Two friends building go karts, mini bikes, and custom machines. Join us in learning, playing, and growing "it'll be fine" engineering. Our most exciting builds include a 670cc V-Twin kart that pulls wheelies deemed the "Black Widow", we've built a rat rod inspired go kart around a Radio Flyer wagon tub known as the Rat Rod Wagon, and a 420cc turbocharged drift trike.

Our favorite modifications and restorations include fitting a 212cc engine on a mini bike, nearly tripling it's original displacement, and restoring and modifying an old racing kart that had been sitting in a field for years before we rescued it.

Many of our projects are capable of 50 miles an hour. There's no telling what you'll see on CarsandCameras, but it's sure to be fast, fun, and fine. Thanks for checking us out!

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  • Cory Rowe
    Cory Rowe

    You guys are gonna cook you welder and everything else that’s plugged into the cord with it

  • Grady Browning
    Grady Browning

    Can’t wait to see y’all send it!

  • james frost
    james frost

    The kart looks great but why are the wheels spinning backwards? Lol

  • Thedustypolebarn

    18:16 Is the hearse still kicking around? 🤔💀

  • Swanky Franky
    Swanky Franky

    Charles with the thumbs up john with the booger weld noises and ike with the dad vibes awesome channel love watching you guys 🤟

  • San TheMan
    San TheMan

    is that a water cooled engine???

  • Zane Jennings
    Zane Jennings

    Almost at 1 mil. You guys are awesome

  • Jim Rowlings
    Jim Rowlings

    Can't wait to see on the track

  • Keith Parady
    Keith Parady

    Hell yeah buddy

  • Murica n
    Murica n

    I thought John looked Italian

  • Eric S.
    Eric S.

    i like the new guy hes a great addition!

  • jimmysaff

    It’s called a chain case on the snowmobile chassis guys.

  • Joshua Foster
    Joshua Foster

    Well if Ike has a bad accident in the coffin at least he don't have to go very far.

  • Uncle Quack
    Uncle Quack

    I see burnt elbows in your future.

  • Jay Grows
    Jay Grows

    Worst case Ontario 🤣😂👌 Any other Canadians catch that?

  • Ty Olson - Cobalt, Ontario adventures!
    Ty Olson - Cobalt, Ontario adventures!

    Uh... try putting the secondary clutch on the right way...

    • Ty Olson - Cobalt, Ontario adventures!
      Ty Olson - Cobalt, Ontario adventures!

      Also, you need oil to lubricate the rotary valve, best to reconnect the original oil res. And clean the exhaust valves, regularly. Put in an airbox of the same volume and also as balanced as oem. Don't hack job the pipe, run a silencer made for a 670 amd you'll have a sick kart. Problem is.. if you halfass even one of those.. you are essentially wasting a good engine.

  • Donald Jones
    Donald Jones

    Who's turn is it to visit the ER? Y'all Be Safe!

  • 2 Kool Chris
    2 Kool Chris

    So recently I’ve seen people swapping go kart engines into small vehicles perhaps you could 670cc swap the Durango. Or 911 swap it for a short time

  • Uncle Quack
    Uncle Quack

    You used the same rings? you got lucky minimal damage.

  • Ronny Fürst
    Ronny Fürst

    Oh man I feel so sorry for Ike! I can see how much he wanna work...and he can't....for a mechanic its the hardest when he cant help. 2 years ago I had an eye injury and get blindfolded for 2 weeks... nothing to do in this time...listen to the tv or radio and sittin in a chair while living as a single... and the guys at the garage had so much work. well Ike I really feel your pain man. get well soon dude! only the best for you guys

  • dave madvig
    dave madvig

    Arent the ramps in the helix in the secondary...react on torque in a spacific direction? Ie; wont shift out properly? Just thinking out loud.

  • Matthew Greene
    Matthew Greene

    4:56 It's the most wonderful time of the year...🦟😭

  • Jason Ducote
    Jason Ducote

    I love the kart videos , but I really want to see the C10

  • TheLawnTractorNut

    I'd love to see this motor in the cross cart Probably would be a lot safer

  • Frank Spatto
    Frank Spatto

    You guys got to go head to head again building go cart

  • Ricky White
    Ricky White

    Seems like it's been forever since you guys last touched this build

  • Ryan Ott
    Ryan Ott

    Better swap main jets for a smaller one by about 30-40 size

  • TheLawnTractorNut

    Yeah I'm happy to see a video I thought you guys might have scraped this idea

  • jones420of88

    Also with that engine being hard mounted it’s most likely going to crack the exhaust pipe

  • Uncle Quack
    Uncle Quack

    wrap the header and install an oil cooler.

  • Uncle Quack
    Uncle Quack

    I really like this project 4x4 makes a huge difference and all 4 wheels pull.

  • jones420of88

    Please put a belt guard on that

  • Kirk Vivian
    Kirk Vivian


  • Kirk Vivian
    Kirk Vivian

    What's the reasoning behind the addition of another jack shaft and sprockets for a chain drive? Is it for suspension purposes or what? I recently picked up a solid axel mini sand rail with a similar drive train ( minus the extra jack shaft with chain drive) and am trying to figure out how to add suspension to the rear. Thank you for the awesome video by the way! Ya'll inspire me!!

  • Social Xperiment
    Social Xperiment

    1:38 “Worst-case Ontario” NICE TRAILER PARK BOYS REFERENCE CHARLES!! 😂

  • Jill Curtis
    Jill Curtis

    Can you build me one

  • keven read
    keven read

    that kart looks like so much fun guys for the test drive.

  • Parker Wier #7
    Parker Wier #7

    Now this is what I’m talking about

  • malibu188

    High speed grinders or belt sanders work well to thin down a shaft.

  • Barefoots Backyardbuilds
    Barefoots Backyardbuilds

    That thing is gonna be fast

  • Gboy Machine
    Gboy Machine

    So if three wheelers are banned, hwy do people still get them? Or were they banned from Tracks/Pro racing?

  • Jeremy Allen
    Jeremy Allen

    She's beautiful 😍


    Top speed on that thing is likely over 100 mph, no exaggeration.

    • JasonMakesItAll

      Having ridden snowmobiles up here in Michigan all my life, I concur. This kart is going to be downright deadly.

  • will hull
    will hull

    Yes finally. Ive been waiting for yall to get back to this

  • closetpicker

    Boys, I've said it before but you likely didn't see it. That's a rotary valve engine. The primer is absolutely necessary, even in 100 degree temps! What the primer does is seal that rotary valve. Without sealing it, you'll never get it to fire. Once you get the hang of priming it(2 to 4 pumps, typically), it'll be a one or two pull engine.

  • Mark Schaffer
    Mark Schaffer

    I used an Allen key before for a go kart axel and clutch lol


    Please don't use pod air filters, that engine won't survive in dusty environments with sub par air filtration. The air flow through that engine is massive.

  • Mark Schaffer
    Mark Schaffer

    Put your big boy paints on lol and hold tight

  • Edmund Drudge
    Edmund Drudge

    You should turn the secondary clutch around the helix inside is designed to run one direction for forward and it won't shift out properly 😁

  • Mark Schaffer
    Mark Schaffer

    Sweet!!! I want one


    If you stop the video @ 16:48 it looks like John has his thumb stuck in his nose.

  • josh blainer
    josh blainer

    Why did you guys never use ikes place for the headquarters? That shop looks big

  • That1guy81

    I really like Charles I think he would be a great permanent addition to the channel but that's just my opinion great show thanks guys

  • Jeffery Loy
    Jeffery Loy

    Did I miss the part where they hit 80mhp???

  • Mr Mowbody
    Mr Mowbody

    I sooo want to put one on a minibike!

  • Ronnie Maeker
    Ronnie Maeker

    Whaaaat abooout counterweight on the opposite side of motor...sorta...?

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson

    982k keep sharing liking and going Cars and Camera.....

  • Richey Rich
    Richey Rich

    Coffin Kart?

  • justin swanson
    justin swanson

    Hey guys this thing is gonna be a monster but you are going to have to flip the secondary clutch over. It will not shift right or at all running backwards. Hope this helps and can't wait to see it rip!

  • Alejandro Cruz
    Alejandro Cruz

    Hey Ike, I know it'll be fine, but get better soon. I miss seeing you send it. Take care buddy

  • Mark Haydon
    Mark Haydon

    can you say Anhydrous Ammonia?????

  • OpposingForces

    do we need to do a go fund me for Isaac so he can afford new roofs for his various places?

  • Cliff Palermo
    Cliff Palermo

    KFC kart o coffin

  • toyo7a

    Doug from sxsblog needs to see this haha.

  • Dale

    An Italian go kart with a Austrian engine sounds like the Axis of Evil kart to me

    • SAUERKRAUT bomb
      SAUERKRAUT bomb

      Gotta find some Japanese tires!

  • Pooky's Dad
    Pooky's Dad

    Next step: electric start!

  • Nope

    Bomba deeer!

  • Pooky's Dad
    Pooky's Dad

    Ya got that new concrete slab, that could be your go cart test track.

  • David Toews
    David Toews

    I would recommend a bearing/support at the middle of the jack shaft. There might be bending chance.

  • Bill Irvin
    Bill Irvin

    Awsome good job guys can't wait to see her go down the road.

  • Yee Thirty
    Yee Thirty

    1:36 *Worst case ontario....* fuckin tolda so... i fuckin a tolda so <3 shout outs from Sunnyvale (i actually live 25mins from it.)

  • Matthew O'Reilly
    Matthew O'Reilly

    Running a 440 twin from a 94 indy sport, it was easier and simpler to just cut the jack shaft from the driven pulley and weld a sprocket right to that. A pair of bearings and that's that.

  • ErgoProxy

    lol i would love to see this on that gokart track you guys were at before. That or make your own? lol either way that would be awesome to see how fast it is.

  • Jim Ciancio
    Jim Ciancio

    John your a Non southerner transplant correct??? Where were you from originally? NYS I thought I had heard of in many past videos ago? We have here in NYS snowmobiles coming out our ears here! BUT I guess if you weren't into the whole sledding thing, ya wouldn't know then the slightly different ways a sled engine is designed. Yes for future reference except the fuel injected newer versions most all sled manufactures utilize a wet primer system for starting in sub zero temperatures where they are just a manual piston pump which draws fuel out of the gas line before the carbs and sprays that gas directly into either the carbs or into designed ports in the intake runners. That's why sleds do not have choke on most of them. Some do have chokes to aid in the warm-up process, but mostly they were just prime and rip. Yes I'm glad y'all picked up on that secondary pulley being installed ass backwards, it definitely wouldn't have worked out very well being backwards. The whole time through the video, I was dying to somehow let you guys know it needs to be flipped around for it to open up properly and function. Otherwise you'll eat the belt and have about 1 speed but at the last second, you guys figured that out as well. I can't wait to see what this engine does on those little ass tires..... they are going to melt LMAO! Any Rotax engine is nothing to shake a stick at! One of the utmost best designed 2 strokes on the market and always has been! Rotary valve timing of the intake charge along with the power valve exhaust ports! When that 650 Hits The Pipe it's called aka "it's power band" she's gonna light up your world! You'll also notice on these high performance sleds these days the stall speed of the torque converter is extremely high compared to what you 4 stroke torque converter guys are use to seeing and feeling. For example my Skidoo 700 with the Rotax doesn't begin to start moving until almost 7K! That's when these engines are just beginning to really make some power. So that's completely normal if you notice how high it's stalling. You can easily change out the weights in the driver clutch if you desire it to engage sooner, which is probably a better idea so it's not breaking the tires loose the second it tries to move! Remember these things have to get moving a Big ass heavy belt that doesn't want to bend so easily in cold environments and push the machine and it's occupants through heavy snow! So yes they designed them to be at their optimum performance upon takeoff. On a go kart on hard ground that's probably less than half the weight of the sled it was on, holy SH-T be prepared and I suggest wearing or getting yourselves neck braces!!! It's literally going to be a sling shot if you get any sort of traction what so ever!!! BUT will definitely be one hell of a ride with the power to weight ratio being so skewed Now lol! I'm thinking you'll be needing much bigger slicks and rims like 8X8s rims and some Jr Dragster or ATV road tires 18-20"X9.50X8" to be able to put some traction to the ground. Otherwise it's going to be slow feeling and the engine will be just freewheeling with those tiny tires on it Now. Plus you'll gain so much more top end speed as well as using more of the torque converter shifting as well with larger diameter and wider tires. BUT otherwise it sounds really health that's for sure!! Great job on building that custom axle/jackshaft assembly to utilize the original secondary too! They like anything else are basically a matched set of pulleys. I've seen so many people disregard trying to use the original secondary in their builds, because just that problem, it's not a easily obtainable size shaft to get or they don't have access to a lathe. So the next best thing is to just throw on some Comet secondary off a go kart.......Let's just say that they don't like to be mismatched. They'll never function properly, and the time necessary to get it somewhat dialed closely in to match the primary isn't worth all that extra effort! Just use if you can the matched set off a sled or anything for that matter! Good luck on this project and I can't wait to see it on the ground and moving guys! It will definitely be a whiplash making machine!!! As always try keeping it on all 4 and be safe guy's! Can't wait till the next video Now lol! Have a good night.

  • Pooky's Dad
    Pooky's Dad

    Was that deodorant spray? Must be hot down there!

  • Matthew Griffith
    Matthew Griffith

    You guys are awesome!!!!

  • OffRoad Outlaws Customs
    OffRoad Outlaws Customs

    Who else jumped ahead to hear it run lol

  • Pooky's Dad
    Pooky's Dad

    Oh, damn, no we're talkin!

  • meep the 2nd
    meep the 2nd

    Yes sir this is bad ass I saw the video and clicked in a second

  • Joako C.
    Joako C.

    20:29 John, I don't know why Ike doesn't tell you this, but you pull like a lady... Just compare your pulls with Charles ones haha.