1979 Honda CT90 Budget Restoration | Back on the Road after 27 YEARS!
This 1979 Honda CT90 or Honda Trail 90 was last tagged in 1994, and judging by the rust popping out of the paint, dust, and grime, I believe this Honda mini bike has been sitting that long. The ignition comes and goes on this vintage Honda dual sport (we ordered the wrong coil in this video), but we still cleaned it up, replaced the tires and seat cover, and took it for a ride! The 90cc 4 speed engine (with high and low functions!) is fast! I managed to get this old dual sport up to 40mph in my back yard.

Thanks for Watching!

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  • Jesse W
    Jesse W

    I have a 79 Honda 185 xr and it tops out at 85mph on the speedometer. Them old bikes rip!

  • Sharlyn Kroeker
    Sharlyn Kroeker

    Can you do a review on a motor bike kit

  • Larry Grubbs
    Larry Grubbs

    The baskets add at least 15 HP man.

  • Nathan G
    Nathan G

    It needs a battery or it will not run right

  • Incognito Bandito
    Incognito Bandito

    Ahhh again with using philips screw drivers on the JIS screws!!

    • Incognito Bandito
      Incognito Bandito

      and what is with whacking the throttle open and shut over and over, that carb doesn't have an accelerator pump.

  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez

    The recondite galley disturbingly smoke because weather embryologically discover inside a peaceful multimedia. abashed, stimulating morocco

  • Turbojunki

    Needs more knobby tires

  • Many Man
    Many Man

    Yes cool ass idea to do a pizza boy challenge!

  • John Ogan
    John Ogan

    Did you guys figure the shift linkage for down and four up for backing off to neutral

  • John Ogan
    John Ogan

    I owned a Honda 90 just like that and I tried to do it without using the battery but the battery helps Supply power to the coil

  • Moto Bros
    Moto Bros


  • Dav Benson
    Dav Benson

    Ride a 49cc ruckus never broken a egg

  • Lucas Nolte
    Lucas Nolte

    The new parts store run vehicle

  • orbacron

    Nice machine, hajajaja yeah, do a huge round trip around town to fill the garage with random goods and snacks.. Pizza boy run with extra stops and bonus shortcut trail footage

  • motoX

    a little baby powder on new tubes is slightly helpful..also, when putting on a tire with a tube, never go past say...a 95 degree angle and youll never pinch a tube against the rim

  • Zach's Pro-Mod
    Zach's Pro-Mod

    I swear everytime I get a new project to do, y'all upload a video of the same thing. Mines a 69 though.

  • mellender0


  • Scott Bloxsom
    Scott Bloxsom

    I have an 81 and a 88 110cc with the high/low gearbox. The 88 is full rego and the 81 is bored out to 119 with upside down front fork, knobby tyres and a lectron carbi for doing the "SKEETA" run every year haha

  • zach siebers
    zach siebers

    You gotta have a strong battery for these to run right. Also these engines run like crap without a filter. Additionally the coils rarely go bad, trypically it’s the condenser that goes.

  • Charles Millsaps
    Charles Millsaps

    Wow good work. Did to do a 140 swap to it! Thanks for the good videos

  • Mychale Porter
    Mychale Porter

    Put on the trail gears n climb some hills r forge a shallow creek

  • Micheál Cleary
    Micheál Cleary

    Go to sturgis ....I dare ye

  • Obscure

    She a runna she a track star

  • J S
    J S



    Every British and Australian kid had postie bike , that thing will do 100 mpg at 50 mph , brits have gone round the world on them so get another one and go coast to coast adventure riding..

  • FloridaBoi 561
    FloridaBoi 561

    That Honda reliability,you gotta love it!

  • Moto Riggs
    Moto Riggs

    Ike the pizza boy 🍕 👦 🏍

  • Hamid HABOUDOU
    Hamid HABOUDOU

    Hello cars and cameras guys, i would like to know if u can make a video to convert a vertical engine mower to an horizontal one ? Love u guys

  • bbaaspencer1

    The dad owned one and rode with their kids riding their CT50 and/or CT70

  • Tyranis Customs
    Tyranis Customs

    That right there, is my favorite Trail 90 I've ever seen. "Pizza boy on a mission" lmao

  • Josh Dodgin
    Josh Dodgin

    I saw carb was loose, hope you guys tightened the nuts back up lol

  • Dominic Richardson
    Dominic Richardson

    Could you build a go kart powered by an old stationary engine? Like a lister or petter? Ik it would be slow as hell but it would sound and look really cool

  • Matt Wolfe
    Matt Wolfe

    Mini mayhem?

  • Gordon Foreman
    Gordon Foreman

    John Gee is absolutely correct. The trail 90 needs to have a battery for it to run correctly.

  • Chris Thut
    Chris Thut

    I went to highschool in a rural part of Connecticut and had a 1972 z50 that id ride around town, in the farm fields and around the local reservoir. Was good times. I ended up trying to put an 88 kit on it with a big cam and never got it running right again. U guys are really inspiring me to get it out of storage and mess around with it again!

  • Chris Thut
    Chris Thut

    I love it. Peytons a great addition to the team too. Cheers guys 🍻

  • Station 435
    Station 435

    Let me know, even if it’s a private message, do you guys smoke the “wacky Tabacky”... you guys seem like you do, I just love to know what’s your preference for “recreation”

    • Chris Thut
      Chris Thut

      Them boys seem like they endulge, or maybe have a few cocktails or something. More power too them 👍🏻

  • guy b
    guy b

    points gap `1/2 plugs gap

  • N. Tromb
    N. Tromb

    Pro tip for our old school vehicles with the chrome front bumper and rear bumper and just chrome anywhere or even chrome wheels you use a SOS pad and it brings them back to almost new

  • Gremlin

    I keep seeing these tracks for go carts on my SVname ads. Would love to see you guys run a set

  • James Hurley
    James Hurley

    Should see how fast can go get pizza and bring home hew ever fastest wins 😁


    Can you make an update on the 66 Chevy truck just to see it completed

  • James Hurley
    James Hurley

    Definitely one my fave bikes plus fave Honda is Honda 50 cub 🤘🤘😁😁

  • Garrison Bro’s vintage cars
    Garrison Bro’s vintage cars

    I want one so bad

  • Gotta Know Joe Hobbies
    Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    I found and built a rescued '50s-'60s Tote Gote as a whim and had a blast. I did this after enjoying your builds.. Here is the finished product svname.info/nick/video/o6OmfNCciqjGy7I and the full boring build svname.info/nick/video/mJmnjdafiojDz9A I found a new 208cc engine for 99 bucks delivered an LCT or Husqvarna electric start,, pull start builtin 14volt generator It all just came together, I'm bought a 2nd engine and now I'm looking for another project but want something, not the norm .. Dune goat,, fat tire 3 wheel bike just not sure, Any ideas on a cool frame to build that's not just another mini bike?? CHeers Joe


    Ok hows this for a idea, a pikes peak hill run on a trail/ct 70/90 and one of the z 50's? are ya'll gonna have a buscoe beach event this summer? I hope to have my manco 3 wheeler there with the swapped on briggs v twin. Thats if i can ever get my short bus to camper conversion finished.

  • Steven Barrett
    Steven Barrett

    Iv got a 1966 ct 200 trail 90, I love it it’s a blast!

  • Cody Ayers
    Cody Ayers

    This tires look like maybe they're meant for a C70 passport

  • lukas boyer
    lukas boyer

    In your next video can you tell us the date of mini mayhem

  • yardsausage

    ever done anything with the honda gyro?

  • Nico Garcia
    Nico Garcia

    I been tryna look for a mini bike frame for cheap and I can’t find one I have one mini bike but I’m tryna build a small one for my brother.Got any ideas on how I can find a frame for cheap?

  • Roo The conqueror
    Roo The conqueror

    would a star washer help on the points screw?

  • Roo The conqueror
    Roo The conqueror

    so about cutting wrapping off of delicate items lowes has a thing for that 2496262

  • Hadley Scott McIntyre
    Hadley Scott McIntyre

    I used to have a whole collection of popular science when I was a kid and I remember honda ads and articles all through the 60'? And a honda well maintained I do believe can last forever and thats what I think got them where they are.

  • handyhippie65

    i still can't get over how complete and original this bike was, considering the age it has. it's like a 40 year old virgin.

  • Michael Munday
    Michael Munday

    Come on guys I thought you were about the build not the restoration you know when you would create a machine that has never been built not just fix someone else's crap.

  • Waylon minihan
    Waylon minihan

    You need to get a 1972 Honda SL100 i have one it is the greatest thing ever made

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies

    You could do a big block engine swap with a CT110 engine from an Australia Post bike. Lol

  • Bruce Mitchell
    Bruce Mitchell

    I noticed at 17:28 when Ike was revving the engine the carb nut was loose on far side , might be sucking air.

  • Sovereign Knight
    Sovereign Knight

    We use to own a pair of 1977 models and they look exactly like your 1979. A pair of them for only $450.00 back in the 90's. They didn't run initially. We brought them back to life. These bikes are a blast! Automatic transmission, a High and Low transfer case that really does work wonders... My father use to use one of these for deer hunting. Very quiet. Slap the deer on the back and take off! The little reserve gas tank cantina was also pretty cool. It used a 6 volt lead acid battery. Sadly the 1980 models removed the high /low transfer case. Then there was the CT 110 replacement. If I recall they did not have the high/low transfer case. Why Honda doesn't bring these back is a wonder to me.

  • nstrack1017

    It needs a carb, the coil is fine

  • Thor Mcgee
    Thor Mcgee

    It runs like crap. Fix it right!


    Carb loose will make it run lean for sure

  • AFrayed Knott
    AFrayed Knott

    Mopeds are like fat girls. Fun to ride but you wouldn't want your friends to see you riding one.

  • Pedro Mota
    Pedro Mota

    Do the gambler 500 Overlander mini bike event with the ct90! That be dope!

  • Blazin Tracks
    Blazin Tracks

    EFI swap a 125cc

    • Blazin Tracks
      Blazin Tracks

      I've been very curious about it, as to if it would bring any difference, I've been hearing about the newer hondas running EFI I wonder if it would unleash anything crazy lol never ride one

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    Used to be an express in the UK

  • Sherf

    I have 10 of these and yes it's a sickness!

  • Jerry Tuley
    Jerry Tuley

    In the old days we used to put automobile coils on them

  • brothers of valhall norway
    brothers of valhall norway

    you need to carey beer in the back and take the cirket

  • Flex apex
    Flex apex

    Honda quality is I’m awesome

  • Leda May
    Leda May

    The Carb BOLT was spinning loose when you rev'd it and could be part of the prob.

  • Jimmy White
    Jimmy White

    Fix my tire ... Shop gopher

  • Jeffrey Barker
    Jeffrey Barker

    The smiles says it all.

  • Dylan Zrim
    Dylan Zrim

    Did somebody say postie bike?

  • john beach
    john beach


  • dipstik subaru
    dipstik subaru

    Check the valve clearance!

  • NissanS141

    Go to the grocery store and buy food amd drive back.

  • Randy Gaskin
    Randy Gaskin

    Who can go and get a pizza the quickest 👍

  • Peter Emery
    Peter Emery

    My father had a 1976 CT 90. It had two hand brake levers, the front brake was operated by the right lever & the rear brake by both the right side pedal & the left hand lever. The seat cover was also perished, so he replaced it with a plastic chicken-feed bag. The farm was all hills, the bike was prone to falling over and the alloy brake levers would snap off at their bases. To prevent this, the outward-curling section of both brake levers were cut off.

  • Zack

    I don't know how I stumbled upon this video but I had to click on it because when I was 15 we had a Trail 90. And before I saw a full shot of the bike I was thinking how crazy it would be if it had a knobby tire on the front like the one I rode had. Was this stock spec or am I going crazy?

  • Jason Petrich
    Jason Petrich

    Got a ct90 my self its dad's and it rips its A very strange machine, it will do about 65mph perfect for collage, delivery. The delivery game would be cool gotta include an open gallon of milk in the comp!!!

  • Oliver Vernon
    Oliver Vernon

    When cars and cameras finally ride a full sized bike actually built for adult humans: "It rides so good!"

  • Jeremy Caylor
    Jeremy Caylor

    "It's like, you're a pizza boy on a mission!" Best part of the video, lmao.

  • dev deque
    dev deque

    Just order the right parts. It would make things much easier. I get you want to make a mysterious two parter and extend the build for your millions of youtube dollars. But you could just buy the correct parts and then do two videos... Just saying. :D

  • Thomas Anders
    Thomas Anders

    Arizona plates 🤘🏼 greetings from Phoenix

  • Joe M
    Joe M

    looks like they had a talking with peyton. hes like a new man lol

  • Svgmn 1973
    Svgmn 1973

    I like the look to.

  • J Echeverria
    J Echeverria

    pizza boy challenge

  • Karel Kramer
    Karel Kramer

    Do an image search for what they carry on these bikes in Viet Nam. You guys are too smart to even come close.

  • Ryan Higbee
    Ryan Higbee

    Canon Ball run on the ct90!

  • Karel Kramer
    Karel Kramer

    Those bikes don't run correctly with a dead battery. Make sure the battery is good. With a dead battery mine would die when the brake light went on.

  • Zach Ouimet
    Zach Ouimet

    Less Payton, more Isaac!

  • imtonedeaf1

    this bike really like the air box and air cleaner on them that why it boggin out

  • tommy atwell
    tommy atwell

    It's the rectifier! I had one of these bikes but it was a 1970. Ran amazing after that

  • CncObsession

    The shiny side of Aluminum foil works great on rusted chrome, try it. Rub it hard

  • Drew Underwood
    Drew Underwood

    My brother and I grew up with a yellow version of this exact bike( minus the shopping rack), we had family land in Virginia and it was the way to look at the fields and run the roads. If you guys decide to sell this I would be interested to purchase as a gift to my brother, it would live a awesome life in Downtown Atlanta GA.

  • shiv0123456789

    Got a 82 Honda xl80s and it needs a stator and it is not available so I feel your parts Pain

  • OnPoint Engraving And Laser
    OnPoint Engraving And Laser

    I remember the c90 days being a young lad ripping through the woods smashing parts of the big white fairing on the tree stumps at 40mph on slick road tyres I had more fun on them bikes than anything else good days amazing bikes 🏍

  • Fenderfan85

    lol all that shit you cleaned off the air filter wasnt just dirt. It was the foam thats supposed to be wrapped around the inner filter. I would recommend putting another one on lol.