Two friends building go karts, mini bikes, and custom machines. Join us in learning, playing, and growing "it'll be fine" engineering. Our most exciting builds include a 670cc V-Twin kart that pulls wheelies deemed the "Black Widow", we've built a rat rod inspired go kart around a Radio Flyer wagon tub known as the Rat Rod Wagon, and a 420cc turbocharged drift trike.

Our favorite modifications and restorations include fitting a 212cc engine on a mini bike, nearly tripling it's original displacement, and restoring and modifying an old racing kart that had been sitting in a field for years before we rescued it.

Many of our projects are capable of 50 miles an hour. There's no telling what you'll see on CarsandCameras, but it's sure to be fast, fun, and fine. Thanks for checking us out!

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    John's Eyes Was Wider Than A Whole Monster Truck Wheel

  • Ron Zor
    Ron Zor

    runs like shit..

  • Chase Scott
    Chase Scott

    Ike! itz a 4 cylinder ya need 4 Carburetor bodies my dude! And also may want to check the Pilot Jets when plugged the motor will never run on the bottom end.! But Great Video Guys keep them comming. If you guys ever need machine work on Cylinder heads etc be happy to help you guys out -Chase @ Convicted Cycle& Coatings/Concord NC [email protected]

  • tayler swenson
    tayler swenson

    Man, super jealous. Thank you guys for the awesome vids. You have sparked up the remembrance of when I was younger tearing up the countryside on my Rupp. I'm passing that passion to my kids. Thanks again and keep it up.

  • Bob Cobb
    Bob Cobb

    The old disco dingo

  • Alone & Lost
    Alone & Lost

    Lmao on my other account I've been subbed since 1.8k and your content has only gotten better

  • HoldShiftt2Run

    I enjoy this channel, but why does Ike look like a frat boy from 2005? lol

  • Frondo Frondorf
    Frondo Frondorf

    Dude, why you got eye protection ok n the bench but not the face, using g a hardened steel hammer and a valve guide tool. DANGER ZONE!

  • chuck4742002

    how about doing a compression check.

  • Dominick Warner
    Dominick Warner

    I think you guys should put some slightly meatier tires on the front, and some slightly bigger and meatier tires on the back to help with ground clearance, you know so John doesn't bust a hole in the oil pan again.

  • jordan tractor vlogs
    jordan tractor vlogs

    I want one

  • acheandche

    Just clean the rust of the magnet with a wire brush and it'll start right up

  • Stevie Figs
    Stevie Figs

    Am I the only one that thinks it needs bigger tires?? Man that looks like fun!!

  • Billy Magee
    Billy Magee

    Take a pair of junk vise grips and make jaws smooth works great for pinching off fuel lines or any other rubber lines with little or no mess. Or use good pair of vise grips and put 2 pennies or washers between jaw sand hose

  • Clifford Green
    Clifford Green

    Izac was complaining that the cart did not like to turn, the front wheels are so out of caster and camber that the wheels are laying on the ground when you turn. They can only get traction one wheel at a time.

  • lilliput -
    lilliput -

    Now you guys can race trophy against crosscaet!

  • Wrecked Revival
    Wrecked Revival

    After the crap day I've had I was happy to see I'd missed yesterdays episode, just what I needed!! Can't wait to see how it does when you guys get it all lined out! 🤘

  • Everything Loud 406
    Everything Loud 406

    You guys should do a video with grindhardplumbing

  • Zach Lindley
    Zach Lindley

    You could take it drifting? I feel like it's got enough power to slide it around on pavement

  • noliaboyhotmail

    Your content is awesome you're audio is crap... Plz improve so my wife doesn't bit*h when I watch late night...

  • winston cryer
    winston cryer

    Hello John Isaac and why you discluding the rookie. If you're going to do all that get him a green hat really put him in his place eh

  • Quad Sport
    Quad Sport

    15:50 was best part about the shifter kart

  • matt parsons
    matt parsons

    Hey John? Why does everything break when you drive it??? haha lol JK! That thing rips for sure bros. Adjust the clutch and find a better place for the shifter ( maybe just a little more towards the front ) so you do not have the cross over of your arms which must certainly take away from handling. To bad you guy's couldn't do something like a paddle shift! that would be awesome!! great job guy's!!

  • Jeremy V
    Jeremy V

    When are you coming back to this project?

  • Rodney Dent
    Rodney Dent

    I have a Honda 750 the engines in good shape it's been sitting for 3 years all it needs to be is wired up

  • Alester Wick the Last Consumer
    Alester Wick the Last Consumer

    oh no, that's a lot of debris in that tank.

  • falstar2020

    Had one just like that growing up. If you replace the bolts holding the handlebars into the riser with a hand knob, the handlebars will fold down to fit into your car trunk.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    What is the engine exactly named???

  • Gregory Wright
    Gregory Wright

    Man alive I love that machine. I have a 1980 honda cb750c. Love it too.

  • Markus Johansson
    Markus Johansson

    that engine is way too low on oil. there is a tiny window on the side that shows the oil level

  • David Potter
    David Potter

    If you two ride it to Colorado, which one gets to be on the handlebars? We guess the one with the hairdo...neat idea...

  • Jason Hendrie
    Jason Hendrie

    Oh I'm happy it's back now time to race cross cart a winner

  • Cory Massey
    Cory Massey

    No video yet today and things are not fine...

  • 84GreenBear

    Love to see you guys put a Hayabusa motor in a jet ski! Good video!

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    2nd The Last Comment! Tires Make The 🌎 Go Round! Blessings: James...