Bronco Power Wheels has FULL POWER! The Fix was SO SIMPLE!

  • [Trump] Fan Cardano Stake Pool
    [Trump] Fan Cardano Stake Pool

    This thing is awesome.

  • Uzumaki Romeo
    Uzumaki Romeo

    Hey guys you need to adjust your steering on the bronco your steering ratio is way off if you go and watch the video look how much you turn the steering wheel compared to tire movement

  • Yoffo

    What kinda centrifugal clutch do you use for something like 16 HP Buggy? The small one we had just slipped through, throws sparks and glowed deep red after some slow parts :D

  • Joe Jon
    Joe Jon

    Now will you boys put a hinged pop open cage on that Rocket, Just seems Smart to be Safety minded.It Can still be Cool.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Ricky bobby in real life

  • sportster davidson
    sportster davidson

    Man you guys are crazy i love it . I have an escalade with a 110cc but i have a 200 atc 5 speed with hi liw from an atc im thinking of installing now , thanks guys

  • theodore Dow-man
    theodore Dow-man

    I like ethanol.

  • stu S
    stu S

    I guessed 1:05

  • Jon’s Garage
    Jon’s Garage

    Who’s ZJ is that in the back ground?

  • Richard Klein
    Richard Klein

    It looks like that understeers pretty bad. What can be done to fix that?

  • viper39

    it sounds crazy but i start with a i normally drill in 3 steps small med then bit size needed with tape on bit to keep it from going to far!

  • 80s DIRTBIKE
    80s DIRTBIKE

    Better do some research mr Ethanol because its not Ethanol that gums up your carbs, ill let u do the research

  • FaithfulMC

    was 1:10 but the cameradude thought new time would be 1:29ish

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    A little too soft in the rear. Otherwise freaking awesome.

  • Spoogethat

    the snake was a banded king snake, red and black a friend of jack

  • Matt Hendrick
    Matt Hendrick

    Grind hard plumming making these dude look like vaginas

  • Hubes Jonathan
    Hubes Jonathan

    Top 6

  • Mike Lanoce
    Mike Lanoce

    Dude said.. Ejecto Seato cuzz

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv

    Tell me you're an old school addict without telling me you're an old school addict? C&C: Yes!

  • GodschildinNC

    That is such an awesome build! Keep them coming!

  • Bobby McDonald
    Bobby McDonald

    Do you sell them when you build them. And how much do they cost if you do sell them?

  • Drew Gorman
    Drew Gorman

    Three wheel motion!

  • The Eternal
    The Eternal

    its amazing you guys have made so many videos and still don't do any compression on it when you're done editing. You are filming in 60fps. You have to compress the film or the quality suffers.

    • Nor Dic
      Nor Dic

      What are you talking about ? 60fps is the correct frame rate for deliverry to youtube. Your filming frame rate should match the target display device frame rate. Most phones, tablets, and computer monitors are 60fps.

  • Mark Abercrombie
    Mark Abercrombie

    Please stop promoting go power sports there customer service is not up to par shipping is 10 days behind . Shipping prices are really high . I know they are giving you guys good prices for promoting them but they are not where they need to be are customer service and supply and demand. E. C. carburators filled my order in 2 days start promoting these guys

  • Mike Springer
    Mike Springer

    Nice work buds

  • Chris Corey
    Chris Corey

    More fuel bigger jets I'd get a good plug NGK and I've even had good luck with diamond E3 spark plugs but if just a junky plug I open up the Gap up on the plug to give her more spark just my opinions


    Make more predator engines

  • wingnutgarage 10mm
    wingnutgarage 10mm

    Cars and cameras, try out an oil cooler for one of your builds. I made one from a 7 in by 12 in radiator, low pressure fuel line, a electric fuel pump running 1.5 -5 psi, with a 6mah craftsman drill battery. You have to drill a hole in the block in 2 locations, one is below the oil level that's a feed line and a return line. I got longer rides out of my engines before getting too hot.

  • wingnutgarage 10mm
    wingnutgarage 10mm

    The mini bike in my profile Pic would hit 60 mph and was most definitely one of my favorite builds

  • Alex Janssens
    Alex Janssens

    Man you guys really have the life i wanna live lol

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo

    This kart doesn't handle great around corners, is the suspension too soft especially on the back?

  • that 1 car guy ice
    that 1 car guy ice

    EPA:we gonna make dis illegal too

  • Cristhian Orellana
    Cristhian Orellana

    Love the air filter info, determining Enrichment. 🤌🏾

  • Jon

    What chassis did y’all use

  • Ryan Bishop
    Ryan Bishop

    Looks like it needs slightly stiffer springs. I feel like a lil less weight transfer and it'd be better on the track. Plus I was curious why's it turn so wide? Is it the wheel base?

  • SirDrakeNewcanon

    The solution was to change the main jet to a much bigger one? I have some bogging issue with a 110 cc quad. At full throtle it is runnig fine but in the middle section there us sone bogging. Carb is clean main jet is 72. It is like it gets not enough, but the spark is black. If I set it to a leaner mixture it was much worse.

  • PATRICK -5281970
    PATRICK -5281970

    What did yall use to track yalls speed?

  • Coda’s Lawn mowers
    Coda’s Lawn mowers

    Hey does Tillitons parts bolt up to Honda’s I’m just wondering because I have a Honda and want to buy a stage2 kit

  • woodster72

    Bronco is awesome! You guys should bring back pugly and put a predator motor on it. It would be interesting to see how you convert things on pugly to take a predator motor.

  • captain khronick
    captain khronick

    He was right it took 12 pulls the first time

  • Joe Yahoo
    Joe Yahoo

    PLEASE change the throttle to a THUMB THROTTLE!!!!!

  • Eva Peters
    Eva Peters

    Can you bring back the Ducati and turbo it.

  • Calyn Groover Sr
    Calyn Groover Sr

    That there was a danger noodle. A nope rope.

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    Danger Danger Will Robinson 🤓

  • James Nunnery
    James Nunnery

    Do you guys have a discount code through go power sports?

  • cameron hasenbalg
    cameron hasenbalg

    You should make another one and put the 670 v twin on it

  • DosileCreations

    stiffen the suspension

  • Ely David
    Ely David

    My day is made when u post a new vid

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall

    This bronco is a clergy’s McFarland certified ripper

  • RS7JR

    Your carb will keep getting trashed until you relocate it. Your uni filter is right in the rooster tail of your front passenger tire. One muddy puddle and you're back to cleaning.

  • Jon Storey
    Jon Storey

    Hi. With the space that you have there. you could have more than one track. One that is totally dry all all year round and quite flat for speed runs. Another that is muddy hilly, bumpy and with jumps. You could put an intermediate track. including some fast parts and some muddy and hilly parts. To try and get an all round track. As long as you have some kind of digger and gravel. You keep on altering the track until you get it to what's needed. I'm looking forward to your electric build. Have plenty of fun with not to many bad spills.

  • Bobby D
    Bobby D

    use a step bit (unibit) to cut those... the way they cut tends not to crack plastic.

  • ceasarstitts

    That suspension needs stiffening to soft over bumps with that speed

  • Justin Raab
    Justin Raab

    6th isn’t top 5 guys 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Justin Raab
    Justin Raab

    Sometimes you guys are just way too corny lol. Just act naturally instead of like your shooting some big time tv show. 👍🏻

  • Timothy W.
    Timothy W.

    Guys you really got to get the Bronco steering a little bit better it look like Ike was trying to twist that steering wheel 180 degrees to get that thing to turn even just a little bit

  • Topher Nuttle
    Topher Nuttle

    RBG is bringing it to this dust up Yawl!! He's gotta solid sled for this one so best of Luck to all 4 of Yawl now on team CnC...💯

  • Dave Snothere
    Dave Snothere

    drill plastic with the drill in reverse. You're welcome.

  • Heather Jennifer
    Heather Jennifer

    this comment is for anyone who uses the clear valve covers from GoPower sports. you should drill another small hole somewhere through it, and install a LED. illuminating the valve train with almost be sicker than the clear valve cover, itself. the way to do it, is to use a round LED, and just drill about halfway through the lexan, inserting it from the outside into the plastic directly. this would make all of the plastic itself glow. I'm sure you all got killer skill and intelligence, after all, what channel you're watching in the first place. 😏💯

  • Paul Schryer
    Paul Schryer

    I gotta ask.... WHY the Four Stroke motor !!??? I would have put a 350-Twin Banshee motor in it !!!!🤔 Maybe cuz it helps with the Torque, to get yer butt movin' !!!! 👍😆🤣😲 How long does the gas-tank last !??? Did you build it yourself, or is this a kit to weld & put together !!??? This is soooo freakn' cool !!!! Crazy to be drivin' this, when ya are so full-size !!! - It's so funny lookin', when you are racin' down a straight-stretch !!!!! 😂 I would love to build one of these !!!! - DEFINETLY A LOT OF FUN !!!!! 😜👍

  • Paul Schryer
    Paul Schryer


  • MrBest4tyres

    says its top 5 but it placed 6th

  • CrazyIvan1337

    @12:50, "hold your horses"? Don't you mean..."hold your Broncos?"

  • Keith

    you guys need some sponsor helmets and banners

  • Sterling Builds
    Sterling Builds

    Let me camp out on property and I'll deal with the 🐍s

  • Blue Collar Originals
    Blue Collar Originals

    Any one else watching this and turning there phone trying to drive

  • Johnathan Christian
    Johnathan Christian

    Sees one snake and immediatly regrets being there

  • 3V0

    I love the kart man. its one of my favorites but them handles being wonky and that turning radius need to be fixed. I think once youre able to do those two final things, its ready for a hot lap!

  • briah taylor
    briah taylor

    Hey what have you done with the 200cc shifter cart

  • WeThePeople1503

    Yo u guys just needed to move the clip position up a spot on the needle

  • Tyler Clark
    Tyler Clark

    Why don’t y’all do a build off junk race

  • Triforce Hub
    Triforce Hub

    Jeez I didn't think my minibike would be considered fast. 43mph record with a modified honda 270 swapped Coleman ct200u

  • Mike Teets
    Mike Teets

    I don’t like that steering at all have to almost turn it completely and it barley turns the wheel

  • Fuckface The Funny
    Fuckface The Funny

    does anyone know where one can find wheels or reproductions of wheels for a Manco 400?

  • john beach
    john beach


  • John Stancato
    John Stancato

    I know you guys know what you're doing but try something the next time you bleed brakes instead of pumping them just push down crack the bleeder tight-knit let up push it down crack a bleeder you'll be amazed how fast it works compared to pumping them

  • Andrew Willis
    Andrew Willis

    Need to stiffen the rear suspension up some

    • Daniel James
      Daniel James

      It desperately needs an anti roll bar, could solve all of their problems with the way it sways back-and-forth and gets on 3 wheels. It would definitely give the drivers a boost in confidence knowing that he's not gonna get too much weight hanging over the side & worsening the roll causing it to actually roll or land on him possibly. Hes only able to use the steering wheel for an anchor to keep him sitting up straight when the body rolls around from side to side. Anti roll bar will solve all of this. I wish they would read all the comments.

  • MRLAW243

    The pov at the end, lpl

  • David Cotter
    David Cotter

    I always start out in reverse ,slowly then go forward ,way less chance of cracking .

  • Westie 4AGE Turbo.
    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    Get your tractor and straighten your road a little. Trim the trees and bushes, add a bit of fill to the sides snd you will have a safer speed test track. Just a suggestion And it would be a funnproject to put up!!

  • Bucky Hurford
    Bucky Hurford

    That machine officially amazing. I would love to see the bronco race both of the Jeep’s from the grind hard boys. Well done gents

  • ase

    Eastern Kingsnake

  • Allen Allen
    Allen Allen

    Looks like it has a little toe in or is that just me?

  • john smith
    john smith

    Congratulations, you built something with a quarter of the power and torque of grind hard plumbing's slowest build. It's time to stop playing with lawn mower engines boys and step it up to the dirt bike, four-wheeler, snowmobile powerplants.

  • Go karting101
    Go karting101

    I like it better with the billet valve cover than the clear valve cover

  • Ken S Thorne
    Ken S Thorne

    Good show guy's

    • Ken S Thorne
      Ken S Thorne

      The camera man needs to borrow one of their toys from the garage

  • yizzer2

    You guys should build a roller to properly test and tune these things, doesn't have to be a dyno lol, who cares about the HP, but having the car stable and rolling would really help you diagnose drivability issues.

  • Tim Byford
    Tim Byford

    "That Grin" with a picture of his head at that moment cartoonized and cars and cameras on the back on some shirts. Real simple. WILL SELL.

  • Mud Pud
    Mud Pud

    this must be before Payton was a full member of the team. right?

  • Albert Peterson
    Albert Peterson

    Jon/Ike Look Out For 🐍 🤣🤣

  • TheBaconBrotato

    45 mph on that thing is impressive and frightening.

  • Send it Or bend it
    Send it Or bend it

    Nice video

  • Joe Schlong
    Joe Schlong

    Where is the Poorlaris????

  • Waterman one
    Waterman one

    Maybe could have put a T in the valve cover and saved drilling it.

  • R J Dumey
    R J Dumey

    If you use a Uni-bit to drill acrylic, it comes out nice.

  • mullet bubbles
    mullet bubbles

    I would put the 13 hp in, you could rewire the electric start to the other side of the carb

  • axeami135

    honestly, I think you could shave a little off the time with just a better throttle set up.

  • Trevor Babajan
    Trevor Babajan

    Stiffen that suspension up a little and fix the steering angle and this thing would be on a whole new level 👌🏻

  • Nash Paine
    Nash Paine

    A good rule is to take the pipe tap to where there’s about 6 threads sticking out of whatever you’re tapping.

  • Sheep Wolf
    Sheep Wolf

    When you want to drill through something but also want/need to be able to control the depth your bit will travel through the object, do this. Take ANY masking tape you have on hand, measure the max depth you want, from the penetrating end (that's the pointy one for the newbs), and wrap 4 or 5 wraps of tape around the bit. Now, drill all you want and when the tip makes entry, it will only drop into the hole determined by the depth of the tape. No more scratches, you're welcome.