Custom Mini Bike FIRST RIDE, It's TORQUEY! Full Suspension Mini Dirt Bike Build
We finish our custom built simple full suspension mini bike build and take it for its first test drive! The Tillotson 212 electric start engine paired with the 30 series torque converter and 265 hot cam makes this thing a torque monster! The cleated but aggressive rear tire trenches and GOES! Next up we have to swap the shock out for a better quality stiffer unit, mount a battery box, and paint it!

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Mini bike suspension kit (front forks):​
Mini bike handlebars (mega moto):​
Foot peg covers:​
Mini bike throttle kit:​
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  • cavemanvi

    hockey pucks make good engine mounts.

  • Kevin Guthrie
    Kevin Guthrie

    Tear up his mint $40,000 driveway with some five dollar cars

  • Big Edd
    Big Edd

    Haynow... ware did the seat come from?

  • Tj Hedgepeth
    Tj Hedgepeth

    You should put rubber washers on the bottom of the engine mounts to take care of some of the vibration

  • steve campbell
    steve campbell

    Wheelie bar????? :/

  • bUd D Dove
    bUd D Dove

    Skinny tires don't help either.

  • Ronnie Williz
    Ronnie Williz

    Use more dense rubber an it'll work better an it's not stock of it's got a cam lol

  • Balin Weatherhead
    Balin Weatherhead

    This is probably a weird question but did bikes of this age and size come with titles?

  • RC

    Ever consider getting a radar gun ? You guys are always measuring these machines by lap times. A radar gun would measure in miles per hour, and cheap ones are available on ebay.

  • Toast

    all you need is a little round speedo on the handle bars and this cake will be TOPPED

  • M Leger
    M Leger

    should try poly mounts, best of both worlds.

  • Sparky McSparksworth
    Sparky McSparksworth

    how about an update on Ike's white trail70

  • thegamingdinosaur

    I’m 5’6 what type of mini bike do I get

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson

    Have yall ever considered trying to collab with the grind hard plumbing co guys that would be one hell of a collab

  • Jim Grauman
    Jim Grauman

    Has anyone else noticed the forks are raked a bit. Mini dirt chopper?

  • sus boy
    sus boy

    You should build a honda gx340 gocart

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv

    One thing y'all need to do is lean forward more and your inside foot should be out much farther out in front not touching the ground until after the apex of the turn. you're riding more like an on-road bike than a dirtbike. Also, put on really grippy pegs so you can push hard with the outside foot without slipping off, all your weight should be on it. Just some friendly advice from an avid class A motocross & hare scramble racer. The mini bike is a trip. My kid wants to build a pit bike from scratch, I just hope he finishes what he starts on, lol.

  • Ray Madore
    Ray Madore

    To reduce vibration. Buy a set a flexxbars. I had them on my trx 450r that was cammed to run 10000rpm all day so yes it vivrated luke xrazy till bought flexxbars run the soft bushibgs and voom barely feel it

  • Lance Washington
    Lance Washington

    It's got to much travel....all I could think is how stiff do you need it hahaha it's not a dirt bike

  • Nick Kaarslev
    Nick Kaarslev

    Could you not blame the mounts as the first thing, and maybe that the chain most likely had a factory fault?...

  • Steve Bonnesen
    Steve Bonnesen

    Don't y'all have a go-kart that the engine and drive wheels pivot together putting the axis point in front of the engine not behind like a motorcycle...experiment 2.0...n how about build a step thru scooter like the Cushman use your vtwin off the dragster with a torque convertor the prototype could lead to mfg. adult size it like the Cushmans were...js

  • shanco73

    Looks great, rear brake will be great, new shock is a must! Great video guys.

  • David Morris
    David Morris

    Use rubber bushings with metal inserts it will eat up the vibrations and still be stiff

  • Trail Blazer
    Trail Blazer

    Y'all should do a 212 powered three wheeler build

  • Sparky McSparksworth
    Sparky McSparksworth

    It always bugs me when you use the open end of a ratchet wrench.

  • High Expectations
    High Expectations

    I would like to see yall get a manco fat cat mini bike and beef it up!

  • Pickle Smith
    Pickle Smith

    @carsandcameras Add some hose clamps to the rubber mounts to stiffen them

  • PKMartin

    Neat beard [ ] Wild man of the woods [ ] Duck Dynasty [x]

  • Theoret Trent
    Theoret Trent

    Hey would a torque converter work with a powerful electric motor on a go kart?

  • Schmity FPV
    Schmity FPV

    GPS center exit mini bike exhaust would work great on stuff like this.

  • Zack and Tyler Attard
    Zack and Tyler Attard

    that thing looks sick!!

  • amber hunter
    amber hunter

    Btw pit bikes dig when u go through berms Stiffen the suspension or go bigger tire like a crf70 rims. There 12 instead of 10 in. Ps. If u can get a kx65 with a bad motor u can use it for suspension parts but a 65 uses a 3 bolt bottom shock to get big bike travel But the front forks would be nice with heavier weight oil

  • amber hunter
    amber hunter

    Just saying it can still happen even if you do but put on the master link on with open side facing the the opposite of the chains direction

  • amber hunter
    amber hunter

    Comment is on 420

  • ScrappyDog Finance
    ScrappyDog Finance

    The chain drive shaft / swingarm pivot combination is a pretty cool design... Where did you get the frame?

  • Daxton Anderson
    Daxton Anderson

    Could go for 2x air shocks meant for downhill MTB, they're adjustable by pumping more air into them, would be perfect for dialing in the floaty/stiff ratio!

  • john beach
    john beach

    That looks pretty cool guys. I hope you don't give up on the rubber engine mounts. Look at the way rubber mounts are designed on motorcycles and start there. Y'all make a good team.

  • john beach
    john beach


  • James _madness
    James _madness

    I have a extended pocket bike frame hall can have and make something cool with it

  • Mike Ruscher
    Mike Ruscher

    Would love to see the monster truck rebuilt with all the stuff you've learned from all the current projects

  • nicodabastard

    Have you guys seen the 50cc KTM clones? 11hp water cooled tiny engine that is cheap would prob be better for that bike.

  • chops /
    chops /

    make a goped

  • chops /
    chops /

    make a goped "please"

  • chops /
    chops /

    make a goped

  • chops /
    chops /

    make a goped

  • bbaaspencer1

    Duck Dynasty?

  • Robert Fleming
    Robert Fleming

    I think your rubber engine mounts could work. Squish/push down on the front mounts, and pull up on the back mounts. When the motor torques to the front it pushes down on the front and pulls on the back mounts.

  • Bruce Juice
    Bruce Juice

    gears + breaks = wheelies

  • Michael j Baker
    Michael j Baker

    Suggestion, try polyurethane bushings.

  • Rammatic

    You can rubber mount the handlebars and foot pegs so at least you won’t feel the vibration as much

  • Goozer

    Stiffer shock, rear break, friggen good to fuckin go boys!!

  • Ratta 27
    Ratta 27

    Guys should of left the swing arm long as it was. It didn't look funny at all.

  • Blake Tweedie
    Blake Tweedie

    Could you even call it a mini-bike at this point

  • Andy Sjostrom
    Andy Sjostrom

    Umm Jon you do know about the you tube rule that says if you break it your partner is the next one to test ride it.. Right?

  • Anthony Proietti-Nelson
    Anthony Proietti-Nelson

    Use baler belt for the engine mounts.

  • Connor Anhalt
    Connor Anhalt

    How much would you sell this for

  • Harry Moto
    Harry Moto

    You guys need to mount the leaderboard higher up the wall

  • Bill Reed
    Bill Reed

    I have used hockey pucks.they take a bit of the vibration out

  • Josiah Nowak
    Josiah Nowak

    this sound like ike

  • SGT Nick H
    SGT Nick H

    So, solid mounts don't have Good Vibrations??? 😏

  • MrDanielabowes

    If you mount the driven pulley on the jacks haft instead of a TC plate the movement would be in the belt instead of the chain. Works on my mortar mixers with rubber mounts and v belts

  • RoadBoogala Builds
    RoadBoogala Builds

    I tried rubber mounts on one of my karts and it also kept throwing the chain

  • StupidEarthlings

    No such thing as "too much travel". You just need the correct shock/springs for the setup.


    You can never have too much suspension travel

  • Hebu The Lone Wolf
    Hebu The Lone Wolf

    i would invest on a MX helm and goggles. ye that helm is still protection but if ya faceplant it aint gonna be fun. i got a painful reminder with mountain bike when going for a jump, i broke my legos and my nose. "i dint plan for going for a jump. faceplanted and bike fell on my face when i looked back"

  • Patriot Prepper
    Patriot Prepper

    I have a old pit bike frame you guys can have

    • Patriot Prepper
      Patriot Prepper

      It has the foot pegs rear shock front shock handle bars and the chain

  • tinger5150

    Great job guy's. No need for brakes... Just send it!

  • Eugene Back Yard Repair
    Eugene Back Yard Repair

    Worried about mounting rear brakes but can't seem to mount lead board on the wall. Priorities mixed up. Lol

  • The SJV Workshop
    The SJV Workshop

    4:22 yeah sure it does 😂

  • handyhippie65

    your triple tree put a dent in your gas tank when it turned too sharp. you need to weld up some steering stops to prevent that in the future. other than that, i'd say you boys did an excellent job for your first custom frame.

  • Cactusruss1

    Charles is a good guy. Can't get mad at him for doing a "For Testing Purposes Only" move like checking things out.

  • Avery Anderson
    Avery Anderson

    The handle bars don’t fit the style of this build

  • Gereatric Folk
    Gereatric Folk

    Just a thought here but how about a CV jack shaft so the engine side could move with the engine and the drive side could be rigid with the rear sprocket. I know that space is limited on the machine.

  • mee1492

    You guys should get an old 490 running and see how she does around the track. Love the videos guys. Looks like a fun little bike.

  • Jonathan w
    Jonathan w

    I swear Jon could F up a wet dream 😂😂

  • Shako Butikashvili
    Shako Butikashvili

    Build a limo cart

  • jared longard
    jared longard

    The smile on top speed run says it all

  • Renard Shotter
    Renard Shotter

    What’s with the skinny tires 🧐

  • Kris Reed
    Kris Reed

    need to install bigger tires and wheels!

  • Dennis Petersen
    Dennis Petersen

    One heck of a PIT BIKE. Forget the engine vibration idolators they don't work and a extended wheelbase might be the way to go. The bike looks like it's a lot of fun to ride but maybe a the Trailmaster is the winner. You guys put a lot of work into this project and did a real bang-up job engineering it! A cheapo Chinese bike would be a cheaper solution to the project since the rascals have their entire engineering staff working on the designs and testing followed by big $$$. That tells us that American ingenuity is still alive and thanks for the inspiration on this! :)

  • Eric Carr
    Eric Carr

    Another awesome build! You guys rock!

  • Drew’s creations
    Drew’s creations

    Dang it Charles, this is why we can’t have nice things 🤦‍♂️

  • Zack Huff
    Zack Huff

    They're not really family til they break your stuff

  • Hellmuth’s Hot Rods and Fabricating
    Hellmuth’s Hot Rods and Fabricating

    This channel is always evolving. Started as a car review channel, evolved into "Why you should buy a go kart", and now, here we are, an Ike's Beard appreciation channel. Seriously, this build is great. The work and cost to final project ratio is fantastic.


    Color? If you do orange? Go with harley orange and black. I also have noticed the pile of Pole Barn supplies, NEW SHOP? cool news


    Spring is in the air and when this thing gets tuned in so to will be our boys on it over the jump. I can feel it. I bet It just needs a stronger spring. 1 Shock should be enough.

  • Goozer

    Fucking great stuff boys 👍

  • larry_to_goated

    I bet you would make money if you made more and sold them

  • Killer Bear
    Killer Bear

    Patten it! I want one.

  • sB cRUiZer2o3
    sB cRUiZer2o3

    woW !!!! that bike is so cooL its a classic

  • Jeff Sergent
    Jeff Sergent

    I started putting in a rubber washer or two between the engine and the mounting plate. You end up clamping pretty hard down on them so they don't move much and I've had no issues with thrown chains, but it does seem to calm the vibrations down a little. Plus they're ridiculously cheap and available at most hardware stores.

  • scott evangelista
    scott evangelista

    Could it be the person responsible for tightening the handle bars was ultimately responsible for the tank damage?

  • Moneygooddude

    Try a floating chain tensioner with the rubber mounts.

  • Kieran Tyler Sandven
    Kieran Tyler Sandven

    Don’t be going and blaming Charles. Who didn’t tighten the handle bars

  • horst

    you guys have a drone? would be awesome . a drone shot of the Grand Prix course

  • Kseetitan

    Imagine saying rubber engine mounts 100 times in one video lol

  • MikMech

    "Orange Peel" So 'Peely' for short?

  • Avrom Crovax
    Avrom Crovax

    Neg on the mounts

  • Avrom Crovax
    Avrom Crovax

    Bigger rear spraket n that thing would be uncontrollable

  • Avrom Crovax
    Avrom Crovax

    Holy crap I know that clutch that gonna be scary