1000cc BMW Trophy Truck Returns! New Trans + Rip!
The transmission on our BMW K100 powered 1000cc trophy kart build went out, and today we're fixing it! The transmission on this mini trophy truck wasn't too hard to access and replace. Then, we take it out for a rip!

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  • BitChute Destined
    BitChute Destined

    Hey Ike, where do you not want that shifter? Show us one more time 🤣

  • scootass productions
    scootass productions

    needs smaller gears in the rear end

  • Philip Hartley
    Philip Hartley

    "Gearbox" is also a UK thing, what else would you call a box with gears inside ???. we use "Transmission" loosely to describe an Auto Gearbox.

  • j in AVL
    j in AVL

    Issac looks like a younger will ferrell

  • David Winters
    David Winters

    I have always called manuals, gearboxes, not transmission.

  • David Winters
    David Winters

    I have always called manuals, gearboxes, not transmission.

  • Matthew Bergin
    Matthew Bergin

    You need to replace the U-joint at the rear-end with a CV joint. It will solve the drive issues and allow for more rear suspension travel. U-joints only work in pairs over small and, more importantly, equal angles. That is why they use CV joints for wheels that steer.

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    It's not the alignment it's those cheap ass shocks

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    Y don't you guys reengineer that garbage driveshaft set up it would be so more reliable and less jalopy lol love you guys get here done either way

  • chad scott
    chad scott

    That's what she said I think it needs to go deeper

  • Rod MONK
    Rod MONK

    I don't think I've ever noticed a VROOM VROOM Before this video

  • SkullBreaker Customs
    SkullBreaker Customs

    I have an idea for how you can redo the shifter to where it has shorter throw and is beside you, I could draw it up and email to you if you have an email

  • not teberling
    not teberling

    ive been watching u guys since u we’re at 400k subs and i love still love watching u guys

  • 1aMedia_Mock

    rent a bobcat and a rockhound and make ya selves some smooth tracks :) take a weekend and have bad ass track. rent machine ill come help ya do it so can focus on your projects so not down 2 days of machine work. paint where want ill make it kick ass smooth :)

  • Mark Detwiler
    Mark Detwiler

    Just watched the end...new shocks lol. I never should have doubted you hahahahaha.

  • Mark Detwiler
    Mark Detwiler

    Man...watching that thing roll around stiff as a board makes me wish you could find some softer long travel shocks. It probably wouldn't be cheap unless you find something you can repurpose but dang for a suspension with that much travel it looks like a skateboard suspension. Shaking yall to death lol.

  • gAry Busey
    gAry Busey

    Here me out Giant super charger with a blower on it

  • Colby Tyree
    Colby Tyree

    You need to weld the Differential

  • Tommy Coyle
    Tommy Coyle

    We want jet ski content!

  • J240Maggie

    So my friend told me not to do donuts in his truck. I drifted it instead. Lol

  • justin swanson
    justin swanson

    You guys can call it a transmission. It's transmitting power from the engine to the driveline. If people are giving you grief about something like that they need to take a new look at life and relax a little! Keep up the awesome videos!

  • 504 NARS
    504 NARS

    Will there be a million sub special?🧐

  • 504 NARS
    504 NARS

    Will there be a million sub special?🧐

  • James Hurley
    James Hurley

    Should take it to so E sand dunes or go for off road video dam love it 🤘

  • Shane

    How much do you think you guys spent on the trophy kart so far?

  • Jason Perret
    Jason Perret

    put a turbo and a big blow off valve on it

  • galaxy rider
    galaxy rider

    If theres a engine swap in the future get a Honda goldwing.

  • john beach
    john beach


  • Christian Cooper
    Christian Cooper

    Got my 92 f150. Gunna be saving up money to get some body work and paint job done on it and see if i can get a lift on it

  • Mx-racing-Channel

    Y’all should put shine slicks on it and drag race that thing

  • Lucas

    Please cover the driveshaft under the seat, it scares me.

  • Da drop'as
    Da drop'as

    With this kind of camber its no more Trophy truck... it's Drifhy truck

  • Miguel Armando
    Miguel Armando

    When are you going to turbo something!?!?

  • Name Is Trever
    Name Is Trever

    yall need a jeep or yota rear axle with offset pumpkin to save the Ujoints and keep the shaft straighter

  • WRENCH g
    WRENCH g

    Sorry GPS but those outdated 70s coil overs never worked good ever. The lightest spring set on the softest setting feels like its a hardtail.

  • WRENCH g
    WRENCH g

    Guys forget about all those ideas to "improve" the kart, im no specialists but from the beginning of this build i could never understand why yall put in my opinion the WORST SHOCKS THAT COULD BE ON ANY BUILD EVER! I mean you have to know that you could get some purpose built nitrogen OHV shock kit for nearly the same price. And just think, no more PHONY suspension/hacked suspension. I really think ya'll would be very surprised

  • Gunhaver

    Your intern looks EXACTLY like Josh The Snake lol

  • Trent Fake
    Trent Fake

    Johnalations 10-212: “why ride today when we can ride tomorrow”

  • Gunhaver

    This kart is almost exactly the kart i've been designing for a while. seeing your drive yours around makes me want to blow all my savings and start building my own...

  • shanco73

    Hey John, Isaac, any idea when you might have some international shipping? I am in the UK just south of London, would love a cap some stickers and a t-shirt. But no international shipping. Great video and what a touch getting that bmw gearbox for that money!

  • Rodolee James
    Rodolee James

    I'd like one of these

  • Mr. Shadow Gaming
    Mr. Shadow Gaming

    why not do paddle shifters

  • David price
    David price

    You guys are the only ones to pull off a dashboard shifter ala Covrair.

  • iKriz Nandez
    iKriz Nandez

    You forgot the seat belts

  • Ender

    You guys are making me nervous how much you are bouncing abound in that seat. So much so, it seemed like it was making you feather the accelerator. How about a harness or at least a lap belt?

  • Payton

    19:25 I loved it!

  • JaneSplitter

    that transmission is too weak for the weight of that vehicle..

  • DFB58

    the good old 90 degree BMW inline 4

  • Aiden Hansen
    Aiden Hansen

    i had an idea on how to fix the long throw on the shifter if u move the pivot point on the on the arm up it will make the throw shorter

  • Lod dude
    Lod dude

    'The owls are not what they seem' . . .

  • Cali_dinero

    I would love to bring my toys out with you guys, I could learn a lot from the both of u. I definitely enjoy all your vids💪🏾💪🏾

  • BlkiceMike

    Long travel suspension,.. Anyone else think that as well??

  • BlkiceMike

    Send it ,Bend it, .. well folks I thinks 🤔 a lot of the shaft angle of dangle gots whole lot to do wit it..😏 Maybe witha short shaft it'd be prevented 🤷‍♂️..😁.


    You guys need a Razor chassis to mount that engine

  • Conan Ruisi
    Conan Ruisi

    Your suspension looks completely collapsed. Either you guys already destroyed your shocks or you just didn’t build them to be long travel enough for your front suspension.

  • Jeffrey Parker
    Jeffrey Parker

    I hope you be safe out there

  • Visual Evidence
    Visual Evidence


  • Dylan Kriner
    Dylan Kriner

    Hi John and Isaac I'm a big fan for years now I'll be turning 17 on the 15 of this month I was wondering if you could build me a mini bike it would mean the world to me. my family is going through a hard time right now and I won't get what I want I'm thinking about starting a SVname channel like u guys . If u can't I understand stand

  • Jason Devillez
    Jason Devillez

    The squirmin german

  • brandon a
    brandon a

    Gentlemen, You've done a fine job with putting together these karts, each one unique and fun! I absolutely love your creativity! Your channel is called Cars And Cameras, may I suggest its time to build something even closer to a full size vehicle, a car, like a bigger badder trophy truck that you can confidently beat on? I like where John's head is at with building something you can dump the clutch on. I am not, however, suggesting a transition away from karts. You gentlemen have the skills, resources, and ambition to do it big. You have successfully built a spectrum of vehicles; keep pushing that final boundary!

    • Wouter VeIdhuis
      Wouter VeIdhuis

      tbh idk if that would go well looking at this so called mini throphy truck....

  • Alan 061
    Alan 061

    What's with the Pathfinder in the field?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    That 2000s era 2 liter of coke at 2:03 tho... Lol brings back memories.

  • Thunder J
    Thunder J

    Dont lie Ike! You know it steers like a Jon boat!

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    It lives !

  • richie brownlee
    richie brownlee

    Wow. That thing is hurting.

  • Fred Stone
    Fred Stone

    Tow is measured from the back of the front tires. You are an auto mechanic Isaac. Love you guys, But when the front of your tires are farther apart than the back, your toe in.

  • Glen Piro
    Glen Piro

    Man that thing reminds me of a mini Chenowth FAV from the late 80s ish!!! Awesome. For what its worth, in the world of shifter linkages or linkage ideas/sources, Ive used a three piece bicycle crank and bottom bracket assembly with much success in a couple applications. The crank arms are usually high quality aluminum, and super strong, so welding/machining/tapping etc is easy. You can usually index them from the standard 180 degrees to a, ahhhhh, custom angle pretty easy. They are very smooth due to ball bearings, and depending on how you cut the frame and the frame material, your mounting options are basically infinite. Much leverage can be obtained if needed by lengthening one arm etc. Of course, having a supply of trashed bicycles helps! I would think a one piece crank could be used as well, I just havent tried it. Just an idea, keep up the awesome content!

  • josh allen
    josh allen

    Please please please build a 2 seater buggy

  • Edmond Pecot Jr.
    Edmond Pecot Jr.

    something unnatural an creepy about John saying "unit".

  • Nash Paine
    Nash Paine

    Am I The only one who doesn’t like the way it sounds :/

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson

    You should of just made a hand brake instead of incorporating the brake in the clutch in my opinion

  • Chad R.
    Chad R.

    Weld the diff!!!

  • Jacob Fleener
    Jacob Fleener

    How about a gl1600 out of a gold wing?

  • F5 Garage
    F5 Garage

    Trophy trucks are capable of taking large jumps easily. Jump this freaking thing. Send it, bend it, mend it!

  • Jochen Decaestecker
    Jochen Decaestecker

    I think the transmission may have failed because the engine output shaft and the diff input shaft aren't perfectly parallel, this causes vibrations. When the wheelspeed would be constant the gears would hammer on each other a bit.

    • Jochen Decaestecker
      Jochen Decaestecker

      Because of the univeral joints

  • white line fever
    white line fever

    Just finished putting together the vintage go cart from go power sports she is a ripper. Thanks guys for sending me there way and I let them know you all sent me

  • Tony Brabender
    Tony Brabender

    Love that rig great video!!

  • Rusted Bolts & Buckets
    Rusted Bolts & Buckets

    That sound is music

  • Bill Mc
    Bill Mc

    How did y'all like how Ike looks like a man In that thing and John looks like a ten year old driving !!! 😁😁😁

  • Brandon Jarrard
    Brandon Jarrard

    Can you guys build one thing with ground clearance?

  • WrenchandRip

    Please get some actual shocks for that thing! Those helper springs have really light spring rates, but the dampening is set up for the full weight of a pickup truck.

  • CMB Projects
    CMB Projects

    That paint is awesome!

  • jonas barnhart
    jonas barnhart

    The alignment is out bc the springs are wearing out and it’s lower which cause negative camber and toe out

    • Fred Stone
      Fred Stone

      Toe is measured from the back of the front tires.

  • hydrogen18

    Replace the cush drive with solid plastic

  • Max Benson
    Max Benson

    You’re giving up hp without that splatter paint on the tran

  • David Baker
    David Baker

    30 thousand .ore guys doing great

  • Jeffrey Le Fevre
    Jeffrey Le Fevre

    I hate that u guys always rig ur shifters. Use decent hime joints and pivot ur shifter off the frame by ur right knee ... Having a food shifter changes everything about the way it drives. No more struggles while shifting

  • Renard Shotter
    Renard Shotter

    I’m guessing that that trans is not designed to make hole shots with a dual wheeled cart with cleated tires 🧐 the input shaft looks a little small

  • lagartijaRacer

    need fox suspension

  • Jätski.fi

    diy cvt transmission by 90 degree variable distance clutch wheel

    • Jätski.fi

      tf your front wheels skew

    • Jätski.fi

      no electronics

    • Jätski.fi

      the four hub wheel engine turbine thing, spin centrifugal turbines is nice

  • Gus Rosevear
    Gus Rosevear

    Nos please!!

  • Shelby Violet
    Shelby Violet

    John and Ike PLEASE add an *ODOMETER!!!!* to all your projects!! pretty please! it’d be super cool to see how much each one has gone. please like this so they can see! ps love the content been around since 7k subs!💕

  • Justin Yates
    Justin Yates

    The throw on that shifter is nearly that of an 18 wheeler

  • M3 Racing
    M3 Racing

    Bigger steering wheel would help speed up the steering

  • ashton dicks
    ashton dicks

    Does anyone know what that engine is and what it came out of

  • David Beer
    David Beer

    Eighteen million hyam joints in the front end... Not enough guys😑

  • william windex
    william windex

    2:46 thats what she said

  • beast530 gaming
    beast530 gaming

    Thinking about trying to put a Kawasaki 750 motorcycle engine on a yerf dog, is it possible?

  • Marc Plegge
    Marc Plegge

    I just wanna say you guys are the best. Just dudes having FUN. You guys make my day every time y'all post a video.

  • MotoShihan

    Love the biopsy shift level!