$100 Long Travel Shocks RUINED the Trophy Kart | Jump Testing, Is It Safe?

  • Bradley Blair
    Bradley Blair

    Please put this build in a playlist!

  • Jeep Porter
    Jeep Porter

    Why don’t you guys buy quality Heims with proper misalignments. Versus 5 dollar ones that are already completely wasted

  • David Arndt
    David Arndt

    I personally think the motor sets 🤔 too foward on the frame like maybe there is too much weight in the front end maybe it needs balanced better

  • Formula400Pontiac

    The cart is obviously very front heavy so it will out of the box be close to impossible to get a decent "jumper" of it just by manipulating the chocks. Try adding some weight in the rear to balance out that heavy engine before spending more cash on new shock absorberes

  • Mort Neff
    Mort Neff

    more weight in the back to even it out and not go head first!

  • patrick o
    patrick o

    You gotta gun the engine at the bottom of the hill and keep the rpms up to the top of the hill. Don't let off until in the air or it'll pogo. That and your suspension is way to springy. Maybe put a car shock or some type of dampener to keep the suspension from springing out so quickly

  • Cody Kahn
    Cody Kahn

    Less rear rebound!!

  • Vanessa Camp
    Vanessa Camp

    Put a full tank of fuel in it. Soften up the rear spring and put a heavy oil in them. Worth a shot. Keep up the good work 👍

  • Weaver Shenanigans
    Weaver Shenanigans

    You really need a car racing seat with the seat belt harness. Not to hard to find a used one. Just wanted to share my concerns with you all. Also as far as dampening rebound, the only thing you can really do with those shocks is to put thicker shock oil in them

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith

    So i dont suspension but i have a question with hundreds of lbs out front what would happen if you raked it like a real trophy truck

  • mizzoutgr

    If you put a thicker weight oil in the rear shock it will slow the rebound.

  • Jonathan Begault
    Jonathan Begault

    Stiffer springs on the front, about 50lbs more, just guessing. Drain and tear down the old rears and fool with the valving.

  • TTGaming

    did you try putting some thicker oil in the shocks?

  • Jerry Tuley
    Jerry Tuley

    You need more rebound, if you look into Aldan shocks you can get them rebound adjustable, they are not that expensive

  • erik roy
    erik roy

    Buy some used walker evans shocks from a Polaris rzr. Shocks off a 900 s would be perfect.

  • Rusty Beatty
    Rusty Beatty

    add more weight to the rear about 150 pounds would do and also stiffen up the rear suspension to help keep it from hopping around to much especially when taking off from a dead stop. Change the shock oil from 30 weight to 40 weight on all 4 shocks will solve most of your problems.

  • Media Mate
    Media Mate

    if you put really stiff shocks on the front and weaker shocks on the back it should kick the front end up higher when you jump it

  • John Weeks
    John Weeks

    I say just add weight to the back end plus that would even give you more traction on the back tires

  • Matěj Pazourek
    Matěj Pazourek

    Have you got plans for that buggy?

  • Vypher

    Maybe increase the travel a little more an maybe new wheel's 👀

  • CumminsDriver635

    If the face of the jump is shorter than the wheelbase of the vehicle, it is hard to get it to jump level. If your front wheels are already coming off the jump as the back wheels are hitting the face of the jump, it bumps the rear up a lot harder than if you were coming off a longer jump where all 4 wheels are headed up the jump and the suspension is settled. That jump looks pretty short and it wouldn't surprise me if that is the issue. Also, if you gas on it hard while you are in the air, it will bring the nose up, just like apply brake in the air brings the nose down.

  • PlokTheMasterGamer

    I don't really see why you need long travel suspension on a vehicle with the ground clearance of a toyota echo

  • Cheap as Chips
    Cheap as Chips

    You've gotta accelerate up the jump, don't cruise over it

  • Bill Dont
    Bill Dont

    Add a second smaller shock without a spring. That may help the rear.

  • mike schoolcraft
    mike schoolcraft

    You need shocks that can be tuned, changing shim stacks and spring rate and dual springs will get you what you want.

  • icy rc
    icy rc

    Get fully adjustable shocks

  • Bobby D
    Bobby D

    mount hitch anti sway links between the frame and the suspension by the coilover. BAM affordable rebound damper. Curt sells them for about $50 a pop, so $100 for a set. one for each side. When you run the jumps use the sway away links, when you run hardpack flat ground unhook them. ;)

  • Bigguy11809

    Change to a thicker oil in the shocks shock slow the rebound down

  • Thedustypolebarn

    Aka alignment 101

  • Toxic Gaming
    Toxic Gaming

    u try preloading the shocks brake gas

  • Colin Elshout
    Colin Elshout

    I think u guys need a bit of a bigger (longer) jump to get it to land more straight with the trophy kart.. great work btw guys💪🏽

  • Jason Coleman
    Jason Coleman

    What about the seat back being so short that the harness causes more safety issues than it solves?

  • Michael byrd
    Michael byrd

    FYI a thicker fluid in your shocks will take care of that

  • jane blogs
    jane blogs

    Clearly its bottoming out the springs and rebounding you up

  • jane blogs
    jane blogs

    10:25 those springs are coil binding even when standing still lol

  • Rick Shaw
    Rick Shaw

    You need to weld that rear differential. Posi Trac would be a big improvement. Cool build with those needed upgrades.keep up the good work

  • ProjectADV

    Idk about using warped ol bowed up lumber scraps for an alignment. I think a couple of straight edges or some steel angle or tube would be a much better option.

  • Danny Mogan
    Danny Mogan

    Use a more heavyweight oil or get use less spring pressure love the cart looking good

  • Danny Mogan
    Danny Mogan

    Use a more heavyweight oil or get use less spring pressure love the cart looking good

  • Matthew Lloyd
    Matthew Lloyd

    Need a set of double adjustable dirt late model coil overs ain’t that much and you car change spring rate

  • Clyde USA
    Clyde USA

    Old spaghetti sauce commercial, prego, it's in there. I remember saying that.

  • cracklingice

    Thicker shock oil???

  • legleg

    def need a lot more damping on the rebound and possibly a bit stiffer or longer spring in the rear, the front end could prob do with a bit more travel also. those rear shocks are bouncing around like they are seriously clapped out

  • Roo The conqueror
    Roo The conqueror

    keep the throttle pinned in the air it picks the front end up.

  • J.Clark Gray
    J.Clark Gray

    Weld the spider gears in the rear end, make it solid

  • J.Clark Gray
    J.Clark Gray

    Congrats, new guy.

  • J.Clark Gray
    J.Clark Gray

    Cmon man, get on the gas hard at the face of the jump

  • Gary Benninger
    Gary Benninger

    What if you just used some heavy duty surgical tubing or a bungee to add more resistance on the decompression side? You might have to strengthen the suspension a little bit. I have no idea if this will work. Another idea is a more viscous liquid inside the shock? I don’t know if that’s a thing even.

  • dak r34
    dak r34

    Maybe its the jump and not the shocks. If its to steep with a kicker then ur gonna go nose over every time.

  • Cj Yates
    Cj Yates

    Next project...sprint car??

  • Mud Pud
    Mud Pud

    add dampeners. just to cushion big blows. they also help in the spring back.

  • Dennis Waller
    Dennis Waller

    You guys need air bags there cheap and way better then those cool springs and just add a cheap shock

  • Tenatra

    You'll struggle even with good shocks with all the weight in the front. Front heavy. Put a stiffer spring in the front end and increase rebound dampening in the rear. Don't mess with the oil for your adjustments. I'm speaking from dirtbikes, but same logic applies.


    I don't think it's a shock issue, your lifting off the gas before the crest of the hill causing it to nose dive, bang the gas on full to push the nose into the air.

  • master 67
    master 67

    definitely needs more cow bell

  • Joel Arseneault
    Joel Arseneault

    You want thicker oil in the rear shocks... that is the easiest solution. Too think and it will make the rear end feel muddy, but it won't pogo. You can also get some shocks from an old atv or motocross bike with adjustable damping. For shock oil, you are way better off to play with viscosity than to remove some oil. Removing oil will often cause no damping through part of the travel and the original damping for when it is traveling through the valving. You can purchase motorcycle fork oil in lots of viscosities or even get it from a bicycle shop... Looking at the footage of the last jump, it's clear that the front end is undersprung (too soft) and likely too slow of damping. This is causing the front not to get any pop off of the jump, forcing the rear to do all of the work... then to top it all off, the rebound damping on the rear is too fast causing the back to launch up. So you have a front end that is dropping and a rear end that is launching. If you have enough speed to make it to the landing (transition) the tip of the vehicle will match the angle of the landing and you will be golden, but this is far from ideal, as this is not happening from driver input, so you are limited to jumping this jump, at that speed.

  • Joel Arseneault
    Joel Arseneault

    I'm not sure where you got your information from, but I'm here to tell you that tow in is never good ... and I will explain why. I used to work on ATVs and Snowmobiles, and with all of them you want a little tow out. Tow in will cause "darty" unpredictable handling and oscillations... Steering input, bumps, uneven traction or even slightly different air pressures all effect tow in way more than tow out. This is why. If you have tow in, your wheels are turned slightly to the opposite side (the right wheel to the left and the left wheel to the right), Both front wheels will be scrubbing / skidding / fighting each other equally when going straight and on a level surface. I will now use a specific example to show what goes wrong. A slight bump on the right hand side provides more traction to the right tire. As the right tire grabs, it overcomes the traction of the left tire, and because it is turned to the left, the vehicle will dart to the left. This causes even more traction on the right tire due to the weight shifting to the right side of the vehicle, as it turns to the left. To overcome this / make a correction, the driver will turn right, causing the weight and traction to shift to the left tire and this continues to happen back and forth. With tow out, you get a MUCH more relaxed feel. When the weight shifts to one wheel, that wheel is pulling in a direction that unweights that wheel and puts weight on the opposite side... This has a self correcting action that will stabilize the vehicle and is way more forgiving.

  • Deadiot

    ask ratherbwelding what shocks he used for his buggy. those seem to be pretty good

  • CP FPV
    CP FPV

    what about relocating the top shock mount.... like further forward? "might" (key word) alter the severity of the rear suspension rebound

  • Randy Travis
    Randy Travis

    need to balance the cart or it will keep doing that ...

  • Christian Fritz
    Christian Fritz

    Something is wrong, it shouldn't stand up on the shocks like that under acceleration, it literally looks like there is no dampening at all,

  • Dean Robertello
    Dean Robertello

    Use atv or motocross rear shocks like grind hard. Stop with the cheap china bs

  • Puffalupagus

    So it turns out that long travel shocks didn't ruin the traffic cart, incorrect implementation of the components ruin the components ruined the trophy Kurt

  • chopfather 2
    chopfather 2

    2 used rear dirtbike shocks is wat ya need! Peace!

  • Adam

    Rear rebound is too fast. If you can't get shocks with independent compression and rebound settings, then slow down the rebound on the rears with thicker oil. DO NOT let off the throttle when you hit the jump, that dips the nose down (read up on how MX riders control their bikes in the air). You could in fact try to rev harder once you leave the jump to try to keep the nose up. The front is pretty low to the ground, tilt the front shocks more vertical.

  • Wouter VeIdhuis
    Wouter VeIdhuis

    Why dont you guys buy some quality stuff for once and not halfass everything?

  • Witch Ape Studio
    Witch Ape Studio

    Congrats Charles and CarsAndCameras!

  • Max's Garaj Mahal
    Max's Garaj Mahal

    Get a sternum strap on those over the shoulder harness straps. You'll come right out of that harness in a roll and possibly even in a jump. Also, the rear mount being far below the rear of the seat is dangerous to the rider. Make a variable mount with push pins if nothing else.

  • kartboy avenger
    kartboy avenger

    Hey guys I don't think theres anything wrong with the shocks maybe it's the jump itself needs to be a more gradual incline

  • Jason

    Faster rebound on the front slower on the back. It will help

  • Tacoma man
    Tacoma man

    I love your channel and it's great to see it grow. I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you all put into all your videos and the content is always entertaining and educational. What I love most is that you've never forgotten your "backyard" roots and keep us backyard wrenchers in mind on all your builds. It's also been awesome to see all of you grow as mechanics, fabricators, and people. Thanks for keeping it honest and real! P.S. Ike is "The Man" !!! Thanks Ike for sharing all your years of knowledge with us and your crew. Dennis

  • Fahrenheit Motorsports
    Fahrenheit Motorsports

    This thing looks like an old school military jeep from the side.

  • Avery Anderson
    Avery Anderson

    For the views you guys get u definitely go kinda cheepo on the builds 😂

  • MrGixxer1300r

    Man things have came a long way for cars and cameras, have a intern, hiring Charles full time this is all great stuff. I'm looking forward to the added content. Great job guys!!!

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel

    you need thicker oil for more damping !ABSOLUTELY not less of it! , if you want to make the shock softer on the compression damping modify the shim stack

  • Johnny Rocket
    Johnny Rocket

    The back end kicks up coming up the jump

  • Johnny Rocket
    Johnny Rocket

    That diagram drawing isn't very accurate looks a little sloppy

  • Trevor Hill
    Trevor Hill

    Maybe add some small shocks off of a small car, won’t be as bouncy in the back

  • Uncle Rico
    Uncle Rico

    Too much weight over the front is my suggestion. Finding the center of gravity with the driver would likely show this to be the case.

  • 2ndLt.Sadness

    Am I the only one who noticed they broke their Monday Wednesday post schedule?

  • sdk enclosures
    sdk enclosures

    fox air shocks look them up

  • American ProPatriot
    American ProPatriot

    Why don’t you get a set of shocks from a yfz450? They’re like $200 used. And you can have them rebuilt and revalved if necessary.

  • Marc D
    Marc D

    Can you please put body panels in something lol

  • Jimmy C and Friends
    Jimmy C and Friends

    you may want to try a taller ramp so the rear isnt coming up as the front is clearing the top

  • Brent Heltsley
    Brent Heltsley

    Maybe a thicker weight oil for the rear but my money is in the fronts having more negative affect on the jump then ur thinking. They seem to be compressed all the time, leaving the rears to do all the movement in flight. Dunno, just kinda looks that way.

  • Adrian Jeffery
    Adrian Jeffery

    Add a shock absorber to help slow down the suspension

  • Yung CM
    Yung CM

    You may need to slap a big ass spoiler on the back, should help a lot too

  • N. Tromb
    N. Tromb

    From what I see you have way too much weight upfront a.k.a. all of the motor and stuff and not a whole heck of a lot of weight in the back except for the differential

  • sabrom

    If you would have let john drive it he definetly would have ruined it and himself defying gravity head first!! agree to disagree is the motto.

  • WestBankBoy

    With the excessive front end weight it’s going on be very hard to get it perfect or even close to perfect

  • Ashton Crow
    Ashton Crow

    Limiter straps might help it’s kicking up on the launch

  • cody Woolf
    cody Woolf

    It’s definitely a weight distribution issue with the jumps

  • Jeremiah Cain
    Jeremiah Cain

    Jus saying? The ads are the reason I started watching something different bro.. 😕👏👏

  • Toby Gert
    Toby Gert

    Also I noticed that the right side shock is bent

  • Toby Gert
    Toby Gert

    Yes its time that Charles is part of the cars and cameras squad

  • Frederick Giordiano
    Frederick Giordiano

    Almost any motocross rear shock has adjustable rebound dampening. Ask your fans or ebay for old factory rear shocks from MX bikes

  • Max Tracy
    Max Tracy

    does Charles still run mini cups?

  • Rex4x4

    U need a ramp longer than your cart to keep the ass down

  • Jacob Morris
    Jacob Morris

    A fan needs to come through with some shocks off an old RZR

  • Josh Hust
    Josh Hust

    REAR SHOCK REBOUND: in my RC cars, i always went with thicker oil to slow down the rebound. because if there's less resistance from the shock, the spring will just shoot it back out. thicker oil will resist that motion more. that's the same idea as shocks with adjustable valving.