750cc Swapped Suzuki 4 Wheeler FIRST RIDE!
We bought an abandoned project! Someone started swapping a mid 70s Honda CB750 single overhead cam 750cc engine into a 1980s Suzuki Quad Sport 230. They never finished it, but we were able to pick it up for $300 and get it running! In today's episode, we take the Honduki for its maiden voyage! The engine is running horribly- the carburetors likely still have problems, there's no real exhaust (which can cause running problems), and the points ignition is old and worn out.

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  • Goodco limgpu
    Goodco limgpu

    2:45 corret thats why your lights dont pop

  • Sam S
    Sam S


  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    Dat turd needsa polish 💩

  • Jason Jaeger
    Jason Jaeger

    An awkward, horrible handling, ugly waste of time.

  • I couldn’t Think of a name
    I couldn’t Think of a name

    I think this is less of a honduki and more of a hondontki

  • Jason Monahan
    Jason Monahan

    Is the make shift fuel tank vented? Maybe it's air locked.good luck awesome channel

  • Justen b
    Justen b

    Hon Duke Jankins

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Bruh I had like 15 ads just too watch this damn thing run

  • Federico Raineri
    Federico Raineri

    american mechanics are imbarazing...

  • Gabriel Vittone
    Gabriel Vittone

    That yea hit like one of Will Ferals yea

  • RadioActiveWolf

    This sounds awesome

  • RadioActiveWolf

    I have a 230 e and it rips but the chain never stays on

  • RadioActiveWolf

    I have a 230 e and it rips but the chain never stays on

  • justin teal
    justin teal

    im jelous how do i get this fancy steup


    Cdi needs to be replaced for sure 👍🏽 easy fix


    Sounds like a straight piped 66 bug I love it 🔥😍

  • Qwhk

    Sounds like a triple snowmobile when the carbs aren’t synced definitely give that a check

  • Chase Bridges
    Chase Bridges

    That is one cool quiet man you guys are awesome kind of sounds like a muscle car

  • TKP420TKP

    I need to see it rip 🤪🤙

  • MR. Random
    MR. Random

    they say for "testing purposes only" but they keep it like that for like a while.

  • Noel Vande Slunt
    Noel Vande Slunt

    9:25 don't think we need that much fuel Ike... splash splash 9:30 "I think its full" LOL



  • Cody J
    Cody J

    I would totally love to make the trip over from New Zealand to hang out with ole uncle John and Ike

  • William Caltabiano
    William Caltabiano

    No idea what there doin or how to start an ride it!

  • Isaiah_Games YT
    Isaiah_Games YT

    the idling has me dead

  • Avrom Crovax
    Avrom Crovax

    Well whata know I have the same key lol

  • Highspotharry

    PLEASE, finish this guys, I would love too see it rip

  • t mod
    t mod

    use that cnc and build a got damn workbench its so much better than crawling around on the flooor

  • orbacron

    One of those seafoam candidates? 😛

  • Arden Nielsen
    Arden Nielsen

    Could drive it a bunch with the clutch lever pulled in... the cylinder detonation shock might brake it free.

  • Colin Elshout
    Colin Elshout

    This is by far the funniest intro i’ve ever seen. Good play, im impressed!

  • twigglykevin

    mint trike in the backround. i had an old honda odessy with a kawsaki kz 1000. never was quite right did clutches and then was going to build a better shift lever but when i opened it up it was more than i was willing to do so i traded it for 2 honda atc 200 es.

  • Adam Lindauer
    Adam Lindauer

    I like the build and all. But you guys never have your mig welder set up the correct settings

  • Logan Redmon
    Logan Redmon

    I challenge you to rig a go kart completely from scratch that is relatively reliable... call it the “for testing purposes kart” built only from what you already have laying around

  • rtm IV
    rtm IV

    Awesome... can't wait to see the end product!!! Looks fun.

  • CatfishSilo

    Vibe check

  • Blocks 159
    Blocks 159

    Love the beard Ike

  • Harold Blair
    Harold Blair

    Memo son watch your channel quite often And we've been looking for a plasma table Thanks to your promo code we ordered A crossfire to try out Think you for the promo code

  • johnyhawgleg

    The black box John mounted was a rectifier, it does kinda work like a voltage regulator through dissipation.

  • Nikolai Wassillie
    Nikolai Wassillie

    5:56 so safe

  • Nikolai Wassillie
    Nikolai Wassillie

    4:42 yes come pletly safe

  • Tommi Montonen
    Tommi Montonen

    You guys should make a 4 to 1 exhaust system or 2 pieces of 2 to 1

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez

    Where you from?

  • Fabio Fabio
    Fabio Fabio

    The regulator is a rectifier

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo

    This thing is going to be a weapon, sort those carbs out or replace them. Ike's understatement at the end "it needs tlc" made me laugh!

  • Mike Pompano
    Mike Pompano

    We could have went through it but we will fix when it brakes at shear luck timeing

  • Sticky Nuggz
    Sticky Nuggz

    Digging the beard Issac. 👌

  • hilham 89
    hilham 89

    Can't wait to see it come together. Great video y'all.

  • serdvd6

    It's a rectifier, turns AC to DC, you need it to change the battery

  • Ripriot RC
    Ripriot RC

    HON-DUKi 😂 💩

  • Nitous Infinitarius
    Nitous Infinitarius

    You guys are awesome. Love love love you guys and the content, you guys have extremely likeable personalities, and you two are a badass duo. Keep it coming I'll keep on watching. Thanks for the fun, and always flickering some sparks on a once snuffed out flame/love. You guys rock I'll be a long time fan, for many fun years to come. Guys that are kids at heart but get things done, and enjoy themselves while at it. Thanks for the fun and adventures Gents.

  • Up north Viking
    Up north Viking

    Make the mufflers from extinguishers.

  • Bumbling Fool
    Bumbling Fool

    I can't believe beer was not involved in the making of this video.

  • Ryan Burton
    Ryan Burton

    Why did you not go with Suzonda? No poop connotations... :)

  • Snoods Snodgrass
    Snoods Snodgrass

    Ike, how long are are you gonna grow the beard

  • Goozer

    Hell fucking yeah boys

  • JNM -dairyQueen
    JNM -dairyQueen

    Anyone notice the fames 12:48

  • Eastbay Noor
    Eastbay Noor

    The dry nation distinctly reign because self jelly bare below a earthy dashboard. disillusioned, onerous facilities

  • Marlo Breding
    Marlo Breding

    That voltage regulator is a rectifier bridge to make 12 volt DC current from the alternator

  • dirtbikeboy66

    I assembled a 750 honda basket case last winter and it ran like crap until I pulled the timing cover off and found a bunch of oil that had leaked into the timing cover.

  • David Deal
    David Deal

    Dont forget to rebuild and SYNC THOSE CARBS!! awesome video Guys.

  • I'veGotDiarrhea

    My favorite part is Ike straight dumping gas on that battery

  • 6ix9inebig gae:P
    6ix9inebig gae:P

    If i was yall id eventually switch out the twist throttle for a thumb throttle but thats just me

  • Ryan Jenkins
    Ryan Jenkins

    Look like a death trap

  • Stupid Fast John
    Stupid Fast John

    i really love this build! its all about the creative uniqueness

  • James Shelswell
    James Shelswell

    I have a 1996 gsxr 750 I want to put into a quad

  • Gonzalo Andres Barsellini
    Gonzalo Andres Barsellini

    that engine is not working properly solve it, she should be a beast, and please make a 4 to 1 exhaust it will sound 100% better :)

  • Delicious DeBlair
    Delicious DeBlair

    Drag QUAD???

  • Elijah McCartney
    Elijah McCartney

    They’re just high on life on this episode😂

  • Zang Zang
    Zang Zang

    Without exhaust back pressure it's deadly lean.

  • Myron Adams
    Myron Adams

    That’s gonna be a beast once you work out the bugs

  • Trenton Bolton
    Trenton Bolton

    They call me honduki janky jank hear me roar lol awesome guys I love it.

  • Cody

    You can almost cut the tension with a knife. Sorry guys miss the happy yall

  • jeepscometrue

    I like the 1990s 30 seconds of porn music 😂😂just kidding

  • Andrew Eisan
    Andrew Eisan

    Ike does amazing things despite having such a handicap

  • buckets of lead
    buckets of lead

    This thing is gonna rip! I think an extended swing arm is in its future

  • Miguel Colon
    Miguel Colon

    Ike starting to look like Kratos and I don't mind 😆

  • T Terry shenanigans
    T Terry shenanigans

    I haven't watched this channel in awhile, hot damn Issac that's a good beard. I now understand how people don't recognize me in the winter when I let it rip. Cool build guys.

  • price Logistics
    price Logistics

    I about died laughing from the look on his face and said I think it's full

  • Ricky Aderholt
    Ricky Aderholt

    Ike looks badass with his beard!

  • LNR Ridez
    LNR Ridez

    Please do a duromax 21w vs tillotson 212 video!!!

  • Richie Rick
    Richie Rick

    The flames out the bottom. You guys should keep this one on a short straight pipe.

    • Richie Rick
      Richie Rick

      Edit Forgot it's a two stroke. Needs muffler to work right

  • TheGamingFishBoy

    I don’t know if you guys read the comments or take suggestions for the next build series but if you do I think it would be pretty cool and maybe other subscribers might think so too if for your next build you guys build a motorcycle swapped lawn mower. If anyone else want them to see this or do a build like this then like this post! Thank you, Jonathan. :-)

  • mountain page production's
    mountain page production's

    But with an old harley you get it at tdc and loosen the points while the cam loab is on the high side and you loosen the points out a celephane in between the points and close them back and tighten them make sure the cellophane is snug but can still move freely if you pull on it and tightn the points back up and test it again make sure the celliphane is snug but can still move freely and the points can be dreading to far apart causing weak spark at the wrong time or they could be sticking together instead of spreading for a spark you should be able to watch the points spark with the cover off it might be different with hondas may have to time the points for multiple cylinders most likely two cylinders are on the same side and points cluster there should be 4 points one for each cylinder you static time each point for each cylinder on the high side cam loab at tdc repeat process for each cylinder and the points will be timed you can also do it with feelers old timers did it with thin cardboard from a ciggerette pack hope this helps

  • mountain page production's
    mountain page production's

    And I grew up on the same 4 wheeler but that one will be alot faster than mine lol mine was an 86 same color same color wheels seat and all just didn't have headlight you can't kill the drivetrain atleast I couldn't and believe me I tried

  • mountain page production's
    mountain page production's

    Hey man I love old bikes I build harleys live in nc also those points need to be static timed and cleaned that will stop your spitting and piping problem had an old harley blow the points system apart going down the road there a little different same concept could be getting spark but the timing for the spark could be off hope the help in any way and hope to meet you one day

  • cafn8ed74

    Really cool! You guys are putting the "duki" in "Hon-duki"

  • Jacob Hudock
    Jacob Hudock

    I have watched you guys seen I was 9 years old and you guys inspired me to build my 420cc go kart and helped me find my love for motors and want to learn about them so thank you. Good luck on 1mil

  • Charlie Thiede
    Charlie Thiede

    I think it’s full

  • vyebz

    #Tank Boat!#?

  • Joseph Vaile
    Joseph Vaile

    Keep the straight pipes

  • Luffy D Monkey
    Luffy D Monkey

    These guys started off with some 4-stroke raggedy ass lawnkarts and these guys are upgrading and building vehicles better than some of them discovery programs! Damn, glad to have found this channel again 😍

  • its keith tha plug
    its keith tha plug

    need to start it and pin i open it will clear up and do same for clutch have it in netural hold it open and pt it in gear it will come lose but nice vid

  • Dilon Pedro
    Dilon Pedro

    What happened to “it’ll be fine” boys? Come on nowwwwww

  • bitsnpieces77

    I can not find a link to your tubing bender ?

  • JStephen Allington
    JStephen Allington

    Holee smokes! That looks like the scariest ride you two have built yet! Also, this ought to be epic... Be safe, guys.

  • DibsRibs

    You should get an old ammo box and turn it into an electrical box on the rear rack to keep the battery on. Did this to my Coleman minibike and works like a charm

  • quiets_place

    it mite be bogging down because it needs a pump but dam is that thang cool

  • 85 Studios
    85 Studios

    Aww how cute.. the gremlin mobile is smiling!

  • Donavan Roland
    Donavan Roland

    You gotta drag race that thing at the mini mayhem.