Honda 750cc 4 Wheeler Has FULL POWER! The Fix was So SIMPLE!!
We install a fresh set of carburetors on our Honda 750cc powered Suzuki Quad Sport 230, and the HONDUKI RULES! This 4 cylinder motorcycle powered four wheel has so much power!

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  • Honda TV
    Honda TV

    Need to put that powerhouse on a widened 400ex frame or something, too much power for that chassis

  • D 12
    D 12

    Put a long trailing arm on it and make it a drag quad.

  • Calvin Grinds
    Calvin Grinds

    anyone know the name of this engine? and where to get one? looking to build an off road kart

  • Ken

    Back in da day the Honda 750 was one of the fastest street bikes in the states or the world. It needs to be longer & wider with good shocks & larger wheels & tires.You guys need to be riding in something & not on top of something.Hope that makes sense.

  • Maliki Higgs
    Maliki Higgs

    Turbo charger jet engine build take it to an event . you kno how much of a head turner that would be

  • Maliki Higgs
    Maliki Higgs


  • JT Marshall
    JT Marshall

    I'm debating on doing something like this with a 87 trx250x I have... My dad built one with a yamaha xs650 engine but I guess he sold it when I started asking him to let me ride it, I don't even remember it lol

  • comepuchas


  • Brian Morgan
    Brian Morgan

    I wanna buy the Han-Duki would you sell it if so how much??

  • Alejandro Montes
    Alejandro Montes

    I’d love to be able to get ahold of you guys and share photos of a current project I started around the time you guys began the Honduki, and it’s a very similar build, your guys input would be awesome, thanks you guys Instagram. @DSM_Montes

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    HonDuki 👍✌

  • Trapper Poindexter
    Trapper Poindexter

    You asked, do a hovercraft!!

  • Texas Baker
    Texas Baker

    That thing looks like the biggest, jankiest, most cobbled together piece of shit on the eastern seaboard and I want one

  • Mark Troiani
    Mark Troiani

    Just gotta be careful with it.... JOHN

  • Bet Guider
    Bet Guider

    That motor on crosscart!

  • j e
    j e

    I have a bunch of 70's CB750 single overhead cam parts you can have. I also have a CB750 project you will want to see.

  • dubstep dubstep
    dubstep dubstep

    He hit the powerband and was look oh oh oh lol

  • stener8888

    what happend to "ohh no we wont do anything stupid with a 250c suzuki gsxr engine"? now you doin 750c? xD

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Dibs if you ever want to sell this would be a fun machine at silver lake sand dunes here in Michigan


    She will be way faster with the other carbs rebuilt and synced

  • Bryan L olds97_lss
    Bryan L olds97_lss

    Fix the carbs, add a fan for cooling maybe? Regear the thing so it's drivable. Looks like a heck of a death trap!

  • Bert Darling
    Bert Darling

    Hay Ike & John I just watch Gas Monkey episode where he found a place in Texas that he bought a three wheel Gorge Bari's trick it was reai cool maby you should check it out cool

  • Shawn Stoudt
    Shawn Stoudt

    8 carbs not 4 go 8 please

  • Shawn Stoudt
    Shawn Stoudt

    That's a boss

  • ozzy kimble
    ozzy kimble

    rewire it completely and get the pipes done right your killin power big time

  • Duner250R

    That thing is beyond sketch. Two engine mounts? Your lucky the engine doesn't just fall out.

  • David Paulik
    David Paulik

    i see i am not the only one that use electric tape to bandage finger XD

  • Doug Gies
    Doug Gies

    The gas tank probably worth more then the whole bike!

  • Devon Fretwell
    Devon Fretwell

    Always use more zip ties

  • Rougaroux

    Y’all b TWATS when it comes to that four-wheeler.

  • oliver77&88

    Is the 420 polaris coming back

  • Richard Hatt
    Richard Hatt

    What I heard John say to Isaac was "You sure have a pretty mouth"

  • geneo *
    geneo *

    That thing is awesome fast !!

  • Endy killer
    Endy killer

    yall should engine swap that atc 200 you just got with a 440 snowmobile motor or something like that. (totally not for me knowing i can put one in mine)

  • Isaiah Gibson
    Isaiah Gibson

    Would you guys be interested in selling the honduki it is badass

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    Paddle tires and a wheelie bar that thing will kill a dirt track

  • Wesley Oos
    Wesley Oos

    Don't try it i don't want you guys to die

  • Wesley Oos
    Wesley Oos

    That thing would hit a 100 mph easy

  • Hanserak Møller
    Hanserak Møller

    the best thing would be to change front gears an rear gears. it will make it more fun to drive on. 😃 Kep having fun

  • shelly sowers
    shelly sowers

    Bigger axle sprocket.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    There's that pretty mouth:-)

  • burntorangeak

    I don't think you understand the premise of the term "full send".

  • Chris Bragg
    Chris Bragg

    🤦‍♂️ talk about Jerry rigging at its finest 🤣

  • Alexandre Mussy
    Alexandre Mussy


  • AB-Customs

    Hahaha the beard joke 🤣 you can sleep in a bed again instead of under need an bridge🤣👌🏻👌🏻

  • Tommy Fobert
    Tommy Fobert

    Call it "The ion" ... John + Ike

  • thomas stevinson
    thomas stevinson

    Were'd the beard go? 7:32

  • David Crowley
    David Crowley

    I want them lt230 plastics so bad

  • Nelson Bettencourt
    Nelson Bettencourt

    Take those stupid carb setup out of there😞🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nelson Bettencourt
    Nelson Bettencourt

    Hours and hours!? You mean couple hours while having a beer

  • Blue's TV
    Blue's TV

    Carb cleaning isnt carb cleaning wirhout CLR...

  • Poke12Gauge

    Why send carbs off to have them rebuilt? I know they are a pain but the time spent is well worth it in the end especially if your on a budget

  • Timothy Eames
    Timothy Eames

    If use guy's are planning on drag racing this something use might want to consider is extending the rear swing arm to give the beast overall longer wheel base and make it less like to lift the front

  • Timothy Eames
    Timothy Eames

    If use guy's are planning on drag racing this something use might want to consider is extending the rear swing arm to give the beast overall longer wheel base and make it less like to lift the front

  • osmosiss 1
    osmosiss 1

    “You know where to put it”...that’s what she said!

  • Novakayne

    super powerful engine, geared to the ground, rockcrawler with as low as possible center oi gravity/seating, and as high off the ground as you can, with the biggest you can

  • sulaco black
    sulaco black

    I'd extend the swing arm 5 or 6 inches and widen the axle 2 or 3 inches. It'll be a lot more stable and better when/if you take it to the drag strip

  • daniel mccurry
    daniel mccurry

    I have the same issue with the throttle i usually just put it to half choke

  • Matthew Bearman
    Matthew Bearman

    You could actually add an extended swing arm and street wheels. Turn it into a drag quad.

  • Shawn Jackson
    Shawn Jackson

    The jank is strong with this one


    Why do you have to have them sent off to rebuild?

  • Amante Apasionado
    Amante Apasionado

    That looks so sketchy with those bars that low

  • Brant Purvis
    Brant Purvis

    fuel pump! or carbs

  • Allan W
    Allan W

    You said what’s next? How’s this.. you also mentioned busco beach.. how about a cooler cart... can toot around sitting on a cooler full of bevies. Ok truth be told I started to build this for at my campground but lost motivation lol

  • ben Roscoe
    ben Roscoe

    Holy pipe dreams. I could make those original carbs work great for you. I have a set of 36mm that would liven it up. Less gear would help a lot too.

  • Beck's Armory
    Beck's Armory

    "this stuff is like liquid gold... Have you seen the gas prices" Then proceeds to pore it all over the place. hahahahaha! love it!

  • Markus M. Lambers
    Markus M. Lambers

    Hey guys! It's not a Honduki, it's a SUZUNDA ! I love your 'machine' !

  • Typical Tony
    Typical Tony

    I don't know why they're worried about engine mounts. The exhaust system is welded to the frame. It'll be fine!

  • KM NeverGivin_In
    KM NeverGivin_In

    Full face helmet

  • Anthony Baldino
    Anthony Baldino

    That's an awesome build. I just purchased a 2004 Kawasaki Bayou 250 as a basket case. I'm going to rebuild and use it for a few years and look to doing a similar swap in the future.

  • Kaden Stapelmann
    Kaden Stapelmann

    It’s carb issues. No air box= u need more fuel. Those poor middle cylinders

  • Anthony Baldino
    Anthony Baldino

    Y'all need to put A Rekluse clutch on this.

  • Hayden Moore
    Hayden Moore

    I’m pretty decent at working on stuff like this, and just a little idea of mine before you guys do al kinds of crazy work, try running hotter plugs in it. It could be getting too much fuel past 1/4 throttle so I’d try that before changing pipes or carbs and stuff

  • PKMartin


  • de Moritz z
    de Moritz z

    Topspeed should be around 40-50 mph i had a 250 quad and its topspeed was 70kph

    • de Moritz z
      de Moritz z

      @Brad Baerwald yup...i was talking stock engine though

    • Brad Baerwald
      Brad Baerwald

      Top speed... WAY faster than they have guts OR room to find out! [with the engine running correctly {whic NEVER happens with them}... that could exceed’s seems to be geared tall enough]

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas

    I have a Honda Odyssey frame that I would like to overpower with an 1800 or thereabouts in size. would like to create suspension with longer arms than stock for it as well

  • Scott Hall
    Scott Hall

    I don’t Like John

  • joel wobbema
    joel wobbema

    Stretch the frame turn honduki into a drag and put swamp tires on for ultimate mud drag or slicks for street drag no matter what y’all do to honduki it’s awesome

  • martin enoch
    martin enoch

    A great deal more power available in that unit.. 😁

  • J Hawk
    J Hawk

    Gear the Honduki down a little bit to make it wheelie

  • Joe Patenaude
    Joe Patenaude

    She is starving for fuel put the 4 carbs back on I would get a extended swing arm and wider A arms maybe a better flowing muffler there is a 250R fenders and seat down the road from my place

  • Dan Rapp
    Dan Rapp

    what happend to isackes finger ?

  • Yuri Testicoff
    Yuri Testicoff

    The lack of thumb throttle and how you steer a 4 wheeler, with a 750 motorcycle engine is both insanely ignorant and insanely ignorant.

  • john beach
    john beach


  • John Jacobs
    John Jacobs

    Y’all keep saying that thing sounds good... It does not sound good whatsoever. It sounds like it’s running like absolute garbage. Also, the bike probably has an air leak, or it needs a different air filter setup. Those bikes come with very restrictive air boxes / filters, and if their even off by a little bit they will not run good at all. You need to either put bigger jets in the carbs or restrict the air more.

  • tommy martin
    tommy martin

    5 gallon buckets for fenders

  • oldschoolman 144
    oldschoolman 144

    Ha Ha, I like to toolbox bandaid, electrical tape and a napkin. =)

  • Archie's Garage
    Archie's Garage

    The "metal sound" sounds like chain catching exhaust or something. Also.. You guys haven't reved it up all the way at 2nd gear. That's where the power hides ;)

  • Jä


    • Jä

      fast and furious

  • Timothy W.
    Timothy W.

    I'm hoping that I'm not the only one that noticed that Isaac started that engine with his keychain. I know that I have started engines with a steel bracelet I never thought to use my keys

  • David Aix
    David Aix

    Once you guys got this whole thing all figured out you got to take this thing out to the sand dunes

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith

    Great content guys

  • Kevin Hocking
    Kevin Hocking

    I use to have a 750 chopper and hwy driving with a 1 1/2 gallon tank only got 80 miles to a tank, that way freeway driving speed limit was 70 and I was weaving in and out of traffic like they were sitting still..

  • ronny holthuijsen
    ronny holthuijsen

    The Guy from the 2vintage channel also has a fast Honda quad 4 cilinder engine. Maybe you guys shoud contact him and do a contest. Hé also has carb issues.

  • tuker376 boss
    tuker376 boss

    Ike what did you do to your finger

  • Le High Spy
    Le High Spy

    you can never have enough horsepower

  • Rcmaniac

    I think once y’all make that thing more solid you might wanna take it to an MX track and see what it’ll do

  • The Lambert's Off Road Channel
    The Lambert's Off Road Channel

    John been watching a little too much fast and furious

  • Shawn Torrez
    Shawn Torrez

    Hey guys, i know this isn't relevant to this video but do you have any promo codes for Go power Sports ?

  • Sam Strouse
    Sam Strouse

    where did it go ?