Abandoned $150 Honda 750cc Build | Will it FINALLY RUN?

  • Blackdog


  • John Monter
    John Monter

    Did you lap the valves and seats that was pitted? Also there is a popping sound like an aircompressor is running. Check cylinders 1-2 compression.

  • G58

    The obsession with getting an engine running without checking all the other possible issues always comes back to bite you in the a$$ every time. That thing was obviously very tight, and clearly needed a lot of attention to the bearing surfaces, and particularly the bores. If you don’t have a broken piston ring very soon, I will be very surprised.

  • Pins and Screws
    Pins and Screws

    "Mushroom the heads of the valves gettin' em out"...get some brass punches. The brass is softer than the material of the valve. It will help prevent the head from mushrooming, and works just as well on bolts and other such things that deform easily when met by the hard face of a hammer.

  • tkd4zgqg

    Great way to burn up a starter, running starter for 5 minutes straight.. LOL

  • Kieran Devlin
    Kieran Devlin

    Where can I get performance parts (cam, crank, piston, rod, flywheel) for a 1983 Briggs I/C engine? (In Canada) I can find stuff for 5 horses but not 10

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business

    Use the head off the engine with the cracked block?

  • Christian V
    Christian V

    I have a question is a 208cc 6.5 hp engine good for a go kart?

  • Richard rockwall
    Richard rockwall

    Sign the rpm act please

  • Jigga Man
    Jigga Man

    Sorry man. Not gonna be joining the pit crew. I just find it pathetic with shit like that. It's like your begging your fan's into paying for your shit

  • Jigga Man
    Jigga Man

    The worst head job ever aye!? LOL you guys r the ish!!

  • xan:D

    id love to see if the cars and cameras crew could build/ modify a cross kart to run with a 89-99 yamaha fzr600 motor, im totally not saying this for tips on how to get my fzr running, love the builds guys keep it up

  • Brk Bayçnr
    Brk Bayçnr


  • The professional Idiot
    The professional Idiot

    Who would dislike this, artwork❤️

  • Del VPF
    Del VPF

    I learned from The Hub that anytime something or someone gets stuck you have no choice but to penetrate it.

  • terry fonz
    terry fonz

    Call me old fashioned but I hate that you didn’t hit that thing with a pressure washer before bringing it in your shop to work on it!!!

  • Jayson Gonzalez-Ortiz
    Jayson Gonzalez-Ortiz

    *why it does not have all four carbs for better even injection?*

  • armedinbama

    Ike knows head jobs! (Or so I've been told...)


    Please do an update on the 66 truck I want to see it completed please

  • kevin bailey
    kevin bailey


  • Dean Robertello
    Dean Robertello

    What happend to stolen ct70 video went to go watch and no video

  • Nova

    You need to build a box stock project Honda clone for something

  • Muckydoo

    Right now, it sounds like bubbles should be coming out of the exhaust.

  • Next Level Garage
    Next Level Garage

    After a long time

  • jimmy21480

    love this channel! been subscribed for a long time, but i can't figure out why the channel is call "cars" and cameras. should be karts and kameras lol

  • Ognyan Dachev
    Ognyan Dachev

    Awesome stuff, put the original carbies on it! :)

  • Nils-Bendik Mogan Olsen
    Nils-Bendik Mogan Olsen

    Is Issac the voice of "King Of The Hill"?

  • Scott Farkus
    Scott Farkus

    That things has dual overhead cams. I had 1976 CB 750 that had a single overhead cam, it would peg out the speedometer, which went to 165 mph.

  • I cannon gamer
    I cannon gamer

    Crosskart vs trophy kart, i see a race of the ages

  • Capron Tappan
    Capron Tappan

    You guys should turbo it

  • Paul Janssen
    Paul Janssen

    You should have pretty the head in a bucket of diesel and then use some pending training oil to loosen the valves up if needed been doing machine work a long time of course if you're buying new valves and new guides you can pound away

  • BLAQY11 skits Skits
    BLAQY11 skits Skits

    Can ya bring back the naskart

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter

    You didn't feel the need to lap the valves?

  • Z Dawg
    Z Dawg

    What size are the cards? I have a cb 650 and a kz 650, 2 karts sound like a fun idea

  • Tim Collier
    Tim Collier

    How do you plan to cool that motor.

  • Jason Simms
    Jason Simms

    What happened to the new video someone stole your stuff

  • CH PLAYS The gamer Boy
    CH PLAYS The gamer Boy

    if you do lift the crosskart how many inches are you going to raise it?

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    "Help us build our business better" aaaaaaand I'm out.

  • Robert McKinley
    Robert McKinley

    I have had an engine with stuck valves. I was able to get them freed up by using Marvel Mystery oil in the crankcase. I did not drain the crankcase oil but just added the Marvel mystery oil then drained the oil afterwards.

  • Dee

    wheres the video on the stolen honda

  • Keith Strand
    Keith Strand

    I need some advice. My son and I are building a go kart. we striped it down to frame to paint but the enamel isn’t sanding off easy. Any cheap ideas to remove it?

  • Randy R Loredo
    Randy R Loredo

    You guys should put a mini turbo on that thing the the dual carb and single intake more for the boost ......

  • Jo N Ard
    Jo N Ard

    Sounds like that engine is already running better than the first one.

  • Matt Fields
    Matt Fields

    Ike, the junk whisperer, comes in clutch again!

  • Erric D Johnson 74
    Erric D Johnson 74

    Oh yeah can't wait to see it rip again 🔥👍✌️

  • Hc 437
    Hc 437

    On the live you were talking about how a cvt wouldn’t be good for longevity and you couldn’t be more wrong there extremely reliable that’s why literally every atv uses them now there literally perfect for trails we do massive overlanding trips with rzr turbos and they work great the manual utvs are only good in the dunes (not to be rude just sharing experience)

  • g0ldensample21

    Ike has that serious face again like he wants to run you over LOL

  • Donald Burkhard
    Donald Burkhard

    If kart had 750cc why not combine the two, best parts of each?

  • Forest Ranch
    Forest Ranch

    That’s has to be the most orgasmic sounding engine I’ve ever heard without the exhausts

  • Nathan Triplett
    Nathan Triplett

    I think it time to hit 1 mil

  • Deer Park Farmstead
    Deer Park Farmstead

    Ike’s the man. I love the sound of those engines.

  • john beach
    john beach


  • german3579

    Cross cart drifting!

  • DryFork Garage
    DryFork Garage

    Easily one of the best feelings in the world for sure! I recently got a couple of my motorcycles up and running again!

  • Westie 4AGE Turbo.
    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    Please install a bash plate under the engine!

  • borderm3

    “Is this the worst head job you’ve ever done?” 🤣😂

  • Ruben Sahak
    Ruben Sahak

    funny he is wearing ear protection tightening bolts with screw gun! Seriously? you mean to say you are sensitive to bolts tightening up? what 15db? You talking is louder then that! Great job!! love the ending

  • bigfish74f

    You did lap them valves didnt you

  • Shpee Beats
    Shpee Beats

    like ya haircut g

  • cameron hasenbalg
    cameron hasenbalg

    She's baaaaack!! WooHoo

  • Carbureted Seltzer
    Carbureted Seltzer

    If y'all haven't thought about it, ditch the two carb manifold set up and run quad varbs!!! Four Mikini VM26 would light It up

  • King dingaling
    King dingaling


  • Oldiron

    I will quit cringing when you quit turning the the engine over dry

  • What's in a name that the captives go free?
    What's in a name that the captives go free?

    Where do I get a t-shirt that the intern is wearing? 1-2-3-4-5-6-R

  • Loren Mars
    Loren Mars

    SOUNDS SWEET! Good rescue.

  • aron powell
    aron powell

    Future build do yall think a little 250 honda rebal would make a cool shift kart? 5spd and pretty simple far as wiring?

  • Steve Prinz
    Steve Prinz

    Do you plan on installing a skid plate?

  • Dominick T
    Dominick T

    Lyft it higer

  • StupidEarthlings

    Yo. Easy on the starter. Afew seconds at a time. (Usually 30 max- which i think is too much, personally). :)

  • rachel Hen13
    rachel Hen13


  • Meof Myof
    Meof Myof

    Why is Isaac wearing hearing protection while tightening bolts and not when running an unmuffled engine?

  • Nikko

    Hey guys. Nothing against Payton - but where's 'Owen Wilson' ??

  • madmat2001

    Was the old 750 not a DOHC motor? Why couldn't you use the head off it?

  • Kahl Roberts
    Kahl Roberts

    Please please put a bash plate under the cross cart

  • Raymond Beadle
    Raymond Beadle

    Now don't forget to put on a sump guard. Great work

  • Dalon Abbott
    Dalon Abbott

    🇱🇷 I'm ready to see y'all give it hell🇱🇷

  • Jordan Dunmill
    Jordan Dunmill

    trophy truck and cross kart showdown lets get it

  • Ben Goodluck
    Ben Goodluck

    Would like to see you guys get back to doing more revival videos. Getting old engines and getting them going again. Is a bit more relevant to some of us low budget builders, and being in Australia aswell engines and parts aren't as cheap new here. And the challenge and the knowledge learned along the way from reviving an old engine. It seems more satisfying to me starting an old engine that hasn't started in quite some time. And seeing just how bad some can be and still run😁 Would love to see more like your earlier videos.

  • Psyrecx

    The shart cart was farting a bit, there, at the beginning.

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke

    Still my Fav Build :)

  • Gregory Fletcher
    Gregory Fletcher

    Can you put the 4 carbs back on that motor. It would really hall then.

  • James Harris
    James Harris


  • wheezer345

    So someone refresh my memory. Did they put a skid plate on the cart so they don't punch another hole in the bottom of the engine? If not, they should.

  • tomrr5

    i do love the vice grip and 2x4 mounting system

  • Raggsey1

    this time put a skid plate under the sump

  • Cameron Erickson
    Cameron Erickson

    John, to be honest, i would like to see more of you in the videos, your a cool cat and alot of fun. Great video guys, cant wait to see more🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Layoutcustoms 658
    Layoutcustoms 658

    Put a skid plate on it this time!!!

  • TK Skagen
    TK Skagen

    Really should have "Lapped" the Lalves before installing the Springs & Lifters... It takes what, 5 minutes a piece at max.

  • Walter Jackson
    Walter Jackson

    put on 4 carbs

  • Ray Benson
    Ray Benson

    Guys I wish you made a little bit longer videos but that being said you video content is great really enjoy watching them

  • Exitzsplxtzyt

    Let’s go right at 1:00 🕐

  • Matt Stephens
    Matt Stephens


  • FloridaBoi 561
    FloridaBoi 561

    Y’all are getting close to that 1 million subscriber mark,it’ll definitely be well deserved on y’all’s part too. You two consistently make quality content and you add in just the perfect amount of humor as well!

  • Snake Skin Productions
    Snake Skin Productions

    Guy's this has made my month. Been waiting and wanting to see the cross cart come back. One of my favorite builds you guys have done Second only to the Ducarti. If memory serves the OG cross cart was a single overhead cam 750 (I could be wrong)? Can't wait to see it on the C&C gran prix...

  • Jacob Breazeale
    Jacob Breazeale

    Excited for the return of the cross kart! It's gonna be awesome

  • Anthony Carpenter
    Anthony Carpenter

    You guys should get what I have coleman ct200u-ex

  • Backyard Restorations
    Backyard Restorations

    Thought you guys were going to use the Honda 900?

  • Wyattwalker02

    Why did y’all lap the valves if they were so pitted? Or is it not possible on these 750s?

  • Alex Paumen
    Alex Paumen

    YES the ol’ girl’s back and BETTER THAN EVER! One set of 4 carbs and better tires later and she’ll SMASH the current record. Unless the Ducarti has something to say ‘bout that.

  • Debbie1nc

    You guy want a go kart frame for $40