Our DIY Full Suspension Mini Bike is FINISHED! | SIMPLE Mini Dirt Bike Pt. 2
Our custom mini bike build is finished! We built a full suspension mini bike from scratch in just a few days, and it's ready for a ride! In today's episode, we build a swing arm, build brackets for our front brake, mount the fuel tank, seat, engine, exhaust, and everything else we need to ride this 212cc mini bike!

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-----------------Go Power Sports Parts Used in Today’s Video----------------
Tell them CarsandCameras sent you at checkout:

Tillotson 212 Electric Start: bit.ly/2OAJQRe
Mini bike kick stand: bit.ly/2PSgOwD
Mini bike suspension kit (front forks): bit.ly/3eo7smx
Mini bike handlebars (mega moto): bit.ly/30vFQ6K
Foot peg covers: bit.ly/30xOC4i
Mini bike throttle kit: bit.ly/2xW87bQ
Go Power Sports: goo.gl/c2Tz6o

Pit bike brake cable: www.ebay.com/itm/143298113095
10" wheels and tires: www.ebay.com/itm/264978752460
Seat: www.ebay.com/itm/154041579826
Shock: the shock we ordered and set the bike up for was very poor quality. When we find a new one, this link will be updated in a newer episode.

We used a fuel tank from a Honda Z50R, we used 1.25" tubing 0.083 wall for the upper frame rail, and 1" tubing 0.083 wall for the rest of the chassis (the build isn't completed yet but we wished we had used a slightly thinner wall tubing).

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    jordan tractor vlogs

    I want one

  • Balin Weatherhead
    Balin Weatherhead

    This is probably a weird question but do bikes of this size and age come with titles?

  • Warren Krywko
    Warren Krywko

    Falling rate suspension is the issue. You need rising rate.falling rate means is gets softer as it compresses.

  • The Old Fart's Channel
    The Old Fart's Channel

    Name it Fudpucker.

  • Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider

    I use semi truck mud flaps to absorb the shock on my mini bikes and go-karts. They cheap to

  • dblizz68

    Matching the color of your C-10? Why not call it a Chev-mini or C-teni-mini? And yes, we need a build off between you guys.

  • Eddy

    They definitely need to make a cafe racer

  • Hebu The Lone Wolf
    Hebu The Lone Wolf

    2 shocks one both sides like on Honda Monkey could work. makes it stiffer and u can angle them better. the current angle is bad. it should be on that angle when its compressed and not when its resting. the angle when its compressed is extremely taxing on it and wont last long, most likely the shaft is gonna bed or at worst case snap in half

  • Mannequins Mazzara
    Mannequins Mazzara

    19:10 smoke?

  • fudgun

    Should be able to use shorter chunks of rubber with washers. That way you get SOME vibration dampening without having to worry about the chain so much.

  • Brandon Hewitt
    Brandon Hewitt

    You guys really should've left the swing arm long. I thought it looked cooler & it would've rode alot better. Cool build

  • Edward Weisenburg
    Edward Weisenburg

    Attention k Mart shoppers there's a sprung spring in isle one !!!! LoL 😂


    Name it Jeff

  • Gokarts, Minibikes, and more!
    Gokarts, Minibikes, and more!

    Ned to do a 200cc in there like on the home made shifter kart make it look like a mini scrambler and make a better looking swing arm

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    Wayne Flanigan

    Measure many times, cut once.

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    I would love to see a big wheel mini bike/ 3 wheeler to mini bike

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    Bob Mal

    One of your future video projects should be to build a mini bike lift table for building future bikes. Your plasma cutter could make some cool parts for it and it would not only benefit you guys but also subscribers who want to build the same thing and get off the shop floor.

  • Moldy mold
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  • SportbikerNZ

    Sweet project!

  • aalecustom

    it looks sku good boys. But you must have moved the rear spring. The angle of it is completely wrong, it should be more perpendicular to the rear swingarm when pressed together. it will make it stronger when compressed.

  • Chris Ross
    Chris Ross

    If theres to much engine movement from the rubber mounting beneath, could you put a couple rubber mounts on the top also? (Factory tank mounts)

  • Diji


  • DSR

    Really like the videos. Just hard to find 30 minutes to watch a video

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    christopher martin

    Try sandwiching the rubber bushes between 2 metal washers it should stiffen up the Slack

  • Landon Woods
    Landon Woods


  • dexter270788

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    Sergio Lopez

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    matt Lamonica

    Mini dirt

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    Andrew Morris

    It's a baby cafe racer. Kinda like a rat rod version of a mini bike also 😂. Rat Racer

  • MIKE Lavalley
    MIKE Lavalley

    Maybe aa ltl shorter rubber engine mount made from stiffer rubber,and it might take care of the "Dancing Tillotson"...maybe? Lol. B Safe Guys.

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    Ron De Joux

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    Carson Hendee

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    Isapongo ?

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    Oliver Tait

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    Frederick Giordiano

    They have discovered why most dirtbikes have a shock linkage.

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    dan marshall

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    Giovanni Tiziani

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  • Brad Taylor
    Brad Taylor

    The shock not only has to support the weight of the rider, but also half the weight of the mini-bike and the mass forces imposed on the shock during compression. I'd be surprised if that little shock will work. We will see.

  • Daniel Darch
    Daniel Darch

    You should call it the mini monster Keep up the good work guys

  • Leon Battersby
    Leon Battersby

    Call it frank after Frankenstein

  • watahyahknow

    nicest would be to put the axle shaft for the rear fork through the back pulley of the cvt drive , that way the chain coming off the pulley goes straight to the rearwheel and shouldnt slack with the suspension all the way in , though youre way should work too m my way can put the wheels closer together it will mount the motor solidly to the frame though donna you know like this woman i know ...... the one with all the nice features .......

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    Matthew Rogers

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    John Hill

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    Elliott Mason

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    Danny Bethell

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    Danny Bethell

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    Damien Catapano

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    Deven Wood

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  • Frank G
    Frank G

    Are those 30 series torque converters strong enough for 15hp, I know the spec says it isn't but I've seen you putting them on some beasty engines? Realistically?

  • Jason Crow
    Jason Crow

    Name it The bigger foot

  • Richard Medina
    Richard Medina

    Hey guys! From one fabricator to the next... thats a nice build. Im sorta doing the same thing you guys are, in building something outa nothing, and wonder... would you ever share the work load? Notice i didnt say "Limelight" thats because im not the gatta be on cam kind of guy... but i am the gatta buiild kind of guy... uh example... wouldnt a cantilever work on that pesky rear suspention? It would eliminate alot of need from the spring by placing the initial force in the linkage...Also it wouldnt take up much more space... actually it wouldnt take up any more than what you already are! And, dont you guys think that a top motor mount is necessary?

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    The angle on that shock lol, come on guys, you’re way better than that, you’d be ideal with like a CRF 110 rear shock and the right angle

  • richToFEn1337

    @CarsandCameras you should look at a shock linkage like what dirtbikes have for that rear shock there isnt much space to lay the shock down more without giving it that stinkbug stance and a new better air filled shock wouldn't hurt either after the better shock that frame will be able to take on crfs and xr80s

  • Rougaroux

    I think the name of the mini bike needs to be Hamarabi or HammerRobby. 😆 Y’all know IT’LL BE FINE

  • jay six
    jay six

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  • Tyler N
    Tyler N

    That spring/shock setup is way too small. Shoulda noticed that issue as soon as you got it.

  • Matt Craft
    Matt Craft

    I love the videos yall make. But I can not stand behind Go Power Sports. They dont give a rat's a$$ about customer service or fixing there mistakes or hell replacing a part that is faulty from the manufacturer.

  • Michael VanGundy
    Michael VanGundy


  • nealp06

    So when Ike starts to tac weld off the battery my iPad fell. Made me jump, lol. The battery knocked it over.

  • Kennie Lengyel
    Kennie Lengyel

    I thought maybe u can drill a bigger hole in rubber engine mounts and slide a pipe through that's slightly shorter than rubber mount, so you still have some squeeze to it

  • PW

    Do you got a link for the rubber mounts?

  • Brody Jo
    Brody Jo

    Just buy a Honda 70 shock

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    OneN Only

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    mike n

    Homemade street legal would be nice

  • Matt Mkamp
    Matt Mkamp

    you guys should get an old dirt bike like xr 200 and put an 420cc and 40 series on it would love to see how it performs

  • t mod
    t mod

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  • Dave Z
    Dave Z

    Call it Rooster. You need a chicken in the yard.

  • Renard Shotter
    Renard Shotter

    Do a drop seat 4” cut the back bone and drop it no fear 🥺

  • The Trikester
    The Trikester

    As to the rubber motor mounts. how do you think they would do on a belt driven instead of a chain driven. I have an Owosso Explorer that has a torque converter system built into the frame kinda. Trying to get a nice smooth ride for the road. Any comments to help. Thanks.

  • Brian James
    Brian James

    How about Shonda?? Rhonda andShonda

  • ian builds
    ian builds

    mine's got a trans

    • ian builds
      ian builds

      and a springer front end... mostly cuz i didnt have forks at the time but now i'm comitted...

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    Marcus Allen


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    Robert Rimmer

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    • fivetwoess

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    James Musser

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  • Chico

    the suspension must have a second nut to lock

  • Henry Escat
    Henry Escat

    I think that spring is TOO SHORT & TOO SOFT!

  • Henry Escat
    Henry Escat

    I would cut like 2" off the handlebar length. It makes riding past trees safer.

  • Henry Escat
    Henry Escat

    I would totally use those springs.. Just lower the spring mounts a little. It will lower when you sit on it.

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    rippen outdoors

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  • grunt


  • David Simpson
    David Simpson

    i think for the mounts to work you might wont a couple of the top of the engine also after all old cars had the engine and gearbox mounted with similer mounts

  • James Tinnel
    James Tinnel

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