125 HP "Monster Killer" Go Kart Build! | 670cc 2 Stroke Snowmobile Engine on a Race Kart
We're using a 2 stroke 670cc snowmobile engine from a mid 1990s Arctic Cat on a go kart! This 2 stroke snowmobile go kart will make around 110-125 horsepower with a CVT style transmission. This Monster Killer go kart has potential to bring down the mighty Ducarti, our 900cc Ducati Monster powered go kart.

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  • Greg Nelson
    Greg Nelson

    Right there with ya Junkyard digs. Minnesota boy here. she's gonna pull at all times.

  • Greg Nelson
    Greg Nelson

    And there it is! The introduction!

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    Y is there a casket

  • Nathaniel Morin
    Nathaniel Morin

    I had a 99 summit x 670. HP is 128. Have fun boys!!!

  • I cant hit the net
    I cant hit the net

    Why did you call it an arctic cat engine

  • Arthur Wills
    Arthur Wills

    You keep looking at the coffin, so yall should make a coffin cart

  • Smitty

    A collaboration with Chris from RatherB and his 2 stroke yard kart would be awesome

  • Maverick nonconformist
    Maverick nonconformist

    Austrian Rotax motor.

  • Ágúst Bjarki Sigurðsson
    Ágúst Bjarki Sigurðsson

    You have to make a some kind of a cover over the clutch, the belt can grenade at high speed!

  • jmedlock696

    That engine was aslo used in the jet ski the crank should be the came cut off the torque converter weld on a sprocket attachment and bolt a sprocket on it and call it a day

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M

    I can't wait for further installments on this project. Please post them now....

  • ThatGamerGuy

    You guys need to take this thing to hoonigan for a this vs that episode

  • flyswat124

    I have the 700 from an 02 ski doo pretty much the same engine im mounting on a buggy style kart never looked up specs before and now im more excited

  • cucamonga41

    Now you all are into the league (like MSO) where getting the power to the road is everything and "Spinning Ain't Winnin". "Chase is a race"!

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor

    BOMB Barder

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor

    You could add a jackshaft and move the big giant clutch behind the engine right ?

  • badad0166

    19:30 Bombardier, a female deer.

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    Minds lost 🤕

  • Uni-Byte

    Snowmobile engines are supposed to be run in very cold conditions. That is how they produce so much power without seizing - lots 'n' lots of cooling. You will need about 10 sq. ft. of radiator on that engine if you want to use it during the summer.

  • Kenneth Moniz
    Kenneth Moniz

    I once had a Polaris 440 2 stroke on a cart but could never get the belt drive to work right looking forward to seeing urs run

  • BradRange

    Green and purple and absolutely insane. I christen this cart “The Joker”

  • Ezra Croy
    Ezra Croy

    Green Monster

  • Grouchee Oldman
    Grouchee Oldman

    2021 Portland, IN Vintage Motorbike Show Wednesday June 16 thru Friday June 18th svname.info/nick/video/qJqwiqhpfZTNt7o

  • theduderski

    it will

  • John V Cramer
    John V Cramer

    I think you have lost your mind.!!!

  • Bruce Grunewald
    Bruce Grunewald

    What are those weird things above the exhaust? Do they control the power valves? I started on rotary valve 2 stroke motorcycles way back and their power to weight ratio was great.

  • John V Cramer
    John V Cramer

    You all should make it longer and maybe a bit longer.!!!???

  • Motorteeth

    Would it forge? I'm curious of the toughness and possible edge retention

  • alden schwarze
    alden schwarze

    If the monster kart doesn't work out,,, Maybe think about going back to the drag rail, and mounting the 670 2 stroke length wise, with the drive pully at the rear. then mount the driven pully on the side of the frame, with a shaft going back to a rear axle like the trophy kart.. it will take some doing, but i have confidence that you guys can figure it out... :)

  • matt 2525
    matt 2525

    Neither of these two have obviously never owned a snowmobile lol. When the weight's in those primary clutches come apart they go through shields and hoods lol.

  • matt 2525
    matt 2525

    When your philosophy is let's not make it right cause no one will see it you should not be touching anything that can kill some one. These two clowns absolutely live by that philosophy.

  • Jeremy Vanover
    Jeremy Vanover

    I have a 1995 honda xr100 I would love to give to you guys for free I would love to see it on a tracked trike build text me on snapchat @jeremy_vano2021 and love the videos guys keep it up

  • jamie brown
    jamie brown

    subbed since 32k

  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • jamie brown
    jamie brown


  • Stefan P
    Stefan P

    That’s not a Arctic cat engine. That’s clearly a skidoo motor.

  • Lee H
    Lee H

    I can't wait to see this run. A 670 2 stroke is no joke, this thing will be scary fast.

  • 01 country boy
    01 country boy

    I'm so sorry but the people who work on the old Ski-Doos are cringing so hard

  • GuitarGuys7299

    Y'all have definitely lost your minds. But that's what is so great about C&C! Btw, that coffin would make a great over powered Dragula!

  • Shahar sde Chen
    Shahar sde Chen

    1:26 pretty sure I know why you laughed there

  • martin enoch
    martin enoch

    Bomb “Oh Dear”.

  • martin enoch
    martin enoch

    It’s HP per Kilo where it gets mad..

  • Junior Viars
    Junior Viars

    I think that ya'll should build a tow truck and ya'll are teaching me a lot so thanks

  • Bane dye
    Bane dye

    Don't have a Harley engine however I may or may not have something substantially more badass and way more dangerous. 1972 Kawasaki 750 H2 three cylinder two stroke. That should send that rail down the track. I live near Richmond va so I don't think I'm far from ya

  • Roger Marshall
    Roger Marshall

    Neck & back injuries, just don't heal right.

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar

    I have 2 old b&s motors 1 is a 2 hp and the other is a 5 hp is it possible to turn the 2 hp into a 5 hp

  • Tonka808

    Ike is sitting on a gold mine with all the classic cars chilling around there

  • Dean Trivitt
    Dean Trivitt


  • Dale Lester
    Dale Lester

    Y'all should buy a Honda Grom!!!

  • Richard Hatt
    Richard Hatt

    I was watching some videos and thought "What Cars and Cameras needs is a rotary engine on a go kart".

  • David Budy
    David Budy


  • David Budy
    David Budy

    i rode a dunecycle 40 yrs ago that was equipped with a 2 cyl 2 stroke 500 cc rockford engine CVT tranny scary fast

  • Pooh Berr
    Pooh Berr

    😢 I thought I was gonna hear it run today

  • anything with wheels
    anything with wheels

    Ski doo Mach 1*

  • Emery Cottle
    Emery Cottle

    Do we really even know the full potential of the dukarti?

  • nathan munford
    nathan munford

    Sweet potatoes its gonna blow the hair off your head 👍👍👩‍🦲

  • Meof Myof
    Meof Myof

    You should let Johns dad ride it first.

  • Envision ک
    Envision ک

    Hey guys I had a question is it OK if I straight played my go kart?

  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams

    Can't wait to see more of this!!!

  • dirty jeep G&L
    dirty jeep G&L

    Twin pipe that thing!! Get ready to hang on!! 670 mach 1 snowmobiles do rip

  • Grant Skidmore
    Grant Skidmore

    What if yall take the cvt off the side of the engine. Flip the cvt and put it behind the engine on an auxiliary shaft driven by a chain off the side of the engine. This would shorten the width of your engine package. It may make work on the carbs a pita though.

  • Toby Dyes
    Toby Dyes

    Let's see you make a coffin go kart

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    This needs to be on a off-road style or something with a cage 😅

  • bajabugnut

    Extend the cart and put it behind the driver.

  • Riley Thomson
    Riley Thomson

    basically about miata power

  • Jätski.fi

    try an axial transmission motorbike with 2x 90 degrees gears, with the last one being a cvt rubber-to-disc movable position torque converter

    • Jätski.fi

      I mean instead of a gearbox and chains

  • Nicks backyardprojects
    Nicks backyardprojects

    I was thinking about starting to build a miniature dragster. If that's what I finally decide to do with my engine we will definitely have to race them. Be cool to see 2 Harley dragsters duking it out.


    Perhaps the "Bomb O Dear" ;)

  • josh wilson
    josh wilson

    Good luck with that one boys! Those sleds are rockets! They are also a bear to start. Make sure you have the primer rigged up and lots of spare plugs 👌. Love to foul em 🍻

  • J240Maggie

    Did you just give us a hint . Of you guys are going to build grandpa monsters dragster? The answer better be yes

  • Ethan Cowell
    Ethan Cowell

    One question. Why is there a casket in the background?

  • Southern Pa Karting
    Southern Pa Karting

    If ya want to know how to use snowmobile motors on flat kart without belt clutch, let me know. 😁

  • Anan O'moose
    Anan O'moose

    In honor of Richie Valens, call it the La Bamba-Deer.

  • Paul Goldsmith
    Paul Goldsmith

    please please please, this stroker is begging to be put into the rail and the monster engine will fit the race kart perfectly

  • Tannen DesBrisay
    Tannen DesBrisay

    Put it on the cross kart

  • Do all fab
    Do all fab

    Time for a coffin cart looks like you have some laying around

  • Jamie House
    Jamie House

    Use a buell xb12 fire bolt engine. It’s sportster based but way more power

  • B@tM@N Whitworth
    B@tM@N Whitworth

    Can't wait to see the finished results😁 that thang is gon be naaarrsty!!🤘

  • NEON Tv
    NEON Tv

    🤣it looks more than fun

  • Answerswithweed Bo
    Answerswithweed Bo

    So I had a different mentality about this cart before checking the comments when done watching!lol these people sound borderline scared for you...

  • DaPopeLP

    Get an 883 for the rail then do a 1275 hammer performance jug swap!!

  • the Freeman adventure
    the Freeman adventure

    To me it looks like you have everything you need to make this work... • high hp engine • sturdy frame • ⚰ • mathematics Yeah no worries 👍

  • Richard Pixler
    Richard Pixler

    I’d drive it!

  • Matt Wolfe
    Matt Wolfe

    Ike John go quick 7 go karts for 2000$ Facebook market N.C

  • Clem Savoldi
    Clem Savoldi

    You should call it the bombadart

  • jrea424

    CoffinKart? 🤷‍♂️🤔 ⚰

  • Billy Green
    Billy Green

    How much meth did you do to make a side car mounted engine? Yeah I meant meth the drug

  • michael chatham
    michael chatham

    You need to put some 1/8 inch or bigger plate steel between you and the engine so you don't get hurt if you break a belt or so you don't lean on the Torque converter, you need something there because of the rpm it is spinning

  • Christian Buczko
    Christian Buczko

    I think rear engine, long wheelbase would be best for the gokart if your planning on hitting top speed.

  • Christian Buczko
    Christian Buczko

    Cleetus mcfarland just bought a new gokart, its a mini off roader with a 4stroke and JET engine with afterburner. The gokart build looks very high quality but the jet is batshit crazy.

  • every day volgs
    every day volgs

    Check outlook The Ryan hard plumbing They have one of those on a Honda Odyssey

  • Joe D
    Joe D

    Hi Guy's ! Y'all really should have started with a B-Bomb Enduro class chassis !!

  • Arien Frost
    Arien Frost


  • Shawn Baldwin
    Shawn Baldwin

    I love the bombardier engine. I had a 670 quad that had scary hp and torque. That thing should be a real butt puckering kick in the pants. I personally think you should stretch the frame a little so the primary clutch would be slightly behind the seat. Then you could make a cover to protect yourselves from the drive belt and primary clutch much easier. It would be the same basic concept as a side-by-side. Then you get to play with clutch weights to make sure that belt doesn't slip throughout the power band.

  • john beach
    john beach

    When the frame breaks into several smaller frames, you could install that engine on a large quad and go Banshee hunting.



  • john beach
    john beach

    "Safety first, for once" says the man as he grabs the brim of his SEND IT hat lolol!