Barn Find 1979 Honda Trail 90 Runs for the First Time in 26 YEARS! Meet our New Favorite Honda!!
I might have a new favorite Honda mini bike! This vintage Honda CT90 or Trail 90 was built as a rugged, small displacement every day adventure bike. Featuring a 90cc 4 speed engine (with high and low!!), collapsable grocery baskets, a steering lock, a removable auxiliary fuel tank, and more, this Honda Trail 90 is equipped for anything. In today's episode, we see if we can make the old Honda run and ride for the first time in years!

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  • Jeremy Van Allen
    Jeremy Van Allen

    Looks like my first bike as a kid.

  • jerry adams
    jerry adams

    Had one when i was a kid put it through hell and kept running.. Bad thing was is in the rain it would short out the spark plug wire.. and had to pull it off and dry it and ran again.. The other was the screen were you shut the gas would plug up with trash..Had a lot of fun with it

  • Tessa Hulver
    Tessa Hulver

    Will not start without a battery

  • shiv0123456789

    Think the handle bars turn so you can put it in the old bumper carriers

  • Atrain882

    I sent you a DM on Instagram

  • Atrain882

    Or we could do some Harley chopper trading if the scooter turns out core affect because I got a perfect Sweet sporty chart with a 21 over front I am built in California by mick chop shop

  • Atrain882

    Please let me know cause I’m sure you only paid 1000 $1200 max for it And I would like you guys to fix it up

  • Atrain882

    You wouldn’t want to fix that up and make it nice for my wife with you and I talking about because I I’m talking clean it up get it roadworthy safe for a wife Please let me know

  • Atrain882

    Do you want to sell that Honda

  • billy simmons
    billy simmons

    john, check out the jumps and jeep on Grind Hard

  • Dennis Xf
    Dennis Xf

    In Australia we use them to deliver the post mail also they come in 110cc and 125cc they also have a mass following where people get together once a year to celebrate them it’s called Postie nats look it up you guys would love it

  • Robert Mays
    Robert Mays

    Hey I was wondering if you guys could work on my 1960 7 Kawasaki dirt bike to make it run and stuff like that so yeah please help me

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson

    We loosened the handle bars on ours to make it easier to put this trail 90 into a 20foot fifth wheel when going camping . Miss and love that bike in the 80's

  • Shiro


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown

    tool kits there coz its an ex post office bike the postman aint going to be turning spanners on the bike theyre serviced at the government yard

  • jamie brown
    jamie brown

    we have 1000s of those bikes in australia as the post office delivers the mail on them

  • Randy Ruth
    Randy Ruth

    Where is part 2???

  • M Leger
    M Leger

    You guys should think about getting a ULTRASONIC clear for clean carbs

  • Mike Allberry
    Mike Allberry

    I go through phases of wanting a bike to much about with and maybe run to the shops with, i then decide against it, but everytime time you guys make a video about the CT70'S and not the 90, im like, yeah i gotta get me a little honda

  • Tim Stingel
    Tim Stingel

    Those are definitely all the correct tools that are supposed to be in that old kit except the fuses. I have ended up with many sets even though it is rare to find the tools in most rides

  • Evil beetle kustoms& creations
    Evil beetle kustoms& creations

    Seeing Ike majestically ride on the 90 made me think of the movie Hot rod 🤣

  • comepuchas


  • Dustin Halat
    Dustin Halat

    I’ve heard before that they need a battery to start or make good spark. So a new battery could help.

  • Mike Mathewson
    Mike Mathewson

    bumper motorhome a on it transporting For

  • mongowilson

    The handle bars turn so you can put it on the bumper mounts of your vehicle. Have some for my 70. the handle bars on the 70s fold down for the same reason.

  • Shabib Rawi
    Shabib Rawi

    I’m so sorry guys I thought I was subscribed

  • Law Dogg
    Law Dogg

    As Jon said for carrying on your RVs. Also we made Racks that hooked on to the bumpers in the old days.

  • Lockeyest Locksmith
    Lockeyest Locksmith

    Put the air filter back on The carburetor is jetted to run with the air filter Installed.

  • FNC Nopanic
    FNC Nopanic


  • TacoFry

    In Aus these have been our postie bikes for decades! Super reliable and tons of fun, I can personally vouch that they will literally run on any kind of engine oil 😅😅

  • Keith Libner
    Keith Libner

    For that nasty gas tank, what I did, was fill it with vinegar and let it sit for a couple of days. Then rinse it out and blow dry it with compressed air. gets rid of nasty gas AND rust.

  • Alex Beck
    Alex Beck

    i’ve been working on my own trail 90 for the past few months and from what i’ve learned, the battery supplies the voltage for the points up until around 2k rpm. And there’s a seat that mounts on the rack in the back, that’s the purpose of the rear pegs

    • Alex Beck
      Alex Beck

      oh also, i believe turning the handlebars has 2 purposes, storage and disassembly. When you’re taking apart the front end suspension, it’s a LOT easier when you can turn the handlebars out of the way

  • that_kid


  • Matt Stanaway
    Matt Stanaway

    I have 64’ Honda c102. Gets pretty Smokey also. If anyone has any suggestions on what the cause may be, let me know.

  • Bigfoot270

    It lives. Yea man!

  • Bigfoot270

    Come on maaan. You guys pull them out and give them life. 🙌🙌🙌

  • Bigfoot270

    When you guys get a bike you fix it. The motorcycle mechanics around here don’t fix nothing then charge you. I would love to have that all fixed up.

  • Travis Broesder
    Travis Broesder

    I love this show. I myself have made many things run that shouldn’t have. But I’m learning so much from you guys. Plus your a great team.

  • Mark Cavanaugh
    Mark Cavanaugh

    The Postmen use these in Sydney Australia for home mail delivery.

  • Robin Browne
    Robin Browne

    With an automatic clutch, you don't want the carb to stick open :-(

  • Lost Skills Podcast
    Lost Skills Podcast

    Honda started making these again but with a 125 motor a new one is just a little more than a good running older one.

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    Those old Hondas were truly the dreams of a lotta youngsters

  • nulldua

    im saving up for one of these and swapping the engine for a honda clone or a monkey 125 engine my cheaper version of the CT 125 lol

  • josh f
    josh f

    The recovery bike lol

  • George Jarvis
    George Jarvis

    Check ur Battery

  • George Jarvis
    George Jarvis

    Love the CT90,s! Get ya some emery cloth 4 those points works great last longer than sandpaper 2

  • Macen Barmore
    Macen Barmore

    25.43 check out this bowl

  • Macen Barmore
    Macen Barmore

    Love you stoners

  • Tom S
    Tom S

    Mustie1 did a video on one of these. It didn't run well without the snorkel on the carburetor

  • Mike Tucker
    Mike Tucker

    Don't run that CT90 long without a battery. The stator will blow all the bulbs out. The battery is used as an absorber of over voltage. That's while the lights are on that is...

  • Caleb Moore
    Caleb Moore

    Thank you guys for what you did for this bike. This was my dads bike and he couldn’t have been more excited than knowing you were going to make a project out of it and put it on SVname. He sent the link as soon as he saw it was up. Can’t wait to see the end result!

    • Caleb Moore
      Caleb Moore

      It looks like Baby is in good hands!

  • J Clouse
    J Clouse

    Really love this bike, great work guys. I look forward to the follow up vid!

  • floyd loonie
    floyd loonie

    The handle bars move so you can carry the bike on a bumper carrier or similar system on your pick-em-up truck when you go hunting, camping, etc...

  • Rocky Lee
    Rocky Lee

    Handlebars fold sideways to fit on back of RV or travel trailer

  • cayminlast

    Back in the day, pre digital, many of the thousands of courier/ messenger riders had these bikes. They even had a delivery riders challenge at the Kyalami International Grand Prix Circut near the city of Johannesburg.

  • Joe Vendramin
    Joe Vendramin

    Those are great bikes! The best selling motorcycle of all time. Do a complete restoration.

  • Greatest Evar
    Greatest Evar

    the intake has the amazing side effect of vacuuming your farts away. let er rip bois.

  • Nick Cox
    Nick Cox

    The old Trail 90 I grew up on needed a hot battery to idle right. The stator didn't seem to make enough power on its own. Try cleaning your carb with an electrostatic cleaner (about $100 at Harbor Freight) and putting in a new honda rebuild kit. That tank really needs to be better cleaned and maybe lined depending on how must rust there is. They are cool old bikes though.

  • cole thomas
    cole thomas


  • It’s itchy dude 1
    It’s itchy dude 1

    Put rusty fuel through it,then wonder why it don’t run right?😳

  • Davyboy07 W
    Davyboy07 W

    You should keep the original engine

  • Matthew Soltis
    Matthew Soltis

    Hey how are you guys

  • Dave J
    Dave J

    The unnecessary rubber boot on the brake levers are to keep the dust out of the cable. Long term, dust will build on the inner cable, make it stiff or seized.

  • Gordon Stearns
    Gordon Stearns

    Your volume sucks

  • Cristos Palabras
    Cristos Palabras

    I had a Bridgestone 90, moped. It was too heavy to use the pedals for more than about 50 feet. Loved that quick little bike! So, this video made my day. Love Hondas! 👍😁 🏍️

  • Chris Cornell
    Chris Cornell

    Get a battery for this. It will run better. The battery is part of the system and it helps regulate the voltage. when you turned on the headlight, you may have blown the low beam because of the high voltage(you can also blow the other bulbs in the system this way). Cant wait to see the next video about this.

  • Chuck Fry
    Chuck Fry

    You meet the nicest people on a Honda

  • Art L
    Art L

    I had a trail 90 as a kid. I hated it. It's a girl's bike, for crying out loud. I wanted a real bike, with a clutch, and a gas tank where it's supposed to be. But I was 10, and had no was that or nothing. I tried to kill it. I really did. I never changed the oil, and I never adjusted the chain. I never touched the points, or the spark plug. I'd shift from hi to low range with my heel, while in motion. I jumped it (scariest thing ever) over ditches. That thing would not die. It never failed to start, never left me stranded. The seat would slap my butt every time I got it airborne, and the exhaust pipe rotted away, but that was the worst thing it ever did. We took that thing into some God-Awful places, and it never, ever quit. But you look stupid riding one! At about 13ish, I'd saved a little hay-baling and irrigation pipe moving money, and traded up (??) to a Honda CT125. It wasn't nearly as reliable as the 90, but at least it had a clutch and the gas tank was in the right place. But thankfully the CT125 died and I got my first XR, a 200, in 1980. I still hate the CT90, but now those friggin things are everywhere! My buddy has two of the darn things and thinks they're awesome! Time is proving, I guess, that they are indestructible, but as uncool now as ever! Anyway, the handlebars turn so you can get the bike inside a pickup least that's what my grandpa said when trying to explain why HE bought one voluntarily.


    The handle bars turn to mount on front of camper truck or back of motorhome , just like the trail 70's bars swing away. Side note if you half press the shifter in gear it is a neutral .


    At 2:35 did John call the Center Stand a Tri-stand ?

  • Oved Appr
    Oved Appr

    wait what ? they air gapped the coil ? with rubber strap ? so as long as it is properly installed no electrical false signal ? dam . Honda was ahead of its time back then

  • Budd Midkiff
    Budd Midkiff

    Well I'll be ... Couldn't find it before please look at my comments on the trophy truck thread. Good luck

  • Jerry Tuley
    Jerry Tuley

    Another thing those things flat track really well

  • Jerry Tuley
    Jerry Tuley

    BTW take the baskets off

  • Jerry Tuley
    Jerry Tuley

    At one time in the 70s a guy showed up at a hair scramble race with one of those, he entered a novice class and won

  • Bryan Wayne
    Bryan Wayne

    Keep these longer vids comin John! They are awesome.

  • mcsstudios101

    I would assume the handlebars purposely turn for storage. Amazing how much room it can make. Nice find!

  • M D
    M D

    You can adjust the tension on the steering head bearings to eliminate speed wobble on some older bike

  • thebentley71

    It for putting then on the back of an RV/motorhome.

  • Family Lee
    Family Lee

    Same with my 185 Suzuki quad it will run fine until you hit bumps with it.

  • Ronny Fountain
    Ronny Fountain

    you guys are to young look up this bike why are they comming back with the new ta in a 125 cc

  • Extreme Family Man
    Extreme Family Man

    If if I'm not mistaken the stem nut Is underneath them to

  • Extreme Family Man
    Extreme Family Man

    Handlebars turn for loading in the trunk of a car and Easy Storage

  • Gary Gahr
    Gary Gahr

    It’s ruff to get old LOL

  • Bradley Ruffner
    Bradley Ruffner

    nobody sticks BABY in a corner :)

    • Bradley Ruffner
      Bradley Ruffner

      BABY has a nice Rack :)

  • tsloan2100

    Oh man, you guys are about to go down the rabbit hole, and it's awesome. There is a big bore set up for these, and could be worth it. Also consider a new rectifier. I can get 55 mph on mine in the downhill, but can get to 45mph regularly. They really are great bikes.

  • ozzy kimble
    ozzy kimble

    mineral spirits will clean your tanks better with less chances of makin holes in soft metal

  • dodge and Chevy fan
    dodge and Chevy fan

    wait, i've missed something in the past. why does ike (sorry if i spelled your name wrong) have an ankle bracelet? if its only for you to know thats understandable

  • joe mama
    joe mama

    Keep it original!!!!!

  • Darth Szaba
    Darth Szaba

    When I was a kid I use to make fun of a dude that had one them.I road circles a round him on my RM 125. But now that I'm an older I'd love to have one them to ride to store or take a ride thru the park.

  • Orion

    If only there could be a 250cc honda trail 90, the T90 design is so nice to me, that and the classic CB250'S or the KT250.

  • caffeinated

    Hello! Big old Honda enthusiast here, the handle bars can be folded using that lever you guys found at about the 7 minute mark so that it can be stored more practically with the bars fitting into the space already occupied by the bike's frame and front wheel!

  • Emilio Booker
    Emilio Booker

    Don't buy a POS aftermarket carb.. the only good carb is the oem carb on it.

  • karlsonkab51

    a real blast in the lowest gear !

  • Jason Gaudet
    Jason Gaudet

    The way John is rocking back and forth, it's like he's on a quarter ride outside of a store! Lol I love it!

  • Carl Mcconnell
    Carl Mcconnell

    Use a nail file to clean your points.

  • Media Mate
    Media Mate

    hey isac ive got a problem with my bike when it reaches a high rpm it stops sparking but as soon as the rpm lowers it sparks again, if the points or condenser was the issue what would i need to do to fix it

  • Ben Carr
    Ben Carr

    I would like to see yall do an engine swap like a 1500cc or bigger make it quick

  • Dennis Thurston
    Dennis Thurston

    The rack on the back will accommodate a square boat cushion for a rider i owned one back in the 80's it was a fun little bike not very fast especially on dirt but fun for a teenager to learn on

  • thomas bailey
    thomas bailey

    High and low range Gesrs will strip or . Break.That motor is the same one they put in the Old 3 wheelers ATC 90.I owned one. Great motor. There weat spot is the high and low range gears. And by Popping it in gear While rivin it up that will break gears in high and low range.I know Ive done it..LOL.if you put a Filter on it. It will suck the fuel in better then running it without a filter..