ABANDONED Chicken Farm Go Kart Gets 3X Power!

  • William Sutten
    William Sutten

    that is my go kart and it is the best money pit bc i had to live alxe kit it

  • Teon Holman
    Teon Holman

    I'm trying to build a go kart like the 1 in video, I'm rebuilding a flat head 8hp briggs and stratton any suggestions on how to build power or can you guy build 1 to show what they're capable of

  • Boosted

    Just an idea, mount the Honda motor or any old motors you have on a stand out side and ask subscribers or participants in your next event to guess how long the motor will last at wide open and do a give away to the winners.

  • Shawn Goldsberry
    Shawn Goldsberry

    I thought you guys knew better than running a master link

  • FierceMotorworks

    Need a go-kart road trip episode!

  • Christo Barnard
    Christo Barnard

    Can you guys build an offroad gokart with suspension, ATV tires and a bit closer to the ground than the moster truck and then take it somewhere to do some offroading

  • Infinity 1971
    Infinity 1971

    Put a 4 cylinder engine on it

  • Jack Richards
    Jack Richards

    I just could tell this is one of your videos. as soon as I clicked I checked the producer & BOOM! it's cars'n'cameras fer shur? AND John needs the shave & Isaac that beard you wore is the concealment of all the undesirable emotions on your face bro'! I reckon it was suited to you but medically or in relative (relationship) terms I have no inkling. Very much suits you Isaac IMFO.............

  • Bobby Elliott
    Bobby Elliott

    Charles hits the gas for the 1st time Engine revs. John "uh it uh appears the master link has exploded"

  • Krazyau55ie

    I like them sunnys 😎

  • Shawn Libby
    Shawn Libby

    how about the tilloston 236r racing enging .......

  • Solar General
    Solar General

    The current state of American society makes me way to say f- my career, f- all of it. Build and sell go karts and never look back. My career is not truly appreciated anyway.

  • Rick Collins
    Rick Collins

    Those are booger welds lol

  • James Beatty
    James Beatty

    That thing needs a live axle and some better brakes. But it’s a beast.

  • John Connolly
    John Connolly

    Gear down a bit ?

  • Max Taylor
    Max Taylor

    Yall gotta get the DeLorean kart out there on the oval.

  • Alex Voss
    Alex Voss

    4:11 Oh you guys should see some of the jank welds on the go kart I am building! It is an old streaker go kart and we think it was one of the track go karts for one of the old Geauga Lake amusement parks up here in Ohio! I am also putting a predator 212 on it, for the burnouts and speed 😎🤘

  • Steen Pedersen
    Steen Pedersen

    It's this kind of fun you have when you get older but remember being a kid sometimes. 😂

  • noskatehate

    This video gave me the motivation to get back out and work on my 450cc honda swapped gold cart for the first time in a year. Thanks guys!! You know I had to give the video a like because of that!

  • Willy Ck
    Willy Ck

    I'd be welding some angle to the tube frame to reinforce it🤔

  • hillbilly destruction
    hillbilly destruction

    Wanna see your welding with a mask on the camera haha it's way better to film idk

  • Xserabis

    Meanwhile me, in my 50ccm scooter going almost 50mph/80kph :|

  • The Odd Guy
    The Odd Guy

    4:13 Vibes from the old times.

  • rs2klee

    should be sitting on the inside when going anti clockwise not the out side

  • Marco Gallardo
    Marco Gallardo

    Those front tires act like brakes when making a turn on the lap.

    • Marco Gallardo
      Marco Gallardo

      Put rounded tires it will help with the drifting that's what your friend likes to do just don't let go of the gas and practice on the direction of the wheel

  • Rob C
    Rob C

    tell you what for the purpose of your race id move the steering and pedals to the other side for better cornering weight on an oval... or center it o be more comfortable and a bucket seat

  • 101nano 101
    101nano 101

    My gocart drive tran is very similar but it has a tork converter made into it it not 1 that bolts on the motor it set up like what u would see on a old golf car the driver pull on the motor the pulled pull on a shaft

  • 101nano 101
    101nano 101

    I did the same thing except I put a 13 hp on mine i could upgrade my motor and make at least 20hp pretty easy I have a honda gx390

  • jeff ganoe
    jeff ganoe

    At my backyard track [Turtle Creek speedway] I use a 300 gal tank payed $25 for and put pvc pipe made a boom drilled holes with a spout . Use my truck as a water truck , water down the track then use old tractor tires and drag around to smooth out the track works great. Sometimes I will use a tiller first. Hope this helps or maybe gives you all some ideas. Backyard karting is a lot of fun.

  • Mike Serb
    Mike Serb

    I have to do this immediately

  • Dylan fahey
    Dylan fahey

    You guys should do a tour of all your go karts dirt bikes everything that would be cool

  • ARegularPokémonCollector CollectorKid
    ARegularPokémonCollector CollectorKid

    Why the separate fuel tank? Cant you use the stock one? Just asking

  • Rusted Ratchet Garage
    Rusted Ratchet Garage

    These are the deathtraps i remember as a child

  • ErgoProxy

    lol looks fun bouncing a bit hard some air out of those back tires might help out with that get more grip, i learn that with a three wheeler i had, too much bounce and nearly flipped it so i let out enough air till it only had alittle bit of bounce and it did just fine plenty of grip.

  • vern e
    vern e

    Not sure why you don’t move the set back 4 to 6’’.

  • Frank Steinhilber
    Frank Steinhilber

    wish you guys would get a lift table , my back gets sore watching work off the floor !

  • C Price
    C Price

    It's summertime! Build a mud motor. Get on the water

  • Fred Stone
    Fred Stone

    We are all with you isaac.

  • William Hall
    William Hall

    Is mini mayhem on this year?

  • Nathan Triplett
    Nathan Triplett

    Love y’all content

  • Clayton Trussell
    Clayton Trussell

    When are ya'll gonna show the race?

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    amazing!! a shorter gear on that track would be great.

  • Dan Burch
    Dan Burch

    Make the track as large as you want or have room for. Then make it a figure-8. Two types of tracks on one. Although you wouldn't be running a demolition derby, it would be a challenge to make right and left turns during a lap.

  • supertedogpriken

    You guys have been stuck just under 1milion subs now for ages.... Time to try something new and put a dirt bike engine on one(some) of your go karts. I bet that a tiny 125cc 2 stroke engine would be so much more fun and faster then the 225 you are using there. And geting into some dirt bike engines would also give you gus even more new subs..

  • pitbike Adventure
    pitbike Adventure

    Time stamp 10:06 that reminds me of little rascals when day working on the go-kart

  • supertedogpriken

    What happened to the big 2 stroke build?? Is it coming or did you guys just give up on the whole 2 stroke deal?? Again.....

  • Shark Marles
    Shark Marles

    Any update on Isaac getting his jet ski?!? Would love to see more water content!


    Min 13:16 chain ⛓️⛓️⛓️


    Min 12:25 TIME RUN....


    Min 11:25 your welcome 😁


    Min 11:25


    need to make it wider the track i mean then wet the thing down a little

  • willowbrook hermit
    willowbrook hermit

    1 wheel peel unlimited .Add to backyard speedway

  • Smurphenstein

    That went from a farm kart to a FAA...kart!

  • rachel Hen13
    rachel Hen13

    You can get 62 and better out of a 212 but only 42 out of a 225

  • rachel Hen13
    rachel Hen13

    Why does john have a orange kitchen aid mixer on the front of his helmet

  • Dustin Coil
    Dustin Coil

    I wonder if you guys wet the track a bit you would get better traction?

    • Dan Burch
      Dan Burch

      Good idea! Water makes an excellent lubricant when mixed with dirt. It would keep the dust down and the excitement up.

  • rachel Hen13
    rachel Hen13


  • rachel Hen13
    rachel Hen13


  • Audiosilver

    42 mph or kph

    • Audiosilver

      mph is insanely fast

  • giggity giggity goo F, G
    giggity giggity goo F, G

    That frame looks like it's been extended (really badly) by around 12 inches, could do with having either the old tubes cut out & replaced with new, put a new length along the old & weld it to double the frame or cut a stick in half long ways & cap the bottom of the old tube from front to back or of course bin the old cracked frame. The other way is to give it to your new intern not Charles the other one & let him ride it till it breaks in half lol that would make for a good video

  • ebike rider
    ebike rider

    I would call go kart drift bug

  • Jim Cole
    Jim Cole

    actually, GPS is out of stock on almost every engine. : (

  • mightymikethebear

    This is the cart my 13 year old self would have wanted. It looks like a lot of fun - just don't get hurt - medical bills are expensive.

  • shadow503

    That SLOW-MO footage tho!!!

  • Noel Vande Slunt
    Noel Vande Slunt

    9:00 road lizard lololol

  • Jahbronie O’s
    Jahbronie O’s

    Love Charles so much

  • mark smithson
    mark smithson

    Issac really poured it on hauling the mail with that cart.

  • Chase Williams
    Chase Williams

    Gotta use that German torque spec gud n tite

  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    I want a historical documentary about how Isaac met John and they made a SVname channel

  • James Hedrick
    James Hedrick

    I never likes the over head cam honda engines. The overhead valve Honda's are better

  • BIG K
    BIG K

    I have cart just like that i cut steering wheel and moved it to center

  • Donavan Roland
    Donavan Roland

    Charles gunna git it with that cart.

  • MKx1990 x
    MKx1990 x

    "I'm orderin five of em'" lmao 🤣 this guys funny as hell

  • Wayne SuckIT
    Wayne SuckIT

    I love seeing this jenky rough stuff brought back to life. Roll on dust bowl vid 🙂

  • Quetzalcoatl Toltec Sun God
    Quetzalcoatl Toltec Sun God

    Did you ever get new sprockets for the Honda Z50r?

  • Don Perry
    Don Perry

    It needs new back tires with a lil bit of grip, but it'll be fine

  • ewan glendinning
    ewan glendinning

    You guys are lovin the dream!!

  • Coda’s Lawn mowers
    Coda’s Lawn mowers

    Do y’all want a old Briggs 11hp

  • renaion _
    renaion _

    At least I'm 18 to say this Charles is cute

  • Chad Kennedy
    Chad Kennedy

    This is why you always check the frame top to bottom people just be smart about looking everywhere

  • Dale Lester
    Dale Lester

    Y'all should try and get a Honda Grom!!!

  • Randy Meyers
    Randy Meyers

    Heck yeah Ike that Apex and counter steer make a difference. Hehe

  • MR. Make-Do
    MR. Make-Do

    ..and the engine cost like what, 38.5x the actual kart? XD (I actually did the math!)

  • Randy Meyers
    Randy Meyers

    Git to warm for the Beard? Hey guys have been on for a while , glad to see yall

  • Josh Graves
    Josh Graves

    Those Murray karts were pure junk. The frame was the worst part on them. When I was a teen I had a brand new one from Walmart and the frame, cage ans rear axle were always getting welded

  • Tall Boy
    Tall Boy

    Well, Damn! That caint be the same cart from last time. 😱😲🤨🤟 Dude, power wash that thing! You don’t know what you may find! DAMN! That thing is FAST AF! 🤯😀. That’s the Tshirt I want: I’m ordering 5 of ‘em. Damn Fine Episode!

  • Dan I.T. GUY
    Dan I.T. GUY

    Big Ups To Charles!! I know what its like brother! It takes a bit to learn to forget your being filmed and just let it all hang out!! Great Stuff Guys!!

  • Dan I.T. GUY
    Dan I.T. GUY

    Now That's Fun!! Fun begins at that hairy too damn fast too much power level!! I would try to add a tooth or two on the sprocket and get some taller tires for the front but DAMN That looks like a Ball!!

  • J0rdanRaY 508
    J0rdanRaY 508

    I thought it had to be 212cc and with slicks? You already have.home field advantage but just cheating isn't cool

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    Can't wait to see some racing 🔥👍✌️

  • SpeedParts Company
    SpeedParts Company

    Nice shorts

  • Dr Fingaz
    Dr Fingaz

    FNG is a fn GREAT addition

  • Titus Calcagno
    Titus Calcagno

    That thing flys

  • Issac Gomez
    Issac Gomez

    Ike sound like if will ferrel didn't become an actor

  • willowbrook hermit
    willowbrook hermit

    Is Charles the official track man?Charles you're looking good out there Just a time.

  • willowbrook hermit
    willowbrook hermit

    Most laps around track Without a break down.

  • willowbrook hermit
    willowbrook hermit

    Got to know details of track.Set the standards For the backyard power track.Everyone can set their time I won't be slowest

  • Zoe meow
    Zoe meow

    Are the step brothers movie in real life 😂 thanks of neat video ✨✨✨✨

  • Matthew Heal
    Matthew Heal

    Ohh an engine with a plastic camshaft, just means you can re-grind the cam lobes with some sandpaper!