Can We Build our Backyard Into an Oval Race Track?

  • Sor Her
    Sor Her

    I know a lot of people have said it but man Charles is a great addition to the team.

  • Colton Peterson
    Colton Peterson

    What part of North Carolina what is this in?

  • ToPsychoForYou

    At 3:00 I absolutely love how you're talking to us on camera and we just see Ike in the background tearing it up in the Durango lol. I absolutely love y'all, your videos make my day and what you guys do looks very fun!

  • Drew Gorman
    Drew Gorman

    I like that 1&2 and 3&4 are different banked and shaped.

  • Loring Giles
    Loring Giles

    What are the dimensions of the track?

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson

    John spinning while the Durango was just shredding was pure filming genius 👌🏼

  • It's Just Cam
    It's Just Cam

    18:14 before Ike has even finished his sentence, there's a solid "I don't know what you're talking about" XD

  • Bub Saggo
    Bub Saggo

    That's exactly what Durangos were built to do

  • Clayton Stumpf
    Clayton Stumpf

    Dirt oval is where it’s at. I race rc cars on a dirt oval

  • Producer Rambo
    Producer Rambo

    Would love to come bring my Dingo to the track and rip! From Charlotte

  • Holley Jones
    Holley Jones

    Durango kart build in the future?

  • Pooky's Dad
    Pooky's Dad

    That ain't an oval track. It's an egg shaped track. Like a mini Darlington.

  • Edward McMorris
    Edward McMorris

    Build a cart just for the oval

  • William Alcorn
    William Alcorn

    Can't wait just got my first 200 can't wait till morning to take it somewhere with lots of land and a downhill's mud and everything it's going to be fun by the way keep it up doing good

  • James David
    James David

    You guys have a dream life!!! Great content... Love garage "Pro" jects

  • Justin Steele NJR
    Justin Steele NJR

    After you drag fence if you don’t water immediately you wasted your time. The fence knocks down high spots but without water the dust you made won’t stay in the low spot

  • Zaqaroni

    I cannot believe you are just now getting to 1M subs. You guys are awesome!

  • XLandmarkSix69X

    yes, yes you can.

  • Witch Ape Studio
    Witch Ape Studio

    Glad to see Charles in the crew!

  • Jeremy J
    Jeremy J

    Were are y'all from I got carts and equipment and build I wanna play and help hit me up yall

  • James McGee
    James McGee

    Roooooootbeeeeerrrrr! Lmao! That go-kart is a pos! Throw in a predator or better. Awesome job on the oval guys. I look forward to race day!

  • Joshua Jarvis
    Joshua Jarvis

    should build a water tower next to the oval track. make so it collect rain water and refillable

  • fat lenny
    fat lenny

    Dude. Drag that track. Seems a bit rough still watching your other vids. Just build a skid you can out some weight on and just run laps with the tractor dragging to smooth it out.

  • Hillbilly Peak Garage
    Hillbilly Peak Garage

    That Durango is actually pretty decent for having fun in

  • czvoidrekt 69
    czvoidrekt 69

    I need to bring my rebel 250 with some knobbies and bomb the track lol

    • Shoe Chew
      Shoe Chew


  • Brandon Engelman
    Brandon Engelman

    Thought it should be a LITTLE bigger but it looks fun still.

  • Dayton Obearle
    Dayton Obearle

    Get a sprayer to go on the back of the tractor to water it down

  • Robbobshiskabob Robboboscarpete
    Robbobshiskabob Robboboscarpete

    Awesome.... Though I feel it should be about twice the size.

  • Nick 04
    Nick 04

    Open header durango

  • Dale Osborn
    Dale Osborn

    So excited for upcoming races and events on this track!!!! You guys rock!!

  • Jacob Moll
    Jacob Moll

    Cant whait

  • Clinton Johnston
    Clinton Johnston

    You need to put a few tires around the bottom of that tree, hay bales, or what have you someone will hit it LOL just saying.

  • Aaron Allison
    Aaron Allison

    Will there be a mini mayhem this year ?

  • Arizona James
    Arizona James

    Isaac weld the diff in the Durango.

  • Seanfattireguy Thomas
    Seanfattireguy Thomas

    Just like all dirt tracks you need a water truck so you guys build a air cooled powered water tanker to water the track how many views would that build get

  • Rusty

    Flat track

  • Shiftyone AU
    Shiftyone AU

    Looks like fun

  • GoKart Boyz
    GoKart Boyz

    Eyyy I have a question one of my screws felt off my yerf dog sprocket and I can’t find them anywhere!

  • Gordon Wright
    Gordon Wright

    First, you should sell helmets as merch, and second did john spill the root beer on the three wheeler?

  • Jackson Russell
    Jackson Russell

    Get a small sprayer that you can pull behind the lawnmower

  • jiggy chad neuman
    jiggy chad neuman

    I think it's awesome and what they do here on SVname

  • Social Xperiment
    Social Xperiment

    Starting to sound like Bob the Builder with these video titles

  • Cracker Lachin
    Cracker Lachin

    Wet the track down . Then roll the track in with the gocarts at a low speed. Start on the outside edge and follow the leader til the dirt is smooth all the way to the inside. Thats how we used to roll in Riverside speedway in South Carolina. The only difference we raced cars.

  • Nicholas Graham
    Nicholas Graham

    If you guys want to come to central Texas, I have a 350 gallon tank with a pressure on demand pump ran on 12v solar power.

  • James Rounding
    James Rounding

    The technical term for that goofy contraption you made is called a harrow. 😂

  • Sdunlimited1 Sdunlimited1
    Sdunlimited1 Sdunlimited1

    I think it was 1986 when I was in NC for a BMX race where they built the track inside Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was made out of that North Carolina clay and by the end of the weekend that track was slick with rubber from our tires. Great memories from that weekend.

  • Angelo Libero
    Angelo Libero

    Take the crosskart and trophykart on first gear hot laps on the inside turns. Check reliability on both and make a berm for your turns all I one shot 👍

  • T3PX

    Charles: "IT IDLES NOW!!" Ike: [kills engine and dreams]

    • Shoe Chew
      Shoe Chew

      so rude

  • Vemost

    You need to bank that track, maybe some berms too ! Hey, what happened to the Snowmobile Engine go kart ? Are you going to use taller gears? Good to see you guys having fun again ! peace out !.

  • Toms Tech
    Toms Tech

    Cleetus: I bought a race track! C&C: Hold ma beer...

    • Toms Tech
      Toms Tech

      @Ezekiel Lloyd touché

    • Ezekiel Lloyd
      Ezekiel Lloyd

      Hold ma root beer

  • Dj Day
    Dj Day

    haha my 2 year old laughs at him jumpin on the durango haha

  • UN masked Games
    UN masked Games

    Charles is definitely perfect for this channel glad he joined this video proves his worth

  • CriticoolHit

    There's no finer root beer than virgils.

  • WildBill413

    Any rules? Do I need to mod the 212 on my drift cart on my channel? We have some Honda 5hp vs Predator 212 action to see. The Honda was shelved...

    • WildBill413

      9" tractor ballast"

  • Chuck Hixson
    Chuck Hixson

    Trailer one big tank of water..

  • brandon a
    brandon a

    This is very exciting! I am loving the continuous growth of the channel over the last few months! Well done, gentlemen.

  • no name
    no name

    212cc Durango

  • Big Bob
    Big Bob

    If you build it they will come... Great track guys!! 😎 🦖 💪

  • Jason

    You can also spray oil on that clay to harden it up but the environmental people would throw a fit lmao


    Can you make an update video on the 66 Chevy truck

  • scarface matt
    scarface matt

    track watering system, 55G drum, water pump, and a lawn sprinkler, on a trailer should so the trick. fill the drum up from the pond tow it to the track turn on the pump and let the sprinkler do its thing while driving around the track

  • Jason

    Start using slicks only on it and it will compact hard as asphalt and no ruts if you wet it and flatten it properly

  • Gene Hasenbuhler
    Gene Hasenbuhler

    Alrighty then. An outside bank on an inside oval- this should be fun as f

  • Nathan Foster
    Nathan Foster

    Hey you should take the cozy coupe around

  • White Deamon Tracks
    White Deamon Tracks

    nice video love the content

  • Jonathan Hoppe
    Jonathan Hoppe

    I still think it would be cool to put both 5.0 Hondas on the chicken cart. Maybe spice it up with a custom intake to one bigger carb.

  • Everymoto

    You have something awesome going on. Constantly evolving. Between the weekly builds and the specials, and new shop and friends/employees. Always cheers me up watching cars and cameras. And the podcast is perfect listening to in the garage.

  • ethan joncas
    ethan joncas

    Don't water it you'll waste so much water. Oil it like they used to on gravel roads. Use old fry oil.

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    Hold a root beer comp.

  • Eli Renigar
    Eli Renigar

    Weld the diff on that Durango!

  • BoLt 288
    BoLt 288

    You guys should live axel swap the nascar go kart and race it on that track

  • Speed Demon !
    Speed Demon !

    thank you please more of this

  • Micas Rochler
    Micas Rochler

    Give it some water

  • Aaron Da Bluestoner
    Aaron Da Bluestoner

    Looks like you’re running out of ideas. Get a pit bike bottom end, take out the crankshaft and engine section, use the transmission on a mini bike.

  • Sleigher958


  • Jack Wayne
    Jack Wayne

    You should try a shifter cart

  • Jay Grows
    Jay Grows

    Ahh yes, the Root Beer test! Pretty standard.....Really 😂

  • watahyahknow

    nect time pour the rootbeer in a dogdish and hold that around the track , would make it a lot more interesting

  • Matt Poynton
    Matt Poynton

    That track just screams Ducati go kart

  • Anthon de Vries
    Anthon de Vries

    this should be like cleetus's freedom factory but for mini dirtbikes!

  • Voronwë Calanon
    Voronwë Calanon

    Will you guys make a vid to help spared the word about what the EPA is trying to do and the RPM act?

  • Wes Carpenter
    Wes Carpenter

    Wear a respirator and send it haha. Sprinklers would help but I assume no water out there. If the creek is nearby you could run a hose from it to a 12v marine pump + car battery. I have one on the boat and it puts out some decent pressure. The dust bowl 500 might end up being the mud bog 100 if it rains.

  • Russell Bros. Garage
    Russell Bros. Garage

    Cut the cat off that Durango and you will love it!

  • oliver dalton
    oliver dalton

    what happened to the discount code for go power sports i was gonna use it to to buy the parts to make my race engine

  • Hi Wassup
    Hi Wassup

    I’ve got a brigs engine for u guys

  • Ringo Ciccone
    Ringo Ciccone

    Awesomeness! Y'all can't grade the ground with them small toy tractors! Lol look forward to seeing the follow-up videos

  • Music Athority
    Music Athority

    That go kart pushes like dump truck. I have a go kart that is very fast in other words it hauls ass!!!! I would love to put it on that track for the big race event. I know it would clean up but I live in Washington State. and it's a pretty long haul to North Carolina that's too bad it woulda binna whole lota fun.

  • Dakotah Neal
    Dakotah Neal

    Turn the durango into a track prep vehicle with a big plastic farm tank in the back with a 12v pump and horizontal tube with holes drilled in it. It would be a good episode on its own

    • Shoe Chew
      Shoe Chew

      A trailer.

  • Jeffery Quaife
    Jeffery Quaife

    Can you help me

  • Jeffery Quaife
    Jeffery Quaife

    I'M having problems getting a comit 780 torque converter for my maddog go-kart that I built

  • BlazeVsTheWorld

    Hey fellas your show is great. I’ve seen Ike talking about the six in his chev. If it’s the donk I think it is 500hp is entirely possible. In Australia we only had 202ci we called it the Holden red motor. I highly recommend you look up “Numnuts” HR Ute Burnout. Then look for it at the “Summer Nats” Also you will see the same basic engine in what we call a XU1 Torana. Look and learn son✌️

  • Holden Bostocky
    Holden Bostocky

    Okay totally off topic but hear me out. Mower. Bring back the mower.

  • Lu M
    Lu M

    This dude is funny

  • Jordan Dunmill
    Jordan Dunmill

    Wish I could join on my gx160 yard go-kart Australian

  • shane mann
    shane mann

    Should make track a little bit bigger.. longer and wider.. barely room for one cart/kart to ride hard.. make it longer wider maybe more turns to use your space better? Maybe?

  • Robert McFadden
    Robert McFadden

    Since everybody knows what a Miata cart is can y'all make a Durango cart?

  • Michael Whaley
    Michael Whaley

    To water track, 55 gallon drum and pvc T and small holes, attach to box blade

  • Titan slayer 909
    Titan slayer 909

    use a firtalizer spreader and put water in it

  • Manie R
    Manie R

    Man I wish I had a minibike, it would be fun on this track, but damn here in South Africa these gokart and minibike parts are not cheap

  • Kris Koehnke
    Kris Koehnke

    Learn to ride your three wheelers