I Bought the Cheapest Jet Ski on Facebook, Meet the '95 WAVERUNNER on BoatsandCameras!!
Behold the go kart of the water- the 1995 Yamaha Waverunner III! Powered by a 50 horsepower two stroke 650cc engine, this vintage Yamaha PWC is a thing of beauty. It sounds great and is a nice light and docile jet ski, and I only paid $1,191 for it including a trailer! We had to put it in the CarsandCameras Motorplex pond, and it handled great.

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  • McGrody

    I love this jet ski content you guys should do more of it

  • 504 NARS
    504 NARS

    The transition between both of their situations is perfect 12:22

  • 504 NARS
    504 NARS

    6:17 hey I have those exact shorts!😂

  • cavemanvi


  • Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan Ryan

    I would love to see a jet Jon version made by you guys with that

  • Ghillie30m1

    Awesome video! Can't wait to see more of the jet skis!

  • terry fonz
    terry fonz

    I had the 96 they are the funnest that flat bottom allowed for really easy power slides so fun!

  • James Jones
    James Jones

    I guess your returning the life jacket for a refund after the video

  • Andrew Sapp
    Andrew Sapp

    I bought one of these last year. Rebuilt the carburetor for 8 dollars. Got it not running for 650 bucks with a trailer. Rode it all summer and sold it for $1,850 dollars at the end. Great handling skis. Pretty quick but not fast only like 35mph

  • Jake

    You guys r the tits amd have been ON ur game... Ive learned much, bomb-ba-bad-idear!!! Ive laughed more this episode than. I have in awhile. Been getting bored with the same ol same.. Plus only so many things u can do with a predator 212,lol. u guys have about been there on every performance level. Very fun!!! But now u have all these things going on all the time and an intern. Wow. Your horsepower level and skill level has multiplied over the yrs. Been fun watching ur channel grow. Ive been watching every Monday and Wednesday since johns parents would put up with 11 o'clock straight piped go karts ripping a ring into their hard.


    just had a crazy idea after watchin this. Wonder if you could replace a blown up powerhead with an electric motor and a bank of 3-4 batteries and have a electric jet ski that can cruise all day? Just thought that a used jet ski would make a ideal small platform to fish from on inland lakes and ponds. Nowadays so many of these bodies are water are banned from gas boat useage, thought this might be a great and cheap way to fish those places.

  • Dylan Mclemore
    Dylan Mclemore

    I paid 6k for my jet ski and its supercharged

  • Uncle Monkey
    Uncle Monkey

    You guys need to try out a stand up jet ski!

  • Timbo

    needs a 900cc from a snowmobile ;)

  • Wayne Hampton
    Wayne Hampton

    I've got the exact same ski but mine needs the engine rebuilt

  • Mud Motors Max
    Mud Motors Max

    You guys are extremely entertaining

  • We Try Motorsports
    We Try Motorsports

    1191 is cheap? Man we just paid $300 for a running SP with a trailer lol. Just needed a battery and some gas

  • TSG

    I must say that looked like fun!

  • nocturnalmayhem

    put the ducati engine in the jetski or a 600cc

  • Randall Coleman
    Randall Coleman

    Love to see yall doing some new stuff more videos like this

  • King Ave Garage
    King Ave Garage

    hey its getting warmer. Why not have more "boating" content

  • Marximus

    So one of the times was 3:50 and your time was 4:10 and I know you took your time at the island you turned off the Waverunner you slow down more for the buoys so really your times should be about the same

  • Troy Crowder
    Troy Crowder


  • Landon Jacobs
    Landon Jacobs

    To answer the engine swap and turbo questions, yes thats a thing. Actually not too complicated. Absolutely love the content and very much want to see more!

  • Liam The Berean
    Liam The Berean


  • DosileCreations

    yall should build a sleeper jet ski!

  • PapaWheelie

    I always wanted a WavePunner

  • Finn Goran
    Finn Goran

    I love how john is having the time of his life on a jet ski while ike is working his but off

  • Eat Sleep Play Repeat
    Eat Sleep Play Repeat

    Don’t get a sea doo

  • Timothy

    You can tell these guys don’t do much jetskiing 😂

  • FantasticFinnGaming

    great episode

  • Orion VanNortwick
    Orion VanNortwick

    Yes! More water stuff please ☺️

  • Brian Hotchkiss
    Brian Hotchkiss

    I would watch you guys do just about anything, you guys could make a sitting down to dinner funny!

  • SoCal Standup's
    SoCal Standup's

    Get a old school Kawasaki 550 standup much more fun and you can get them for cheap

  • Ryan pitt
    Ryan pitt

    Issac face when he said oil fouled 🤣, thanks for the video I just purchased one and haven't drove it yet.

    • Ryan pitt
      Ryan pitt

      Make sure you check your motor mounts, that could be catastrophic failure if it hops.

  • thatjokerperson

    If you put mukk busster or competitor into the pond should make it smell better and probably clean it up quite a bit

  • fetiish636

    love it !!!!! MORE WATERCRAFT!!!!

  • Lars l662000
    Lars l662000



    That's current boat prices for you. $1200 is high for that thing.

  • Zane Ebersohl
    Zane Ebersohl

    He still had the tags on his life jacket 😂

  • Jeff Brand
    Jeff Brand

    Check out the crazy jet boats Cleetus has. It'll give you some idea about what's possible with jetski upgrades!

  • B.A Mitchem
    B.A Mitchem

    Love all y’all content, but the jet skis should definitely be a reoccurring thing

  • jmedlock696

    so i work on ski for a living i would recommend rebuilding the carb putting a new reeds in it as well as getting a pod filter on it you can also get a prop for it and it will bring the top speed up. the reason why it cutting off is 3 tings fuel filter, carb nee to be rebuilt if you want you cand rip the 650 out and put a 701 in it. iv seen people go as far as putting a 1100 in them but the down side is it becomes heave have any questions reach out to me or on facebook at big kid toys

  • gary essary
    gary essary

    I would be afraid of snakes in the pond.

  • Steven Adams
    Steven Adams

    More jetski

  • Aguy

    how would one go about..."cleaning" a pond like that. Introduce native plants/animals or is that just a natural pond as it.

  • Ty Olson - Cobalt, Ontario adventures!
    Ty Olson - Cobalt, Ontario adventures!

    Not a Jet ski....

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    Jet ski vid 👍

  • Thicok45

    You guys are literally ripping though no wake zones 😂😂💀

  • Alan Dinehart
    Alan Dinehart

    New build guys you should build a cars and cameras wave runner that would be the first and most awesome build ever

  • Wyatt Hooten
    Wyatt Hooten

    Please tell me they are gonna tow ike with it in the canoe thats would be awesome. Edit heck yeah thats awsome yall should talk to Peter stripol or someone to make a hydro plane canoe for faster towing that or some tubing

  • Bluey

    This is what top gear should be.

  • Cameron Behnke
    Cameron Behnke

    would love to see more water content car gocarts boats

  • Stöpfel W
    Stöpfel W

    Ha am Johnny Knoxville 😂😂👍🏻 please more water content that was awesome

  • Justin Boatner
    Justin Boatner

    Aint no way. Ive got a mint 98 2stroke waverunner

  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • J&B Farms
    J&B Farms

    U need to make a boat trailer to pull the jet ski behind the trophy kart

  • Mars Alseides
    Mars Alseides

    Guys it's good to diversify your content I say go for it

  • MikeZ32TT

    Nice boys. So close to 1 million subs

  • Brad Butcher
    Brad Butcher

    My buddies uncle bought that same ski that had been built for racing. It was stupid fast for 2000 when he got it.

  • Mj Moore
    Mj Moore

    When you wish you where cleetus'

  • Quad Brothers
    Quad Brothers

    My dad got a 97 see doo xp for like 1,600 with a trailer included. Trailer was worth more then the price he payed for both.

  • josh meacham
    josh meacham

    Love jet skis content if you guys are looking for another big build you should make a jet jon boat I think you guys would kill it and have a blast with it

  • Kenny Smallwood
    Kenny Smallwood

    Next time turn the jet ski off when you push off the trailer instead of pushing it 10 times

  • Shawn Jackson
    Shawn Jackson

    let me get the still off the island before you do another video ffs :(

  • William Stamper
    William Stamper

    Editing skills increased by bus lengths

  • brian daum
    brian daum

    50hp to 90hp respetabal for small watercraft

  • Brian Budd
    Brian Budd

    Haha love it

  • Wayne Rowlinson
    Wayne Rowlinson

    I do like the mini-bike videos a bit more, but this was a great change of pace. It gives me an idea for another video you guys might just be able to pull off. How about taking an old 4 cylinder in-line Mercury outboard engine and converting it for a go-kart. If for no other reason, it would be way cool.

  • mike h
    mike h

    Love the jet ski you're right you need more horsepower you should throw the 670 bombardier engine on it

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson

    Love the video guys. no matter what your on I love it.even when it was shop repairs

  • Martin Miller
    Martin Miller

    Jet ski brothers

  • clayton wright
    clayton wright

    More boats!

  • korgeth

    Who cares it aint gocarts, I just watch to see u 2 dickin around with mechanical stuff.

  • Steve Degeer
    Steve Degeer

    That was awesome can’t wait for Ike to get his new one then you NEED MORE POWER CHUM!!! 😂

  • Joe M
    Joe M

    jetskis are a fun hobby ad easy to work on - would def like to see more. 96 xp is the one you want.

  • When_Pigs_Fly

    Your parent's grass looks great......bet they do not miss your race track.

  • your right
    your right

    Making me want one of them wave runner

  • Kenny Compton
    Kenny Compton

    Believe it or not you can race these 😂 I do it myself

  • lauri torma
    lauri torma


  • Ryan Norris
    Ryan Norris

    More BoatsandCameras please :D

  • Gator’s Lifestyle
    Gator’s Lifestyle

    Love it pls do more

  • Burialmeteor45

    I've got two of these a 95 and a 92 for the money there fun but reliably is questionable had them for about 6 year now cant wait to see upgrades you can teach me

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson

    Gotta be a way to stuff a predator in there.

  • Oral Dribbles Jr AKA 'Saliva'
    Oral Dribbles Jr AKA 'Saliva'

    If John got a hovercraft he hould go over board when he went too fast. If you watch cleetus or cboys you'll know what i mean

  • Name Is Trever
    Name Is Trever

    "go kart of the boating world" .. couldnt have said it better 👍 yall are badasses!

  • MajesticMatrix

    Look up the Hayabusa motor swapped jetski

  • slinginlead1

    I dig it! Keep it up guys, anything with a motor will do :)

  • CrazyIvan1337

    Honestly this was awesome! The funny thing is, I've been wanting a boat for a while, my wife and I just bought kayaks, and now I want a damn jet ski! 😂

  • RobertusMaximus

    This needs the same engine as the snowmobile kart

  • forkjob

    4:38 The sound of pureed turtle

  • big Pendlebury
    big Pendlebury

    Hey guys. I just saw this turbo go-cart on Snail RV u- tube channel. I thought you guys might like it.

  • Jason Cresong
    Jason Cresong

    Great episode

  • Corey P
    Corey P

    I could get used to this

  • Chad Kennedy
    Chad Kennedy

    More power turbo yes