80+ MPH ATV Crash | Rush to Hospital, Surgery, Bruised Ribs, Torn Knee

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    [Trump] Fan Cardano Stake Pool

    Heal up quick!

  • Jeffery Loy
    Jeffery Loy

    Did I miss the part where they hit 80mhp???

  • Oh My
    Oh My

    Got little to stupid on my toys

  • Oh My
    Oh My

    I've been in little over 28 wrecks n counting

  • Teammizera

    Aching Ike sounds more like his brother.

  • Matthias Post
    Matthias Post

    Don’t give up on the honduky tho

  • Johnny Lee Steele
    Johnny Lee Steele

    Nobody's fault but his own. Any experienced quad rider knows the turning radius and how to control it. Also knows never to let out of it mid slide, keep steady throttle to keep the back tires spinning so they don't dig in. Also, a buck 40 🤣🤣🤣 no way and 80mph crash? No 40mph tops.

  • Robin Miller
    Robin Miller

    I am glad that you are ok

  • Martin Burgess
    Martin Burgess

    Get better Ike

  • ken dalton
    ken dalton

    I'm sorry to be the one to point this out but no way on earth was that even close to an 80mph highside!!! Maybe 40-45mph by the time u broke and got around the corner(which will still damage our old bones)lol. Wish u a speedy recovery though Ike👍🏼sending healing vibes from Ireland my friend 🍀and hoping you'll be back in a saddle in no time, as u are the best driver😉✌🏼

  • Matthew Deck
    Matthew Deck

    Glad your alright. You'll be fine. Saftey 3rd next time.

  • David Allison
    David Allison

    Man, I hope ike's injury makes y'all think about safety a bit more. I saw the backyard 500 and I gotta say there was a serious lack of race safety. Y'all need some race flags, seriously get yourself some colored t shirts from jo Ann's or Michaels and some dowels. And y'all need some guards or something for that forest section. Find an oil drum dealer and buy 2 for like 50-100 bucks. Cut them in half and mount them in front of the trees in the chicanes.

  • steve ballard
    steve ballard

    Hope you get better soon

  • Steve Favero
    Steve Favero

    I thought I tore my knee about 2 days ago after getting cartwheeled off the back of my mini. Them little cheap red brake calipers are junk lol I need a hydraulic setup so I can set the front end down when necessary. I don't like the other way too much 🤣 I'm 30 but I take spills like I'm 50. Crazy how resilient your body is when your young compared to this horse shit

  • tabl os
    tabl os

    at least he wasn't an idiot and didn't wear a helmet and he actually did wear helmet things could have been a lot worse if he hadn't wore that helmet

  • Allen Nichols
    Allen Nichols

    *15mph crash max

  • rick Melto
    rick Melto

    You where not doing anything close to 40 let alone 80 fucking bull shit .tell the truth

  • sB cRUiZer2o3
    sB cRUiZer2o3

    biggest part ur ok and no broken bones no surgery sucks because u gotta lift a can laying on your side to build back up your muscle

  • Uncle Quack
    Uncle Quack

    Ike never say your gonna Oof yourself.

  • Henry Cash
    Henry Cash

    I’ve watched some of your videos and one of the first ones I watched taught me so much keep doing what you’re doing and get well soon

  • spar

    Always miss the best stuff when you dont bring the camera everytime

  • Charles Murray
    Charles Murray

    Good luck man I just broke my foot last month and still can’t walk. And sorry man you were not going 80 mph more like 50 40 mph I crashed at 100 km but don’t be scared next time you ride

  • Bradley Arnold
    Bradley Arnold

    Glade your safe buddy

  • Steve Waters
    Steve Waters

    Well I hit the like button however, I did not like the content. I like you guys and do not want to see any of you get hurt. Scrap the suzuki, put the engine in the crosscart and put this behind you. That 4-wheeler is a friggin death trap. The answer too you're question is 5 wrecks that I have seen from the tube-eos.

  • George ____
    George ____

    Dang get better Ike that Honda fucked you up that sucks!

  • Jimmy McFarland
    Jimmy McFarland

    Laid the Coleman mini bike down…

  • paige smith
    paige smith

    I've had a few high speed crashes .. I've been damaged more by horses than bikes and four wheelers ..

  • Antonio Marius
    Antonio Marius

    Ike you The best just hang on Tight dont let life make you Bro

  • Hazy Sativa
    Hazy Sativa

    Glad your ok rook!

  • Mr.Mister

    Accidents happen when you have too much fun. Glad to hear you will be okay.

  • matt sch
    matt sch

    Atv was like “Ike let’s play kick the baby!!”

  • BB- Ballistics
    BB- Ballistics

    You did it all right, counter steered, leaned far over. Only thing that wont have help was letting the trottle off. It could of maybe went into a spin instead of flipping over if you kept the thorttle on. Alot easier said than done though when your butt hole is clenching up

  • Daniel Meehan
    Daniel Meehan

    Never let off the gas

  • Black Mamba Z28
    Black Mamba Z28

    Get well soon !

  • Kenneth Dispain
    Kenneth Dispain

    Can't wait to see you back my friend

  • Steven Shoemaker
    Steven Shoemaker

    I've done the same thing on the road on a 1986 Honda 125 4wheeler

  • Bob Burner
    Bob Burner

    Gotta love the clickbait.

  • Uncle Quack
    Uncle Quack

    Hey man, you guys use minimal safety gear.

  • hydro2wheel

    I sincerely hope that you have a fast and complete recovery, Ike!

  • Paul S
    Paul S

    That's a shame. Ike was fearless. Great well my friend.

  • Brent McAllister
    Brent McAllister

    I can relate man.....1st go around I broke my collar bone on my raptor....2nd go around I broke my back (2 crushed vertebrate) and 2 ribs and almost paralyzed on my raptor....time to slow down. Be safe out there boys!

  • Brandyn's channel
    Brandyn's channel

    Hope you feel better, I'd like to say it'll be fine but I feel like that's a little insensitive lol, but you've been in 4 wrecks that I've remembered.. and maybe you just need to hire me to come test ride the equipment you guys build, I'm a professional!

  • Quincey Foose
    Quincey Foose

    Iv bin watching y'all for some time I seen y'all reck about 10-15 times but this is the most searus one iv seen ya do bro get better soon man best wishes an pleas becairful bro

  • Siah Martin
    Siah Martin

    So are you guys planning to fix the honzuki or tear it down

  • Mark Schaffer
    Mark Schaffer

    Glad to see you are doing well Ike,

  • kameron marrero
    kameron marrero

    glad youre doing better Ike, recover well bud \

  • Plain Wayne
    Plain Wayne

    Wont be your last

  • Shawn Kunzelman
    Shawn Kunzelman

    Hope you Feel better soon Ike, stay safe you guy’s

  • Lary Mayotte
    Lary Mayotte

    How many wrecks? ...... Far to many I would say. LOL@ME

  • Fred Van
    Fred Van

    Had a distal bicep repair, mine tore from the bend up! What's crazy is you can watch that surgery on you tube! It's a trip to watch, it'll trigger some PTSD so......use you own discretion. PT helped the most

  • Jon Maddrell
    Jon Maddrell

    ike no way was that 80mph thats a 140kmph and there's no way you were travelling that fast. itd be sketchy in a straight line let alone around that dusty corner! I hope you get well quick. by some protection that helmut is not gunna save your face. let John do this sorta shit his 26 he sais his got alot of life to live.

  • Lazarus the Atv
    Lazarus the Atv

    Honduki: *runs out of steering angle in a drift Ike: (chuckles) I’m in danger

  • Tortminator

    Ike’s house looks dope af!! Love the guitars!! 🤘

  • TyBoss002

    When is that podcast gonna be up on the other channel?

  • Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens

    Hope u feel better an heal soon, but 80mph tho???????? Really??????????

  • ReZgar

    Don't say "one more" that is when things break, crash, etc.

  • Bill Shirk
    Bill Shirk


  • StupidTeenageVideos

    You guys should invest in one of those airbag vests!

  • S/V Sugar Magnolia
    S/V Sugar Magnolia

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Some flat treaded tires like Hole shots or Shredders may help reduce that sidewall bite. I know it was day and night when I made that change.

  • Sheldon Lavway
    Sheldon Lavway

    Who else is watching waiting Mondays 17th video?

  • cxcre

    Thing needed bar risers and extended a arms and axle

  • Jason Rogers
    Jason Rogers

    I have a 1965 Honda S90 Cafe Racer I would like to donate to the channel it has a title and is completely put together has a few issues love to see you guys fix it

  • Jayson Gonzalez-Ortiz
    Jayson Gonzalez-Ortiz

    Get well soon Ike

  • Ze40oxygen •
    Ze40oxygen •

    Hey guys I didn’t know who I could ask this question to and then I thought of the go-kart men themselves. Do you guys know if I could use a 14th on my 35chain and could I also use it for my 60th rear sprocket?

    • Ze40oxygen •
      Ze40oxygen •


  • Ken E
    Ken E

    80 MPH, 🤔


    those 1980s four wheelers have to much weight up top an the shock mounts are up to high to make that rideable you need to lower it an spread the weight out with longer a-arms in the front an Id start with 2 inch spacers on the back also your front tires have more grip than the back not good! glad your ok! one day at a time. I had a bad wreck to at 16 also was in the hospital an had reconstructive knee surgeries. One day at a time buddy! youll be ok!.

  • tabakatinjim

    That crash was no where near 80+ mph.

    • tabakatinjim

      @catalick converta aye lol, I’ve crashed harder whilst cycling.

    • catalick converta
      catalick converta

      More like 20

  • BBURKE617

    Glad he's okay would never wish hurt on anybody but there's no way he was going 80 plus miles an hour coming out of a turn

  • Stan's World
    Stan's World

    80 MPH come on now......dont think so.....

  • RedNeck Garage
    RedNeck Garage

    You guys are on the track to 1mil subs. Almost there fellas. Absolutely freaking love it! @carsandcameras

  • Philip Williams
    Philip Williams

    Ike, you can do it😂 I know how it feels, my back have 2 bulging herniated disks in my sciatic. They have performed partial stim neuropathy in my back, there's days I am stuck in bed and barely can move. So get better and stay strong..

  • William Helms
    William Helms

    If Isaac had a way of pole vaulting from off of the rolling quad with the handlebars, injuries probably would've been less severe in a less awkward of a landing. Know when to throw it down in a tuck and roll when you know you're going for a dump even though it's not a bike. I nearly rolled a car once, and I tried jumping though the driver's window to get free. Luckily it slowed enough to die, and stayed upright by the time all my weight was on the door half way through the window and ready to jump out.

  • Paul Deck
    Paul Deck

    Time for an angle kit on the front, and a long-arm setup on the rear....glad you're ok Ike

  • Peter Wacker
    Peter Wacker

    80 more like 40

  • Jonathan Schubert
    Jonathan Schubert

    First Scott from Kentucky Ballistics and now you...

  • Alan Spivey
    Alan Spivey

    Riding means wrecking. You are doing awesome. Don't like the oxy to much

  • Jonathan Schubert
    Jonathan Schubert

    Nice hat!

  • James Fischer
    James Fischer

    Sorry You Got Hurt! 🤕 But 80 MPH??? 🤣🤣🤣 More like 30-40 MAYBE! Get Well Soon Brother!

  • John Connell
    John Connell

    Hope you feel better soon 😎

  • Dusty Star
    Dusty Star


    • Dusty Star
      Dusty Star

      Take a tablespoon, of concrete and harden the f#ck up .... Princess.

  • Jonny Consumer
    Jonny Consumer

    Ohhhhh duuuuude, a Miata to the hospital 🏥😢😕😪

  • Jonny Consumer
    Jonny Consumer

    I've been in your seat with ribs, sternum and separated shoulder. It's difficult making any movements including your bowels. Not to mention the follow up for a BM! Hang in there, buddy. I had a city Dr who only heard "motorcycle accident" and "600" but didn't realize it was a Husaberg for another 120 minutes. I was muddy, wearing a Moose Racing enduro jersey.

  • Patrick Tompkins
    Patrick Tompkins

    Is all out bikes you? Or some kinfolk? Cuz yall are related

  • Jasper Serema
    Jasper Serema

    Feel better soon,sorry

  • Jake Hall
    Jake Hall

    Love you guys but I have always worried about the lack of safety and increasingly fast/dangerous vehicles. Please take care of yourselfs, we want to keep watching.

  • Ed Figgs
    Ed Figgs

    Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry bud! Get well soon!

  • Travis Does It All
    Travis Does It All

    That sucks that you got hurt! But let's keep it real. There is no way that quad was going anywhere near 80 miles per hour. 35 tops.......TOPS.

  • Tim Castrow
    Tim Castrow

    Ya idk about those numbers lol

  • SpaghYeti

    Feel better soon, Ike. I've really enioyed the channels content. Thank you for putting your body on the line, for testing purposes, of course.

  • Logan Tolley
    Logan Tolley

    that was not an "80mph" atv crash about 35 40 mph if that . i just got in an about a 55 mph wreck on pavement doing a 4th gear wheelie and came to far back and dislocated my shoulder and messed up my knee and bruised my ribs a little

  • Fluffy Panzer
    Fluffy Panzer

    Y’all need to find a blown up trx450r or trx400ex and swap the 750 over. You need the better stability and handling.

  • Matt Hall
    Matt Hall

    No way that was 80. More like 40 at the most!!!

  • Brandon Papineau
    Brandon Papineau

    80mph😒....more like 25 glad your ok but if you click bait me again I’ll unfollow

  • James Pitman
    James Pitman

    You have wrecked 13 times

  • lilgamingBros

    Hope you get the bike fixed

  • lilgamingBros

    I'm a kid and I've watched y'all for 3 and a half years I'm 9 years old keep up the good work y'all have great content

  • braaap192

    That wasn't even close to 80mph 😂

  • Jon Gil
    Jon Gil

    He’s 26?!

  • william klein
    william klein

    Get the Honduki back in shape and recreate the wreck with the helmet cam running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!