40 series belt

  • Self Motivated
    Self Motivated

    Rideing with the forks mangled. Love it!!!!! Bending the forks straight and hoping back on. Love it!!!!!!! You guys are the best thing on SVname.

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter

    I didn't think that was going to be a good episode for me but I was wrong. Always good seeing the group

  • GasBoy

    Strange question for anyone but can I run a 26mm mikuni on a stock predator 212. The kit does come with the adapter that on the engine side is 24mm is that still to big?

  • JK Rollin
    JK Rollin

    Go kart on the street? You know you've done this 😂

  • Lyle Kehrer
    Lyle Kehrer

    Personally I wouldn't have tried it with the forks looking like they did, knowing my luck it would have ended a lot differently. When you straightened them I would have put a wedge on either end.. just because the bars at the nameplate were in the middle (if you follow my terminology)

  • James Hilton
    James Hilton

    I think before a motor swap, it needs to run on some laughing gas and see the time difference.

  • stone mason
    stone mason

    Wow Bob Hoskins kid helping out........LOL

  • thegamerflamer

    A doodle bug was the first mini bike I owned

  • Dev Gray
    Dev Gray

    Never have I ever been on a mini bike with a steering wheel 😂😅

  • Steve's Shed
    Steve's Shed

    Idea for the dragster Dual Tourqe Drives for even higher MPH

  • TandM bros
    TandM bros

    Take the gov out and make a straight pipe and put a small four wheeler carb and these things scoot

  • Dominic Richardson
    Dominic Richardson

    C'mon we need another snowmobile kart vid

  • The Only Bippu Focus
    The Only Bippu Focus

    Can I buy the air cleaner box and carb from this? I’d really appreciate it. I have a doodlebug db 30 and I need a carb and the air cleaner box


    Could you please have the minimayham in the summer

  • Gunhaver

    20:10 gotta keep em seperated...

  • Roger Marshall
    Roger Marshall

    The new C & C Bently.

  • John Stancato
    John Stancato

    I would love to support your Channel wanted one of your hats can't spend $31 on a hat sorry


    Hey what's your Facebook I have a go kart that you might like to look at it's got an old Tecumseh engine from 1995

  • Jeremy hanna
    Jeremy hanna

    I can tell you from life expense don't trust those forks atlest find some slightly larger tube split it down center about 4" long and weld it on the outside of the damaged part

  • 2 girls 1 cup
    2 girls 1 cup

    i was wondering if you might be willing to put an OverHeadValve head on one of your flatheads. i know its been done, but not on youtube. people used to do that on fords back in the day and its a worthwhile upgrade that does make more power. i want to do it myself, but i am a novice, so i was hoping i could get an expert like yourself to make a video on it, before i try to do it myself. pushrods in the side, what do you think?

  • Siah Martin
    Siah Martin

    That’s basically the same one I have only mines a blue Baja dirt bug and I ended up getting mine as a roller and swapped a older 3hp tecumseh engine on it and it runs pretty good

  • g0ldensample21

    I know you guys are crazy, but why intentionally ride a vehicle that is compromised? No need to break your neck or something for being reckless...

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell

    I have 212 cc engine on a motovox mini bike 30 mph

  • Christian Ruiz
    Christian Ruiz

    I own DB30 it's my go to bike hurts me to see one like that😤. I put a predator 212 and the rest is history

  • Joshua Baker
    Joshua Baker

    2:12 what happened to the jeep -mopar still having ball joint problems?

  • marshn2 ___
    marshn2 ___

    Bro i have the same 1 and jest got it running agen but i need a new gas cable

  • Bro Beans
    Bro Beans

    Lol when you took your hat off you made me think of movie night at the roxbury you guys should dress up as them for Halloween lol

  • EV Ballinger16
    EV Ballinger16

    Those 97 cc engines make 2.7 horsepower and 2.7 foot pounds of torque

  • Zachary Cox
    Zachary Cox

    I got one of those for free off the side of the road motor blown and threw a predator 212 on it That thing is wicked you can be Cruising and give it a lil more gas and it would loop you every time or if your leaning forward it would spin the tires

  • Dillon Loa
    Dillon Loa


  • Max Kemski
    Max Kemski

    Love this channel. I’m just getting into karting and building I just purchased some tires I need a little help tires are 11x7.10-5 what size rims do I need. Does any one know?

    • OSquad

      5 in rims

  • Aguyin Nc
    Aguyin Nc

    A tall/big person, on a small mini bike=broken bones. How do I know this? :(

  • James Saddler
    James Saddler

    There is not much I can add but It sure looks like fun

  • a625 c625
    a625 c625

    killer bike

  • James McGee
    James McGee

    JOHN- "You gotta wonder how much more bump those forks can handle. I hope Ike makes it back sometime this afternoon." AKA THE DANGER BUG!

  • Tyler N
    Tyler N

    Those front forks look deadly 😂

  • Toosuna Kabooma
    Toosuna Kabooma

    Damn! Did either of you actually meet and / or speak with the sicko that molested this mini- bike?60 bucks huh? Ill bet a dime of ice woulda done it ..

  • Matt Kuhlman
    Matt Kuhlman

    The little engine that could make 4 grown men smile for ages. Love it.

  • Barto Built
    Barto Built

    I could see John doing the Hack idea of bending fatigued metal back without welding a quick gusset or strong back........ But Ike, I had faith in you man! your the only one with any knowledge or skills on the Team.

  • Joseph 845fab
    Joseph 845fab

    Why do they split the back sprocket like that

  • Joseph 845fab
    Joseph 845fab

    You can tell it's three horsepower because of the three bolts in the pull start cover

  • ARegularPokémonCollector CollectorKid
    ARegularPokémonCollector CollectorKid

    Looks like ohc

  • Nikko

    Noooooooo !!!!!!!!! Owen planted it.

  • William Chester
    William Chester

    soooo close to 1m subscribers!!!!!

  • Mr. Braapalicious
    Mr. Braapalicious

    Those Hi Speed forks tho.... lol..

  • David F
    David F

    Love the advertising, shame the video got in the way

  • adro894

    that's like the bike in Dumb and Dumber

  • Wade Christianson
    Wade Christianson

    that mini bike being so dirty to me just means it had a hard life and never taken care of

    • OSquad

      Or was just sitting outside till they got to it

  • Joseph Downs
    Joseph Downs

    john taking a little dirt nap.get up and try'll be find

  • Chris Baumann
    Chris Baumann

    Love u guys. But I had to share this. I'm feeling out over it! I believe a certain ,small wheeled, semi-auto shifted, small displacement mini, with a pressed steel frame, is getting by scrutinized by Honda engineers, for revisions to Patent office. I believe the mini moto success, from American Honda, going to result in modern day, Trail 70!! Yep!! Probably end up being to expensive, but I don't care!! Want one!!

  • J S
    J S

    Wouldn't be cars and cameras if someone didn't wipe out

  • Nick Rudd
    Nick Rudd

    How did they bend those forks so bad at that speed?

  • Nick Rudd
    Nick Rudd

    You guys should do a electrolysis video. Great way to clean rusty tanks out.

  • Reid Wilson
    Reid Wilson

    Omg I have the same mini bike

  • Honda Monkey 125 Going Ape Australia
    Honda Monkey 125 Going Ape Australia

    Comfortable with a bum. Kids… Get a haircut or do like to look pretty ?

  • Jordan Dunmill
    Jordan Dunmill

    maybe to brace the front forks get a larger diameter pipe and cut it in half and put it over the forks where it bent that will make it heaps strong and less likely to happen again.

  • BigD1395

    Hilariously funny stuff boys! LMMFAO!!!

  • Minimalist Lifestyle
    Minimalist Lifestyle

    Is it possible to put a tourqe converter on a Honda gx100?

  • Marc Benigno
    Marc Benigno

    10 minutes in a ultrasonic cleaner with some simple green will clean all your carbs spotless

  • Des Gibbons
    Des Gibbons

    Every time i shut my eyes when Isaac speaks i hear Hank Hill saying "I sell propane"!😄

  • handyhippie65

    so yer doodlebug is a porch puppy. you gotta wonder how they went fast enough to torch the forks.

  • Speckled Jim
    Speckled Jim

    So impressed with how you guys handled all those horses. I bet that much power must be a real gas guzzler :)

  • Bryan Wayne
    Bryan Wayne

    I swear! Payton has to be a long lost Belushi.

  • Becky McDaniel
    Becky McDaniel

    I love the longer videos, and having Payton and Charles in the video is awesome too, keep up the great content, and once again, I heard you mention rc trucks in the creek, please please please do an rc car or truck video, set up an obstacle course with a jump or two.