550cc Little Tikes Car Revival | 50HP Tire Killer Go Kart!
Our Honda CB550 powered Little Tikes go kart is back! We revive the Cozy Coupe 550 and our Hot Rod Mouse mini bike and drive down to Texas, where we spend the week at Go Power Sports headquarters and the weekend at the Pate Swap Meet, one of the biggest swap meets in the US. We get the cozy coupe go kart and vintage mini bike running again, take them for a test drive around Go Power Sports, and then take them out to the swap meet to cruise around.

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  • sturdee bicycles
    sturdee bicycles

    lets see a triumph spitfire build!!

  • Jody Hudson
    Jody Hudson

    i was there and i saw it

  • hamishpearce007

    7:15 Let's start with the fuel filter!Are you shitting me right now? It's an air filter, do you even know what you're doing?

  • Retard Commontater
    Retard Commontater

    * * * * * C O O L * * * * *

  • Motorcycle Garage
    Motorcycle Garage

    First time i see isic with different shose

  • Robert Dewitt
    Robert Dewitt

    Love your show I would love to build a cart but things here where I live is so dang expensive and I have a mental disorder anyway keep up the good work

  • David Sweet
    David Sweet

    That mouse bike would loom good with a home made springer front end.

  • Jim Furr
    Jim Furr

    Darn! Slow that camera down folks. Hard on the stomach! OK, that's enough. See ya next time.

  • Raymond Ashby
    Raymond Ashby

    16:22 donut's donuts..................... PURE 1980s

  • Daniel Algarilla
    Daniel Algarilla

    guauu veo tu garage y para mí es más lindo que disney

  • ThatsMyPurse IdontKnowYou
    ThatsMyPurse IdontKnowYou

    ** What is the REAR wheel/tire setup on Cozy?!?! i wanna cop those for my build

  • Dana Guitar Lanke
    Dana Guitar Lanke

    Ok. That cart Rocks. 550 two stokes were crazy fast. This is a four stroke. But still. For a cart. It's Insanity in a GOOD Way


    Can you guys drop a link to those rear tires? I need them for my build.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Need to build a sick trailer for that thing man, perfect to cruise an tote stuff or people around the meets in with the cozy

  • Extzy

    Can I please buy it I'm 14 and I need this in my life my god. How much????

  • Al Stone
    Al Stone

    what will the Tot Rod do in a 1/4 mile ??

  • Al Stone
    Al Stone

    The Tot Rad rules


    I love the Hot rod🐀 But in my opinion it needs a predator motor on it! I would also like to say thanks to predator and it's line of cheap And very effective motors. Go carts and Mini bikes have gotten a new lease on life Thanks to predator! The 212cc Is everywhere! I got 3 of the hemi models And I will say That was the best harbour freight Purchase I have made To this day! I know I pulled that old motor off that Yurf Dog and Replaced it with a predator 212cc 6-1/2HP And it gave that go kart a whole new lease on life! I put one on my moto Mini bike 2 I mean I had to make a few Frame adjustments with the Mini sledge But she fits perfectly now. I can barely keep the front tire on the ground On that Mini moto. There's a bunch of them right around my neighbourhood but they're all using that little 32CC 3-1/2HP And they don't hold a candle to my Mini motto!!


    I love the cosy coup... I got a Yurf dog full suspension go kart. I wanna put a Honda 1000 RR motor on so bad!! I want to extend the rear swing arm which is also the cradle for the engine And rear end. It was built as a 2 seater But I kind of wanna make it a one seater move the Steering wheel Add foot pedals to the centre. Push the seat back About 6" But I have to Relocate the rear Bar behind the seat Basically cut it out and move it back Stretch the rear swing arm About 8" to 10" further back That will Bring the rear end back About the same 8 to 10". I also want to Change the front 2 control arms Push the tires out Around 3 more inches on each side Put a little wider front tire on it And get rid of the old band/drum brake and replace it with A router calibre set up. That thing would be bad!!!

  • Michael Dowlin
    Michael Dowlin

    I've been watching since like 2017 the cosy coop is my favourite build

  • Jerod Cullers
    Jerod Cullers

    Whoever is doing the cam, stfu your commentary is f'n ANNOYING!!

  • Kit Vexed
    Kit Vexed

    JOHN - you ever stop wearing those sunglasses and I'll stop watching.. they stay.. GOT IT?

  • Jack Piveeo
    Jack Piveeo

    24:05 did he say advanced retard?

  • Harry Conover
    Harry Conover

    Taste in completely individual that old Chevy eh so you go for it

  • Tim Ballentine
    Tim Ballentine

    A 61 CHEVY impala was my first car.

  • Eee By Gum
    Eee By Gum

    2:56 is that a triumph spitfire in the background?

  • ChefGiovanni

    Funny and wild. That chain steering wheel is killing it.

  • Terry Weaver
    Terry Weaver

    I had planned building my rear engine 16HP Go Cart with a rear mounted Engine and same size (large) tires... but after seeing this little cart, I am considering a front engine mounting and the big rear meata and small front tires, with a hot rod looking body. Well, the parts have not all arrived, so I got time.

  • Richard LeBlanc
    Richard LeBlanc

    Yes Ike I like your style seven Grand for that car I would buy that for sure now that's smart

  • Richard LeBlanc
    Richard LeBlanc

    9000 . ???? Nooooo waaaaay !!! Rip off !! Cool car but definitely not worth the asking price not even close no way

  • Richard LeBlanc
    Richard LeBlanc

    It's pretty cool but I do not like where you guys have the steering wheel at all I couldn't imagine driving that thing does not look very comfortable because of the steering wheel other than that very cool

  • bruce campbell
    bruce campbell

    What does it do in the 1/8 mile?

  • trillrif axegrindor
    trillrif axegrindor

    61 bubbletop 409 dual quad........sick,unobtainium dream car

  • Louis Edwards
    Louis Edwards

    FUIEL filter ?

  • Kennedy Shaffer
    Kennedy Shaffer

    Nice bike👍👍

  • Anthony Humbert
    Anthony Humbert

    For $9000 I believe they will be taking back home.

  • Aj C
    Aj C

    My grandma said u wanted a half hour date when u stopped by Anniston oxford exit at the motel 6 down in,alabama lol

  • Anthony Morgan
    Anthony Morgan



    An hour from talladega


    I live an hour away from there!

  • Sam McBride
    Sam McBride

    Is that a triumph or a jensen healey in the background? I love the jensen healey look.

  • Brad Toops
    Brad Toops

    How much lol. That little thing is badass

  • G S
    G S

    Where’d u get them lighting bolt shades bro🧐

  • Doc's GearHead Gaming
    Doc's GearHead Gaming

    Love this build, only thing i see that i would change would be the fuel tank location, I know theres not much room but over the engine like that its just a big heat sink and the longer you run it the more likely you are to boil the fuel, and being a carbed engine that's no bueno lol. Just my two cents, love the build either way. Would KILL to do something like this for my daughter for the car shows. Shes out grown her SLS AMG Power Wheels but still brings it to all the car meets lmao.

  • persia butler
    persia butler

    Can u sell me one

  • Waylon Wire's Old Iron
    Waylon Wire's Old Iron

    its a 1927 and he says it wasn't the end of the run for the Model T.. haha.. 27 WAS the last year!.. come on guys. do your homework! lol

  • David Diffenderfer
    David Diffenderfer

    Did u get the t

  • Kirk Brown
    Kirk Brown


  • Doosterfy

    You guys build some cool stuff. So how are your kidneys feeling with no suspension?

  • Texas Rigged
    Texas Rigged

    black widow, johns race kar,t the littile tikes, and rat rod are sum nostalgic builds

  • D Mitch
    D Mitch


  • Gerald Crutchfield
    Gerald Crutchfield

    Hey guys, I love this channel. ? What's the difference between the predator, Honda, Briggs, and tillison 420 engines. Will the performance parts work with all of these engine

  • Scott Wainwright
    Scott Wainwright

    That’s the most American way to fix a rubbing tire! Hell ya brother 😎

  • Bobby Tucker
    Bobby Tucker

    What you referred to as a "Fuel Filter", at 7:27, do I need to correct you? lol. I'm just now a new subscriber but I do want to help out just a bit when possible, lol. For what it's worth, I'm leaving a "Thumbs-up", and a tap on the bell, I'd like to see more 0f these videos.

  • will hampson
    will hampson

    I think you guys should get the car XD love your content Xd

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson

    Gotta get a Rat Fink suit....to finish it off.

  • Angus Tasker
    Angus Tasker

    i spy with my lil eye a na mazda miata at 3:16

  • Jimmy Brewer
    Jimmy Brewer

    Bad to the Bone 🍗

  • Rodolee James
    Rodolee James

    I like the sound of the cozie coupe but I'd more likely want a go cart done with the engine and back wheels but the cart wud have to b made to fit bcuz I'm 6'2

  • TJ Jordan
    TJ Jordan

    All that lifting pork lol

  • StupidEarthlings

    The "tall gear" is from the giant rear tire.. need jackshaft setup, or converter. Tho, it was hilarious when ike put clutch on..."Itl be perfect for peyton"..

  • Hustle Man 35
    Hustle Man 35

    Hey good morning friends I enjoy show u host I love episode so cool nice in good day and great job and bless one


    That triumph spitfire in the back 😳😳😳

  • hunter Wagar
    hunter Wagar

    Grow your beard back bro

  • lonny self
    lonny self

    61 bubble top nice

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    That engine sounds healthy. I’m super glad I’m subbed to you guys I learn while being entertained and couldn’t ask for more on a channel like yours! Sending love from Canada stay safe out there boys!!

  • Gary Robinson
    Gary Robinson

    Is there a video where you actually ride something? Damn.

  • Patrick Regan
    Patrick Regan

    Not very respectful burn out on there new clean drive

  • ozzy kimble
    ozzy kimble

    that thing needs to go onto a drag strip and find out how fast it really is

  • Duke A Man
    Duke A Man

    Can anyone tell me if a jet from a 212 predator will fit a Honda gc190? Or any website to find aftermarket parts for a gc190? Thanks.

  • Mike Fn Garage
    Mike Fn Garage

    LOOKS LIKE texas style POMONA swap meet

  • Airn5475

    I assume the ball hitch on the back is in preparation for Drag Week?

  • Jeremy Eaton
    Jeremy Eaton

    Get you a 2011 ram 3500 dually 8ft 6.7L cummins and im building my self a kart that is gonna be made to be fast and durable im planning on putting a predator 212 in it and a bunch of stuff from go power sports got any tips been binge watching your stuff for ab a week used to watch a few videos literally years ago i think you guys where the one that made a radio flyer go kart but love your content

  • Greg Hallenbeck
    Greg Hallenbeck

    A...AD...E...AD...I...AD...O...AD...U..Ad channel. Used to be a way cool channel. 💔

  • S1asher

    ive been a forky for over 10 years and im as single as anyone out here is haha

  • Dave Van Gemert
    Dave Van Gemert

    ATTENTION ALL VIEWRS! You gotta check out "Grind Hard Plumbing" SVname channel. These guys will blow your mind! I'm talking the whole collection of little Power Wheels vehicles "Barbie Jeep" and Princess" this n that , but with 200+ horse power turbo snowmobile engines and home made long travel suspension and Ducati 1000cc buggies all long travel doing 100 m.p.h. and able to take jumps. One with tracks instead of wheels. This kids a genius. Oh yeah Mazda rx7 rotary powered drift trike, 2jz supra powered lawn tractor. GRIND HARD PLUMBING! Not affiliated, just a fan!!!

  • Dave Van Gemert
    Dave Van Gemert

    If you put a bigger front gear, its gonna be higher. Opposite of what you said. How long you been doing this ???

  • Ron Jackson
    Ron Jackson

    We have the same favorite cars 61 Belair bubble top. I miss mine so bad lost her now playing hell finding one again. I paid 1500 bucks and dragged it out of a junkyard and built my dream !! I want another one bad

  • REBEL BAT Dave
    REBEL BAT Dave

    BATTASTICLY BATERRIFFIC! Try and Keep it , Between the DITCHES!

  • desolate surfer
    desolate surfer

    Shit wait that's a little tikes car.

  • Gfunk Racing
    Gfunk Racing

    Do you wnat to know something fast bring back the ducarti

  • kyle stivers
    kyle stivers

    Don't look very comfortable to sit on but that thing is badass. Lmao


    Put a Honda VFR800 from a 98-00 engine in the CROSSKART! It's a gear driven timing V-4 and it's fuel injected. CHEAP and it sounds like a STOCKCAR. 120hp. Google vfr800 straightpipe.

  • GamingWithConnor2021

    Little kids be like let me show you my little friend

  • Richard Hatt
    Richard Hatt

    Need to get that Porsche 914 up and running!

  • Mark Weikle
    Mark Weikle

    We had a 61 Chevy when I was a kid. It had U channel beams where water pooled and one day the frame broke in the center and it just dropped on the road. That was a memorable phone call from mom to dad.

  • DIY Luke
    DIY Luke

    It is a 26/27 which was the last year of the T. Those coil springs are Hassler’s- which are a great accessory.

  • R Conner
    R Conner

    Bro...GET THE '27 loo

  • web homemade projects
    web homemade projects

    Build my first mini rat rod. But call mine a field mouse. The 2 builded the rat rod on here and rat rod wagon put both of them together. Come look at mine SVname or like u guys to join my group wheelbarrow kart (go kart) on Facebook. U guys stay safe and happy travels

  • DefencelessDuck

    okay that looks sick

  • 36 Volts Son
    36 Volts Son

    Aww man i hope Richard tagged yall, that could be really good for you guys 👍

  • Daniel Robison
    Daniel Robison

    Build a cool body it could be so much cooler..ditch the kid car

  • leahcim thgirw
    leahcim thgirw

    Yeah what's with that Camaro in the corner huh

  • Bruce D
    Bruce D

    Please race faster proms tater tot

  • liquidmicrowave

    Mattel should do a line of cars and cameras matchbox cars

  • Deland Brooks
    Deland Brooks

    An IRL ride from "Cartoons" magazine !!! You just need "Starvin' Marvin" to be complete. At least you were smart enough not to take a trailer,cause if you have a trailer, you really don't want to tow it home empty.

  • Dt Doggo
    Dt Doggo

    3:05 the miata tho

  • Big T’s Perspective
    Big T’s Perspective

    The title is not matching up

  • Franklin Pauley
    Franklin Pauley

    Love the hitch on the coup

  • Austin Krieg
    Austin Krieg

    issac do you remeber michael im one of his sons hope yall had fun i was there my dad helped you get the cozy coupe with our golfcart

see you soon
see you soon