1970s Mini Chopper Restoration | Vintage Briggs & Stratton Power!
Today's mini bike build features a 1970s chopper mini bike. We bought this cheap mini bike for $40, and it needed a full restoration. We install a vintage Briggs and Stratton engine on this old mini bike, as well as upgrade the wheels, tires, seat, and rebuild the front suspension. Then we take this cruiser mini chopper around the CarsandCameras Grand Prix!

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Universal sprocket adapter: bit.ly/388Wyfn
Twist grips: bit.ly/34S6jwT
Mini bike throttle kit: bit.ly/2xW87bQ
6" aluminum wheels: bit.ly/2SACoEP
12T 35 chain clutch: bit.ly/2Tja7TZ

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  • dellstudio10

    Name it Faded Glory. Anyway, what's the odds of mini mayham happening this year? Please say it's a go!

  • Backwaterwanderer

    Love how you guys film it like a real tv show now. Y’all will probably be on motor trend soon! Keep it up god bless

  • Amandeep Kang
    Amandeep Kang

    Where can I get that seat?

  • Ezechiel Roy
    Ezechiel Roy

    old blue is the best in my opinion

  • BitChute Destined
    BitChute Destined

    John, "Hey Ike, why not the white one?" Ike, "This o hoe? Because we only want one thing from her." John, "What do we need and why you call it the o hoe?" Ike, "Just a standard crand is all and because, everyone touch her but nobody want her." 🤣

  • Daniel House
    Daniel House

    Love the greasy prints.

  • falstar2020

    Had one just like that growing up. If you replace the bolts holding the handlebars into the riser with a hand knob, the handlebars will fold down to fit into your car trunk.

  • David Potter
    David Potter

    If you two ride it to Colorado, which one gets to be on the handlebars? We guess the one with the hairdo...neat idea...

  • Steven Hale
    Steven Hale

    I hope you dont have anything that requires fingerprint scan ???

  • Motor Madness
    Motor Madness

    Old blue for sure

  • AFrayed Knott
    AFrayed Knott

    Call it Hardly a Davidson

  • SirDrakeNewcanon

    5:55 use a tool, a hammer for example! :-)

  • TrafficknPounds

    Should have probably kept the shocks in the back for a smooth and stable ride, but i still love the build

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz

    This brings back a lot of memories. I used to do what ya'll do about 50ish years ago. Yeah, getting old. But you two have brought it back to me! At the end of my work camp season in oct. Going to buy myself a fat-tired mini bike and up the pony power with a quickness. Will share what I've done when I can. Keep up the great work/video's.

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz

    Old Blue is my vote.

  • Preston Janak
    Preston Janak

    I’d name it Uncle Sam

  • THICCPaPies

    Uncle Sam on his main voyage.

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter

    Bigger sprocket!!!!!

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter

    Captain America for sure

  • TheFurriestOne

    Three-piece self-removing wheels, so fancy! Those hand-prints, you just sold your finger-prints! It'll be fine...? If you added green to the color-scheme and put a headlight on with an anti-rock off-road grill on over it on there... You could name it Captain Planet! ;D static2.cbrimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/captain-planet-header.jpg But more seriously, could call it Ol' Captain Sam. A flag-sticker (or magnet) could fit that flat plate on the fork! ...might need to put some suspension and/or sturdier foam in the seat to absorb the bumps better?

  • Allen Sandven
    Allen Sandven

    Easy Rider Not ; could be a more descriptive name , and with the whole chopper theme and with a mini mayhem I think y’all should start a mini biker outlaw gang or with “ Mini Mayhem M/C.” as your full patch on the new “CCR Cuts” available at Cars & Cameras Retail merch shop in several colors as long as its black pleather and Iron on Patches and of course, what outlaw minibiker wouldn’t be seen without a 3% rr. Patch and a “ MAMA TRIED “ rub on tattoo chest wide.and for the “old lady” or uni gender the “ Briggs & Straton “ wings Tramp Stamp will certainly be the talk at Sturgis this year ! Oh and the T’s hand print reminded me when the local law enforcement would be so gracious to put me and a few of my posse up for a night or two they insisted that we sign there guest book and even take picture and fingerprints for future alumni reunions? Almost forgot , might want to ask around to see if any other M/C’s are using that name and if they would like to be affiliated Invite them to your club for a Potluck ? 😂

  • Bryant Anderson
    Bryant Anderson

    Cpt America

  • the sparkpplugman YouTube channle
    the sparkpplugman YouTube channle

    Captain sam

  • lemoinekj1345

    When you plannen on selling some of the Motors , go karts, mini bikes?

  • Robert Holt
    Robert Holt

    Watched an old vid where you were beating a nut for loc nut. Get some fishing line and wrap the threads to make a nyloc nut. Enjoy your projects.

  • FloridaBoi 561
    FloridaBoi 561

    These “Frankenstein” builds are awesome! Taking whatever you have laying around the garage and building a running,driving,semi-reliable mini bike is so bad ass. I really hope that y’alls channel inspires younger people to get out there and build something. Get a project that’s cheap,reliable,easy to maintain, and they can learn how to work on these small engines. They can acquire the skills to build rad stuff for cheap and not be forced to beg their parents for money to buy an expensive “toy”. Reminds me of being a kid, I never had the skills to fix my own go karts,but I loved working on BMX bikes. I would get parts from the trash or grab cheap ones from yard sales or flea markets and once I had enough parts, I would build one bad ass bike for myself and then I would trade parts with my friends. Not having a lot of money as a kid kinda forces you to learn how to build stuff,otherwise you had to go without the things that you really wanted.

  • Porter Jeppson
    Porter Jeppson

    Uncle Sam because july 4 is coming up

  • Ian Clinthorne
    Ian Clinthorne

    Captain America all day 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Jeff May
    Jeff May

    You should send that tapered crank to Abom79 and let him modify it for future Briggs build.

  • Mow Master Mitch
    Mow Master Mitch

    That was some sweet foot action shutting that engine down. :)

  • Andrew Hippeli
    Andrew Hippeli

    Old blue is my vote I had a 90s Chevy pickup named old blue lol

  • john beach
    john beach


  • Billy Prince
    Billy Prince

    Can yall build an motor thst runs off propane

  • Ben Chapman
    Ben Chapman

    Uncle Sam has already been used by Fasterproms. It's their Drift Police car. I think Captain America suits.

  • Chevy Guy 55
    Chevy Guy 55

    I still like "Old Blue" for the name

  • Mark Bonwell
    Mark Bonwell

    Oh and I vote Captain America!

  • Mark Bonwell
    Mark Bonwell

    Truth be told, you could soak rusty parts in apple cider vinegar and all the rust will be gone!

  • Zach Outdoors
    Zach Outdoors

    Call it the patriot

  • Swanky Franky
    Swanky Franky

    I got one how about uncle America

  • michael eisele
    michael eisele

    I'm thinking it should be called "Ol Glory".

  • falloutboy

    Call it the 4Horse Man

  • ForPointSix 4.6
    ForPointSix 4.6

    Captain America

  • Bob Piper
    Bob Piper

    i would call it the Smurf as its small and blue :) :)

  • Jacob Hayes
    Jacob Hayes

    Why not captain blue

  • John Millerton
    John Millerton

    You guys are hilarious,love watching y"all.I'd name her Junkmaster21!

  • milksheikh

    That's not Brass, it's zinc chromate plating.

  • Chris Dople
    Chris Dople

    Mini sam lol

  • Bob Hodson
    Bob Hodson

    Wheres your sandblaster????

  • Hjerte Verke
    Hjerte Verke

    That wasn't a frog 15:11. It was a TOAD :D

  • Blake Musick
    Blake Musick

    Name that bike uncle same

  • Hjerte Verke
    Hjerte Verke

    I'm sure sandpapering the shocks looks great optically, and it's great for a slow motion music montage, but a wire wheel or cup on an angle grinder at 10,000+ revs will make short short work of the rust on the shocks and also polish them up. Everyone in the vicinity and the operator has to wear eye pro though. Those wires fly out at high velocity, like darts

  • Ja M
    Ja M

    Old blue

  • William Kennedy
    William Kennedy

    Think I may have had one not sure if it would count as a motorcycle

  • Hjerte Verke
    Hjerte Verke

    Save the side cover and extended camshaft on the white engine for any Briggs fan who wants reverse on a tiller or snowblower. Those things are very useful.

  • A Noble Cantor
    A Noble Cantor

    If you are gonna go with Captin then you need a shield. If you are gonna go with Uncle Sam... No. If you are gonna go with Old Blue then you need to add some sleeper upgrades.

  • Big Jon
    Big Jon

    I would name it the Patriot prowler

  • StyleFactory DontFit
    StyleFactory DontFit

    Those lil mini craigers looks sick!!! Can they go on a gokart!?!? If so *cough cough* next kart build should DEFINETLY get some 😅

  • Murdernikl69

    Captain America

  • American Productions
    American Productions


  • John Handwerker
    John Handwerker

    id love to see what a dirt bike or an new sport quad would put down for a time

  • Early Earl
    Early Earl

    Captain America

  • Jason Pohlman
    Jason Pohlman

    Why did you not use the seat suspension? Do you hate your spine that much?

  • Adam Pittman
    Adam Pittman

    You could name it cap for short of Captain America

  • Ronnie Jarvis
    Ronnie Jarvis

    Crappin’’ America

  • Project A.D.H.D
    Project A.D.H.D

    Now he has both of ya guys finger prints...lol



  • Aj Januszkiewicz
    Aj Januszkiewicz

    I need that carb and tank combo for my genny and i cant find any for sale looked far and wide although i think it may need a head too but not sure i am

  • Kenneth Bynum III
    Kenneth Bynum III

    My vote is for Uncle Sam

  • Alex Crouse
    Alex Crouse

    Should have left the springer seat on it!

  • Shadetree Mechanic Racing
    Shadetree Mechanic Racing

    Call it Old Glory.

  • Callum Borrill
    Callum Borrill

    Them with the suspension springs looked like smokers with there pipe 😂🌴

  • Rowdy Yates
    Rowdy Yates

    Ole' Captain Sam is truly the best name.

  • DrJman's Place
    DrJman's Place

    How about the Patriot Rascal.

  • Honda Monkey 125 Going Ape Australia
    Honda Monkey 125 Going Ape Australia

    This is an Australian 1970 Deckson Grand Prix Deluxe. Highly sorted for here in Australia. People pay over $2000.00 AUD for them.

  • James Frye
    James Frye

    Were do I send my resume to get on the team?

  • ThemTXHallBoys

    SWEET PROJECT!! always a blast to watch and LEARN! You know you're a stud when swapping the crankshaft out is.."the easy way..." It would have caught some "self-centering" JB weld at my place... LOL I have an APB!: I need some help....I'm putting 15" lawnmower tires on my son's kart and need a recommendation/help selecting sprocket size. He loves donuts and rides off-road mostly - so needs low end... I went from 10" tire with an idler chain to a single chain with the larger tires - so the math kind of kicked my butt.... Could anyone give me any guidance on a starting place for a sprocket size? It has an ungoverned Predator 212, small kids kart frame. I threw a dart and got a 69/35...(will probably need to upgrade 41) but I have an interchangeable sprocket hub from GPS so no biggie if I need to buy a couple. Any help from anyone would be appreciated!! THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE!!

  • john morgan
    john morgan

    Them's some weird looking, uh, beadlockers.

  • E

    Ant man has entered the chat 9:40

  • ryan bennett
    ryan bennett

    Uncle sam

  • MikMech

    12:29 Nice Aussie Accent ?

  • Supreme Tim
    Supreme Tim

    Ike in the back ground operating

  • DJ Mangler
    DJ Mangler

    The Patriot should be the name!

  • Costdelta

    Uncle sam

  • James Cotton
    James Cotton

    You should call it "4 horses of freedom"

  • Pgp 2
    Pgp 2

    You know I don't care who answers my question but if y'all do decide to answer my question I would be greatly appreciated but I've always had this question for a long time(🤔 if you were to remove the governor on a Flathead Briggs & Stratton but everything else stock even the original valve springs will it survive a full-throttle pull without destroying itself🤔 I would greatly appreciate it if I get to answer because the social media really does not say anything about it ) I don't know carsandcameras what do you think if you decided to answer this question🤔🤷

  • Rowdy Kautzman
    Rowdy Kautzman

    Old bluee

  • Logan c
    Logan c

    Name it the patriot

  • Many Man
    Many Man

    Another go kart build? I just got a 1960 streaker that’s a one seater. I’m planning to fully rebuild it thanks to you guys. 🙏

  • Travis Rynning
    Travis Rynning

    Captain America 🇺🇸💙👏❤

  • John Jocob Jinglhymerschmit
    John Jocob Jinglhymerschmit

    How about you guys buy a tubing bender and build your own name-brand minibike .

  • Ang cecch
    Ang cecch

    But yah I like it shortin the bars just a bit.and you got it...

  • Ang cecch
    Ang cecch

    Ow I've got a good One how about old Rust Buck..oh wait how about Ruff Ryder.

  • Ang cecch
    Ang cecch

    How about ol red white n blue...but I still like ol blue

  • Ang cecch
    Ang cecch

    Ol blue sounds better because of the old engine it just fits it better..

  • Nothing2Tube

    Tooted squatted gonna be illegal in NC soon I personally call it owl chasers..lift it or slam it I mean dang

  • Bill Levassiur
    Bill Levassiur

    Captain America.

  • Cory Massey
    Cory Massey

    It's be better as a Loki bike if ya wanna do a theme. Them handle bars sell it

  • The Green Laser
    The Green Laser

    Umm... why didn't you guys re-use the double shock setup for the rear end. You made it a rigid in the back and wonder why it bounces all over the place.

  • Johnny Boi
    Johnny Boi

    It should definitely be named "Nephew Sam"

  • D. b.
    D. b.

    Definitely Captain America!