750cc Cross Kart Returns! 85 MPH Backyard Built Go Kart!


    Mantap bang

  • B S
    B S

    Removing thw gas tank b4 welding? Awwwhhh man y'all r no fun😂😂

  • Robert Neel
    Robert Neel

    Take the crosskart on the oval

  • Puriflix

    what welder do yall use

  • Derrick basenberg
    Derrick basenberg

    The little nerd boy ain't worth nothing but tearing shit up so he can stand there with his finger in his as# while the other guys work

  • Derrick basenberg
    Derrick basenberg

    For one thing seems like yall are ignoring the fact that it's idling 7000 rpm so yeah it sounds like sh#t

  • Chase Sharp
    Chase Sharp

    Would you be willing to sale they white go cart

  • Garren McGinnis
    Garren McGinnis

    Why don’t y’all use this for grand pre races

  • sportster davidson
    sportster davidson

    Lol little tip boys , pinch the gas line with neelde nose while the other guy plugs it , less messy lol

  • 2088bob konarski
    2088bob konarski

    you guys are complete hacks everything you build is junk

  • Rafferty houston
    Rafferty houston

    It’s not even a cross kart

  • AlienRobotGhost

    You guys have enough subscribers that you should have a couple drones in the air to get video at different angles... not trying to tell you how to run your channel... just some friendly advice...

  • Cory Best
    Cory Best

    Love your trophy truck big fan from barbados would love some tips I am building my own one have most of the parts

  • Chase Berry
    Chase Berry

    A canam X3 seat in that kart would be awesome!

  • Maxxy The Computer Guy
    Maxxy The Computer Guy

    I completely forgot about this thing. Seeing it in this cosmetic condition kinda makes me cry

  • Arlene Martin
    Arlene Martin

    LOVE IT !! GREAT WORK !!!!

  • Kelly Taylor
    Kelly Taylor

    put a rev limiter on it please.

  • therealracer135

    Seeing as the original carbs were never the problem, maybe put them back on?

  • Greg Steele
    Greg Steele

    So Honzuki didn't handle too well as a 4 banger? It did look a bit front heavy for a quad, I suppose.

  • Shane LaRock
    Shane LaRock

    what happened to the street legal golf cart

  • Hadfield_Entertainment

    Needs 4 carbs

  • Bryson damron
    Bryson damron

    make a tow truck to hall your stuff

  • Landon Woods
    Landon Woods

    You guys need to use 1/4 inch thick steel to make a good skid plate

  • Dick kallerhan
    Dick kallerhan

    This thing needs bigger wheels 🤔

  • Patrick Moore
    Patrick Moore

    Need to fix that Fucked up front End where he Kissed a Tree with it steering Crooked as hell Toe is Way off and so is camber! The Ethanol in the Fuel Tank has Fucked the Carbs, im sure the Fuel tank looks like a Rusty Boat on the Inside! From Sitting....

  • deniaL

    Sounds like it's not running on 4 holes

  • Ike Ikie
    Ike Ikie

    The Kart is WaY Too LoW 4 ur Land.... WtfK Lift it uP.......!

  • Lee Bosworth
    Lee Bosworth

    Why do you change gear with your right hand and hold the steering wheel with your left.obviously swop hands

  • Vance Scholten
    Vance Scholten

    Bring back the Dragster and make videos of it

  • Hebu The Lone Wolf
    Hebu The Lone Wolf

    larger tires would be in order for this crazy kart. some beefy ATV tires would look good on it

  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    Long travel build, it’s a buggy and we wanna see it fly😂

  • Joey Lowery
    Joey Lowery

    If you ask me what that thing needs is a better seat

  • James Hedrick
    James Hedrick

    Maybe it's just me but the fuel that came out when they removed the tank didn't look right to me

  • Ithad Beenso
    Ithad Beenso

    That engine sounds terrible. Doesn't even sound like a 750 four.

  • Eddie Gaines III
    Eddie Gaines III

    I need atleast 2 of these

  • Lane Martin
    Lane Martin

    Imagine a truck motor in it lol

  • Lane Martin
    Lane Martin

    Wow keep up the good work, AWESOME videos!

  • Gavin Claytor
    Gavin Claytor

    Where’s the honduki

  • Dwaine Mcgriff
    Dwaine Mcgriff

    I've been watching this channel for a long time but I will like to see you put a turbo on it

  • Zalan Gueth
    Zalan Gueth

    I need to build one of these in the summer break... or at least a gokart

  • Bubble Monkeys
    Bubble Monkeys

    Im also building a go-kart in my backyard. Its not as cool as this and i have no idea what im doing but i will make it.

  • tracey potts
    tracey potts

    Use the left arm to change gear you idiot why cross your arms it's on your left side you just damage everything why bother you are useless honestly you are not a driver man very sad

  • Dipe

    Do you put that extreme camber in all your rides on purpose?

  • Creator 262
    Creator 262

    That crosscart is such an understeering, clunky, bouncy, squeeky pos 😂😂😂😂

  • slomo1010

    Maybe the fuel tank needs to higher up.

  • Dante stellato
    Dante stellato

    bruh why did you use miata suspension its ligit like having a brand new gaming pc but running it on windows vista

  • Dexter Von Whiplash
    Dexter Von Whiplash

    Yeah there's no way that's running on all 4...

  • PDaddy Warbux
    PDaddy Warbux

    Ricky Bobby builds go karts

  • mr machinist
    mr machinist

    Now that's a cart

  • Glorious Reptiles Show
    Glorious Reptiles Show

    Glad to see this back you guys really should go back to the stock carb setup and this thing will roar.

  • NEPA Outdoors
    NEPA Outdoors

    Do a top speed test

  • Austin Hud
    Austin Hud

    Needs some forced induction

    • Austin Hud
      Austin Hud

      Just a suggestion though. Love the build

  • Kamino

    When I realised he removed the fuel tank because he was gonna weld right around that area... yeah you better get that fuel veeeery far away from the welder lol

  • Richard Cranium
    Richard Cranium

    if at first it doesnt fit - get a bigger hammer

  • john beach
    john beach


  • Justin Croy
    Justin Croy

    Glad to see it back i remember the videos when you were building the cross kart

  • Ibrahim Ifthikar
    Ibrahim Ifthikar

    Wanting to build one of these myself. Whats the msrp for your one and is the frame prebuilt or custom fabricated?

  • Alpha Nurd
    Alpha Nurd

    Wheels are too small

  • Arthur Perez
    Arthur Perez

    You guys always have good music

  • Asher Rizzo
    Asher Rizzo

    What happened to the race go karts you bought in Virginia

  • Jerk Of All Trades
    Jerk Of All Trades

    In case noone has said it, those air cooled Hondas need a LOT of airflow to cool themselves. You'll need a giant roof scoop or a fan to keep from cooking it.

  • Joe Woodard
    Joe Woodard

    That thing looks sketchy AF lol... I DIG IT!

  • Galaxy Man
    Galaxy Man

    looks like its burning oil or somthing cuz im seeing blue exaust fumes but the cross cart is back YEA!!!!!

  • C.A.

    13:14 John's eyes!! OO

  • Ian McINTOSH
    Ian McINTOSH

    From a Honda mechanic in AUSTRALIA Hi Guys one thing you are doing wrong with that 750 Engine is its over heating i can hear it its suffering from cool air and wile your big fat butts are sitting in front of it its unable to keep cool and no cool air is getting into the carbbies so its running to hot that the problem your having.

  • Brandon Wilcox
    Brandon Wilcox

    Possible the idle jets are too big maybe go down a size. Also, maybe move the needle jet down one.🤷


    John's Eyes Was Wider Than A Whole Monster Truck Wheel

  • Ron Zor
    Ron Zor

    runs like shit..

  • Chase Scott
    Chase Scott

    Ike! itz a 4 cylinder ya need 4 Carburetor bodies my dude! And also may want to check the Pilot Jets when plugged the motor will never run on the bottom end.! But Great Video Guys keep them comming. If you guys ever need machine work on Cylinder heads etc be happy to help you guys out -Chase @ Convicted Cycle& Coatings/Concord NC MotoOnePerformance@gmail.com

  • chuck4742002

    how about doing a compression check.

  • Dominick Warner
    Dominick Warner

    I think you guys should put some slightly meatier tires on the front, and some slightly bigger and meatier tires on the back to help with ground clearance, you know so John doesn't bust a hole in the oil pan again.

  • Billy Magee
    Billy Magee

    Take a pair of junk vise grips and make jaws smooth works great for pinching off fuel lines or any other rubber lines with little or no mess. Or use good pair of vise grips and put 2 pennies or washers between jaw sand hose

  • Clifford Green
    Clifford Green

    Izac was complaining that the cart did not like to turn, the front wheels are so out of caster and camber that the wheels are laying on the ground when you turn. They can only get traction one wheel at a time.

  • lilliput -
    lilliput -

    Now you guys can race trophy against crosscaet!

  • Wrecked Revival
    Wrecked Revival

    After the crap day I've had I was happy to see I'd missed yesterdays episode, just what I needed!! Can't wait to see how it does when you guys get it all lined out! 🤘

  • Everything Loud 406
    Everything Loud 406

    You guys should do a video with grindhardplumbing

  • Zach Lindley
    Zach Lindley

    You could take it drifting? I feel like it's got enough power to slide it around on pavement

  • noliaboyhotmail

    Your content is awesome you're audio is crap... Plz improve so my wife doesn't bit*h when I watch late night...

  • winston cryer
    winston cryer

    Hello John Isaac and why you discluding the rookie. If you're going to do all that get him a green hat really put him in his place eh

  • matt parsons
    matt parsons

    Hey John? Why does everything break when you drive it??? haha lol JK! That thing rips for sure bros. Adjust the clutch and find a better place for the shifter ( maybe just a little more towards the front ) so you do not have the cross over of your arms which must certainly take away from handling. To bad you guy's couldn't do something like a paddle shift! that would be awesome!! great job guy's!!

  • Gregory Wright
    Gregory Wright

    Man alive I love that machine. I have a 1980 honda cb750c. Love it too.

  • Jason Hendrie
    Jason Hendrie

    Oh I'm happy it's back now time to race cross cart a winner

  • Cory Massey
    Cory Massey

    No video yet today and things are not fine...

  • 84GreenBear

    Love to see you guys put a Hayabusa motor in a jet ski! Good video!

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    2nd The Last Comment! Tires Make The 🌎 Go Round! Blessings: James...

  • the.real.stunt.man_ Manslaughter Motorsports
    the.real.stunt.man_ Manslaughter Motorsports

    Nice kart

  • Ognyan Dachev
    Ognyan Dachev

    Install the stock carbs.

  • Niels de Bakker
    Niels de Bakker

    Clean the original carbs and put them on for crying out loud.

  • 2_Wheel_Life

    The tires need to be twice that size. Nice though

  • Blake Fortson
    Blake Fortson

    Try adjusting the needle height on the carburetor

  • Hunter Petrovich
    Hunter Petrovich

    Make a plenum between the carbs and the runners. Almost positive that'll make it run better. Plus you can keep the dual carbs


    You should take the cross kart to busko beach

  • Alicesrustychains

    Rip it n dip it

  • Atomix

    yea make some marks on things before you cut them off 😂

  • Bryan Thomas
    Bryan Thomas

    Need bigger and better tires. It would be smoother ride. And i think better performance.

  • Louis Johnson Jr.
    Louis Johnson Jr.

    Think its not going to run right until it has all four carbs. Or a fuel injection setup or some. Its not happy the way it is.

  • AFrayed Knott
    AFrayed Knott

    Name it Loco Blanco

  • Mark Yates
    Mark Yates

    The cross kart is back baby 😄😊😆😁😀.Now it needs a fresh cote of paint

  • Curt Hook
    Curt Hook

    Never going to run correct with that intake. Always going to have two lean and two rich with the configuration

  • Mike Pompano
    Mike Pompano

    Slap on a couple of spot welds and it a be fine